Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MISF: The Footware Design Exhibition

Last 1st April, I went to MISF 2012 (finally!) for the first time :) As it was a shoe festival, shoes were seen everywhere with different shapes, sizes and designs. Shoes, shoes and shoes! Hihi.

The first thing I saw upon arriving at Hall 2 PWTC was the Malaysia Footwear Design Competition exhibition. Various shoes with futuristic, modern and even classical touch were displayed. It was an catching show :)

Being a shoe-o-lover, I can't help myself from admiring those creative pieces of arts. Some, were too weird to wear and some, were irresistible! sleek and sexy! :)

Day-dreaming myself wearing some of those pretty heels :P

Among all, these shoes has won some of the awards in this year's competition:

1st Prize for Ladies Category:

Facebook Most Liked Award:

Most Promising Awards:

uuuuuh, sexy! ;)

My personal favorite. Wished I have a pair :P

definitely useful for petite peeps like me! :P

other eye catching designs that did not won any award but certainly won many hearts :)

Apart from this design competition, there was another shoe competition being held; The Shoe Painting Competition. Here, plain white sneakers was given to the contestant and all they have to do was to decorate it as creative and as beautiful they can. It was interesting to see how a plain sneakers transformed into funky "Aladdin" shoes or sweet laces shoes. Creative sungguh mereka-mereka ini ;)

Besides competitions, there were other interesting exhibitions in MISF such as the Rainforest Shoe Wonderland, The Wedding Shoe Gallery and the Miniature Shoe Gallery. Will share about it more in my next entry.

Stay tuned, shoe-o-holic! :)


dyana "his other half" said...

Bestnya! Cantik2 la all of the shoes. Cd dulu pun minat shoes buy since martied to Fariq, hilang pula perasaan tu tiba2. Huhu.

X sabar nak bca the next entry :).

airin diana said...

Nice shoes! I was a shoe lover before. Now since dah ada anak ni, terpaksa melupakan one of my hobby. Mcm berminat nak start collecting shoes balik..hehe

mommaholicSURI said...

Those shoes are so fancy!! :) Orang2 yang buat tu mesti gigih betul.
Macam-macam design ha.

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Cantikkan? Creative sungguh diaorg! Hehe, Nadia slalu time mengandungla agak slow sket passion towards shoes. Iyela, kasut pun semua flats je. Now that the twins are almost one, I am back wearing heels and wedges. :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, ic. Yes, few mommies friends pun mcm you. Haaa, jom you start balik hobby ni. Best! Hehee :D

Nadine said...


Yes! Sgt gigih and teliti. Very nice end product. Bangga Malaysian youth can design such nice2 shoes. Moga makin ramai local designer berjaya in market like ur friend tu :)