Thursday, March 22, 2012

Twinnies at 8 Months

Our twins turned 8 months old last two weeks and just like any other babies out there, they continue to amaze us each and everyday...subhanallah :) Both of them has grown bigger, taller and a bit chubbier, I think. Their hair are also more visible now, hihi. Both can sit on their own steadily (finally! :). Similar to Faaz, both babies are friendly and rich with smiles. Just smile and cheer them a bit, they will give you the brightest smile that will melt your heart... trust me! :)

just-woke-up, wanting-to-be-carried smile :)

This month especially, they have reach a lot in terms of personal milestone. For example, since last month, we've been waiting for them to crawl as they already in the position, except they don't know how to move from that position. Instead of crawling, they surprised us by....


It was Falisya who started it first...mama caught her trying to stand by holding her hands at the walker while Faiqa was playing inside it. Thank God mama realized that before Faiqa moved or else, hmmm I don't want to imagine! The above photo was taken by me, caught her with my own eyes trying her best to stand up by holding the bed frame..girl, you definitely have a pair of strong hand! ;)

Few days later, Faiqa follow suits. This girl is very slow at making moves, but steady...she tried to stand up not from the ground, but from the playpen! She sat on her knees, held her hand on to the edge of the playpen and confidently trying to stand. When I shouted out of worry and surprised at the same time, this was her reaction; smile excitedly! T_T

Alhamdulillah, last two days Falisya has started to crawl for 5 steps! I was over the moon because this time, I was the first to witness her achievement. I am sure Faiqa will do the same very soon, insyaAllah. Mudah-mudahan mommy can witness that too, darling :)

In terms of behavior, they have shown more sides of their own personality which highlight that although they are a pair of twins, they still a different person individually :)

Faiqa Nayra
(read: Nairah, NOT Neyra ye :)

Faiqa is a more laid back, relax person in nature. But, she tend to get excited very easily. Just offer her a wide arms, she will kicked her legs and giggled excitedly as you carry her :) Whenever we sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her, Faiqa will raise her hand and starts to make the star with her chubby fingers...geramness! Hihi...Oh, she will nod with rhythm when she hear the songs that she like.

Unlike Falisya, Faiqa is more passionate about food as she LOVES to eat anything that we feed her and she loves to lick almost EVERYTHING (read: everything yer) that is near to her mouth :P Not only she smiles a lot, she get easily tickled too. Just do any movement and she will laugh to the max! Here's a clip of her laughing over me jumping (pardon me, yes I know I sound silly in this clip :P)

Falisya Nayla

(read: Nailah, NOT neyla yer :)

Miss Falisya on the other hand is a hyperactive baby. She will not sit still even for a minute. One minute she will be on the left corner of the house and the next minute you'll find her at the opposite corner. One of the things that she loves to do besides standing up is to open the drawers. She will crawl on her stomach to the TV cabinet and grabbed the handles and tried to pull it out...

Even in the walker, a minute you'll find her in the dining area and the next thing you'll realized she already be in the kitchen..hihi. It's hard to leave her alone anywhere! Her eyes will ALWAYS busy scanning everything near her. Fast to grab things, and cheeky! We put her inside the playpen to sleep and all she did was rollover and peeked to watch cartoon on the television :P. Falisya LOVES music. Just make any rhythmic sound and she will moves her head and shoulders to the left and right.

Miss Falisya with her first cardigan
love! :)

One of the things that make her laugh and excited is to be on top of his daddy's shoulder and play with his thick hair....oh, it's her favorite! Daddy's little girl, huh? :)

At the age of 8 months, both girls get to attend their friend's birthday party for the first time (the actual first birthday party they attend was their brother's so it doesn't really counted). It was Zahra's 1st birthday, the daughter of our uni close friends; Azah & Basid. It's amazing to see how the girls interact to each other via sounds and gestures. They really show interest towards each other! Nanti dah besar jadi friends macam Mommy and aunty Azah yer :)

Raising a pair of twins is not an easy task, it took double effort to almost everything. But, it really incomparable to the wonders the twins brings into our lives, such as the double of happiness and joy. Alhamdulillah, Thank you, Allah. May WE (me and Fadzil) both be given the guidance and perseverance continuously to raise all our children to be a good Muslim, insyaAllah...



Mimy Hamid said...

the twins ni sangat manis dan manja..sebab i perasan setiap gambar tak pernah lekang ngan senyuman..alahai cair la aunty...aduhai...

dyana "his other half" said...

cutenya :). nasib baik nadia write down how to read their name. cd pun salah sebut la selama ni rupanya. huhu.

geramnya tgk both of them dalam video tu. the excited faiqa and falisya yang confuse nape la kakak aku bersungguh gelak ni. hehe.

happy 8 months old twinnies :).

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks babe. Mcm tula I rasa bila tgk gambar2 Fayel. He is one handsome baby, babe! Dah besar sure jd rebutan punye ;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Hihi, sbb ramai sgt yg keliru tu yg Nadia duk habaq sket. Tak kisah sgt sebenarnya cuma nak inform ape yg sebenarnya we select :)

Hahaha, yes! Faiqa tu senang gelak. Buat aksi sket dia dh gelak sungguh2. Falisya ni susah sket nak buat mcm tu. Dia tu more focus on her own agenda..heeee :)

Diyana Didie said...

adoiiii dd byk kali replay video tue...sbb nak tgk falisya yg kelakar buat muka boringggg je. hehehe Faiqa suka gurau...besar betul gelak dia. hehehe dua dua clever ;)

Nadine said...

hahahaha! ic.. :D
Haah, Faiqa easily tickled..ameen! mudah-mudahan :)

ummi_ziz said...

Aihh mmg melting la tgk ur twinnies ni dear! Tak kisahla senyum ke ketawa ke mmg gegham sgt izu! Hehehe

Cute tgk Faiqa gelak dlm video tu, falisya pon cute gak golek2 kt tepi hehehe..

Happy 8 mos to them both! =)

airin diana said...

sangat-sangat cute!
rasa mcm nak cubit
mcm cheeky je muka both babies nie..geram!
cute la hair band yg u pakaikan kat both of them. and they seemed ok wearing it..good girl!

mommyNadia said...

Happy 8 months twinnies!!

Bilalah dapat jumpe budak tembam ni, look at their hands, nak gigit tawww!!
Love to see u dressed up ur twinnies..cantik n stylish too..suka dress in black,they look so elegant ;)
Bestnye kalau next baby dapat gigirl pulak ;)

Nadine said...


Thanks darl! Boleh jadi calon menantu tak? Ehh!haha :P

Hehe, actually compared to faaz tak banyak video twins ni. sbbnya slalu diaorg satu ke lain, satu lg ke lain...asik bz kejar diaorg sampai x sempat nak capai phone pun :)

Thanks Izu!! :)

Nadine said...


Awwww, thanks dear. Hihi, hairband tu I beli online je you kat FB. Murah I tell you! Hihi. So far diaorg ok lagi, sok lusa tak tau la kalau diaorg dah start tarik2 hairband tu. sementara diaorg ok ni la I nak dress them up. Hehehe..

Nadine said...

Twinnies say thanks to Aunty Nadia! :)

InsyaAllah dear, one day kita jumpakan our babies k ;) Hihi thanks. Best you baby girl, rasa mcm main dgn doll je bila dress them up. Tp mcm I limited jugak..budget limited. Baju girl dah la mahal, I kne beli double..gulp! InsyaAllah, I doakan next baby you girl. I pun teringin nak tgk kalau girl rupa you jugak ke rupa Harith ur baby :)

Anonymous said...

Kak Nadia, I loveeeee your writings! :)


Nadine said...

Hi Ayin,

Nice to see u here. Hihi, thanks sudi baca my ramblings :)

| SUE | said...

Cumil gilak ok!

Nadine said...


Awwwwwh, thanks! :)

Ninie Hanis said...

happy 8 months twinnies! sangatlah geram okey tgk faiqa gelak..(ok i boleh bayangkan part u lompat sambil bunyi tu..hehe).falisya pun golek2 buat i geram..:)

hugs n kisses to the girls yah! not forgetting, abam faaz too! ;)

Nadine said...

Twinnies says thanks to aunty Ninie yg sweet :)

Hahahahaha, adeh malunya! :))

Will do dear, take care. can't wait for the baby to pop out! :)