Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Axiata Cup Semi Final - Live

I still remember, when I was small playing badminton was one of my favorite sports to play at school and at home, with my childhood neighbours. At that time, Malaysia had so many talented players; mainly the Sidek Brothers and Foo Kok Keong. We won so many prestigious cup and the highlight was winning the Thomas Cup in 1992. The passion to play badminton continued to secondary school and uni years. It was still fresh in my mind despite having hectic scheduled for the final two years in university me and my BFF Inda still managed to play badminton in the evening at our Female sports center. Dedicated sungguh kita compared to our female clan kan Inda? We should feel proud with ourselves...hehehe :P

That was the last time I ever played badminton. I was more active in Futsal when I started working. And when I got married, the time Fadzil's family active playing badminton was the time I got pregnant :P However, I still followed the updates on Malaysian local badminton team; now and then (of course particularly Dato' Lee Chong Wei).

Last week, while logging into my FB I saw this Nuffnang status on winning a pair of tickets to watch AXIATA CUP match live. Since it doesn't require any slogan (man, I really suck big time when it comes to create a slogan :P), I decided to give it a shot..

Alhamdulillah, I got lucky again this time. Won a pair of tix to watch the semi-Final on Sunday (INA Garuda vs. MAL Tigers). Hurrray! :)

So I went to the match with hubby (thank you to dear mom and sis who helped to babysit the children for me) on Sunday night. We arrived at Stadium Badminton Cheras at the same time as Hafiz Hashim and his family. He is soo tall! All this while I thought my hubby is tall but he is waaaay taller. 190cm kot tinggi dia? :P

The stadium was half-packed when we arrived. There were two entrance, one was for the Indonesian supporters and one for Malaysian. Since it was a free-seating ticket, we chose to sit further up, facing the court in the middle to get a clearer view of the match.

Malaysian Supporters

Indonesian Supporters..

us, ready to have fun :)

It was our first time to witness a live badminton match, and it was totally different with the experience of watching a live football match (remember this post? :) ). The crowd for badminton match that day was more livelier although it's definitely smaller. With the sounds of "kompang" and drum beat as well as a non-stop shouting, "Malaysia Boleh!", the stadium was never quiet...meriah & bersemangat!

We only watched two matches, a single match and a double match (halfway) before made our way out of the stadium. For a parents that have two small babies, an hour and a half was more than enough for us to spend time together :) We made a stop at Al-Rawsha to have a quick dinner before went back to my mom's place to pick up Faaz, Faiqa and Falisya.

Thank you Nuffnang for the opportunity! It was a nice, new experience for us. Furthermore, we got to spend husband-and-wife quality time together, how cool...although in fact, we were a bit dissapointed that:

1) We didn't get the chance to see Dato' Lee Chong Wei in action live..
2) the fact that Malaysian Tiger lost to Indonesian Rajawali...*sob* :(

But it's time, perhaps?



dyana "his other half" said...

Bestnya :). Dapat spend time mcm ni eventhough selejap je it's priceless kan.

mommyNadia said... yer!! ;)

faisyura said...

deting tengok badminton! seronoknyeee.. ;)

ummi_ziz said...

Wee bestnya dating lg! Hehe

Btw, Hafiz hashim tu mmg tgi! Izu pon igt hisham dh ckp tgi tp ada lg yg lg tinggi ;p ktrg tserempak dia n family kt dlm oshkosh OU dulu :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

True dat! Every moment spent with loved ones are priceless! :)


Heeee, yup! ;)


Mmg seronok skali skala do something different ;)

Nadine said...


Hihi, best! :)

Hahaha, kan?! Tingggi and kurussss...very tall for normal M'sian guy punye height.