Thursday, April 19, 2012

MISF: The galleries

As mentioned in my previous post, I also visited other exhibitions at MISF. The first exhibition I went inside the hall was the Miniature Shoe Showcase. Here, miniature shoes (tiny miny shoes) with different themes were displayed. I just love to see how creative and detailed the design. Check it out! ;)

theme: seashell

theme: universe

theme: greek goddess? centaur? i have no idea :P

theme: jungle

theme: ancient treasure

theme: halloween

theme: hair

theme: paper circus

theme: party

theme: icicle

theme: star studded

theme: cloudy

Next, I went to see the Wedding Shoe Gallery. Honestly, I was expecting for more but it was just a small and simple gallery displaying the shoes wear by different ethnic's wedding....kinda disappointing.

The last exhibition that I went was visiting Malaysia's Biggest Shoe House. How huge it was? Take a look at me standing near the shoe. The size was 10.5m width x 4m height. It's gigantic! :)

We actually can go inside to enjoy the rainforest shoe wonderland. Here, you'll surprised how shoes can magically transformed into little things in everyday life :)

Before we went back home (I went to MISF with hubster..thanks yang teman your wifey ;)), we took the opportunity to shop. FYI, the sales at MISF were crazy! Compared to last year, this year more international brands took part and they gave good discounts. While walking, I can't help from noticing that even custom made shoes for bride-to-be are having discounts as much as 70%!!

these are custom made ladies, tempah with the cost of as low as rm40!!
really good deal ;)

cute colorful shoes for as low as RM19.90..

We bought babies shoes for the twins from Osh Kosh B Gosh with 50% discounts! Wanted to "borong" more but they ran out of my babies' size. Too bad...should have gone to MISF on the 1st day instead of the last day :P

At first, we thought that I will be the one who done the most damaged as me and shoes can't be saperated. We were wrong. Instead, mr. hubby who did all the shopping. Office shoes dia sampai 2 ok...over :P Hehe. But I don't mind at fact, I was the one who chose the design for his new Dr. Cardin :) They were having a good deal - a package of shoes, sandals and a free tote bag for a cheap price! I wouldn't miss to shop as well if I was on his shoes :)

As for yours truly, I didn't get anything for myself. Tak percaya? Percayalaaaaaah.... Hehehe. I didn't shop for any shoes but I was given a pair of clog shoes for FREE! No, I didn't win any contest or lucky draw (they have that in MISF for the 3 days). Actually, I was invited to attend this event by MISF committee of Ministry of Tourism as a blogger. As a token of appreciation for promoting this event, I've been given a free handmade clog shoes worth RM50 with my initial drawn on the clog shoes. :)

The place to redeem my gift - clog shoe making gallery

Mine, size 6. Love it <3! :)

with a personalized named :)

Overall, MISF is a fun festival for shoes lover and I am glad I did not missed it this year. Will I go again next year? InsyaAllah, with God's will, I would love to! This time around, I hope they will have more to offer in terms of exhibitions, activities and of course brands participation ;)



ummi_ziz said...

Mmg cantik ur clog, siap ada nama lg! Lucky u..lucky jgk fadzil teman nadia, dpt dr cardin! Hihi nice ;)

Nadine said...

hihi, thanks dear. ada yg lagi exclusive design dia, malangnya my size dah habis. the disadvantage went on the last day of exhibition :P

hehe, tula. konon x brape minat kasut kn. skang tgk collection kasut dia makin bertambah. tak minat la sgt! :P