Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy & Faaz Get Together

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to One Utama for one main reason: FRISO GUT Day. For those who are not aware, check out my previous post here :)

The most excited person would be no other than my Faaz. He cheered up happily the minute we saw this as the escalator moved from Basement 1 (B1) to Lower Ground (LG) floor….

Here it is! :)
The event was held at Concourse, Lower Ground Floor (Oval) of New Wing One Utama

First thing first, we queued up at the registration counter. For your info, every child requires an adult to join them for the activities lined up on GUT day simply because FRISO provided an opportunity for mommies and daddies to bond with your child while having fun. Isn’t it cool?! ;) Thank you to darling hubby who was supportive enough to take care of my twin babies while Faaz and I get to have our mother & son time. We love you lots! :) While waiting for our turn (and while Mommy was listening to the briefing), Faaz was busy “socializing”...

Ehem! :P

At the registration counter, all you need to do is to fill in the survey form so that FRISO team can get to know you better. Once finished, you’ll be given a FREE sachet of FRISO Gold 3 milk for your kid together with a pamphlet which consists of the layout of the event and a place where you collect the stamp each time you completed each of the activities lined up. Everything is for free! Awesome! ;)

Filling in the form.. :)

Souvenir from FRISO

Besides that, FRISO also have a sales booth where you can get the product at a discounted price, plus additional free gift for your little one.

FRISO booth

Cute free gift that you wouldn’t want to miss!!

These are the activities lined up for you 30 minutes from the starting point; a huge tunnel with interactive games such as Lilypad Hop, Mad Mad Monkeys and Fly Butterfly Fly! Enough said, now let the photos do (most of) the talking and share the fun with you dear readers. Enjoy!

Are you ready to have fun? ;)

My Faaz, at the starting point.
Patiently waiting for his turn.
Good boy! ;)

At the interactive Lilypad Hop. All we did here was hop! hop! and hop! to cross the virtual river. Man it was fun, a good exercise for Mommy too. Hihihi!

Faaz at the Fly Butterfly Fly! Interactive huge touch screen.

Here, we worked together as a team. I just touched the chrysalises hanging on the tree on the right side and beautiful butterflies will came out. Faaz will then chase the butterflies and tap on them one by one where the butterflies will change its colors! Fun way to learn colors! :)

But the most interesting part for me and Faaz was this one:

Mum + Me Virtual Painting :)

Here, 4 interactive photo booths awaits where not only you and your kid can snap a family picture, but you get to choose the virtual background and paint whatever you want via the touch screen menu. Being someone who loves painting so much, Faaz really spent his time there; ensuring that he produced the best printed picture for us as a keepsake from GUT day.

First, we stand and pose to the camera
Say “cheeesee!” :D

Next is to use the color palate to write/draw!

Lastly, choosing the background and adding some decorative items!

The end result?


Best kan?
Mommy is so proud of you, boy! :)

The fun did not end there. There are interesting craft activities at FRISO GUT Day lined for parents to team up with their child to design and customize their very own T-shirts, badges, toys and hanging mobiles! All of these cost you NOTHING, ladies. All for FREE! Double awesome aite?!

Craft activities that you can choose to do with your lil ones!

Create a glove toy session

I must thank FRISO for organizing such a wonderful event. Me and my Faaz totally had fun that day :). We went home bringing not only the freebies but the memories that made our mother & son relationship even closer. This shows how FRISO has successful in promoting Growing Up Together (GUT) concept. Well done FRISO!

Look how happy my son was! :)

Falisya would love to join the event too..
” Please do it again next year, FRISO! I’ll be 1 year old by then!” said Falisya :D
*Faiqa was asleep*

For those who missed the excitement last week (especially those who live in Klang Valley area), great news for you! The next GUT Day will be held from 9th to 11th March at Sunway Pyramid. This is your last chance dear readers so mark your calendar now! Not only that, for parents who lives in the South, visit Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru from 13th – 18th March while Northern people, head to Queensbay Mall, Penang from 5th to 8th April!

Last but not least…..Have fun!! :)


ummi_ziz said...

Aww bestnya..! Totally bonding session witj Faaz rite ;)
Mmg menarikla event n activity friso gut day tu and i agree with u virtual painting tu terbaekk. Hehe. And well dOne to Faaz n of course u for the outcome, sgt cantik! I like..:)

And last but not least geram tgk falisya, comel dgn skirt n hband tue! ;)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya! anybody boleh join eh nadia? or by invitation? tatau la hadif boleh ke tak with these activities. hadif suka melulu je buat semua benda without listening to the instruction.

anyway, best tgk nadia dpt buat activity camni with faaz. best la. faaz mesti happy sgt haritu kan.

Nadine said...


Yes dear, my bonding session with Faaz :)
Faaz says thanks to aunty Izu. Faaz tu taula, anything related to painting mmg favourite dia. Happy dia dpt print the photo bwk balik :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Yes!! Don't forget to join at Pyramid next week tau. Am sure Hadif will enjoy as much as Faaz did! :)

Best Cee D, Faaz happy sgt. thank u to Friso sbb organize this event n thanks to Fadzil sbb volunteer jaga d babies while i spent time with Faaz. :)

Diyana Didie said...

awww bestnya tgk gmbr yg faaz n u lukis. cantik. faaz mmg berseni sikit nie kak. ;) cik adik pon dah tak sabar nak belajar tu.

Nadine said...

hihi thanks adik. we really had fun together. ha'ah, i notice that too. maybe sbb dia dpt early exposure in arts kot. :)

uish cik adik tu mmg tak sabar. kakak dia dah tido lama dah, dia takmo tido n refused duk dlm stroller. nak berdukung. kalau boleh nak join abg dia skali..x pdn dgn keciknya :D

airin diana said...

nice one, faaz!
eh eh..falisya pun sempat amik gambar. sian faiqa tido, x dpt bergambar dgn abg.
i shud go to the one at pyramid this weekend. nak try the painting activity. looks interesting. did u go early or it's ok to arrive later in the afternoon? afraid q too long.

Nadine said...


You should! Everything is free, plus gamba tu nnti boleh bawak balik rumah n frame kan. You and hubby boleh pair dgn each of your girls ;)

Kat OU, I pegi hari ahad, noon. masa tu ok, not that long the queue. Tp they said in Sunway will be bigger crowd. Baik u pegi early sket. BTW, I heard Thara pun going this weekend. lehla u janji dgn dia, leh gi sesama :)

Aleyn said...

Bestnyer event ni....happening

Nadine said...

best dear. bwkla ur kids kt sunway oyramid. sempat lg esok ...