Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Go-Cart Session

One of the things that me and hubby have in common is the passion for adventurous/ outdoor activities. However, it can be counted how many times we involved in the same activity together. 

Reason being, during the university years (when we were just friends), we involved in different activities. I was more into hiking/mount climbing activities, while he involved in cycling and sports mainly. When we were dating, there were a lot of boundaries that didn't permit us to joined the activities together...risau parents kami :) Finally when we got married that we had some time to spend for these types of activities. But it's not easy to juggling time between work, family and our leisure time (especially now that we have 3 precious gems that hunger for our love and attention :)).

It's been a while actually since we had something fun together so when we saw the Milkadeal offer for a go-cart session (RM36 for half an hour go-carting instead of RM180), we decided to go for it. Actually, this was the 2nd Milkadeal coupon purchased for myself. The first one was a manicure/pedicure deal that was not redeemed (don't ask me why..haha! :P)

the coupon we purchased..

As soon as the redemption period was on, we made the appointment and on last Sunday, we went to Cyberjaya Circuit at Cyberjaya Community Club to have our ride ;). We left the kids at home with the helper. 

Faiqa favorite activity every time I got ready..playing with my Dior's make up bag :D

Alhamdulillah, it was sunny when we arrived. The appointment was supposed to be at 4pm but it was delayed almost half an hour due to a big crowd came that day. Takpelah, mengalah..no rush for us. 

Part of the circuit...

handsome hubby of mine, waiting patiently for our turn :)

both of us, just as we were about to race! 
it was windy and very cooling...just niceee ;)

Since we redeemed the coupon of 30 minutes rides for two, it was just us both "competing" on the circuit that evening. This was my 2nd time go-carting. The first was in Genting Highland when me and Fadzil were courting and it was lame. Alhamdulillah this experience was much, much better!

I must admit, it was hard to get used at first mainly because (PLEASE DON'T LAUGH) both of my feet can't reach the pedal (T_T). So this "petite" gal need pillows to support her back to shortened the distance between the foot and the pedal..tsk! Can u imagine in high speed, especially when you reached the sharp corner how you struggled to keep your small body from slipping to the left/right?! (>.<) The next thing was to get used to use both foot; left for brake and right for power which is totally different from auto driving where right leg do most of the work :P Last but not least was to adjust the speed when it comes to sharp cornering. 

spot the pillow? :P

Other than that, it was a total fun! I started quite slow but after the 3rd laps I already gained confidence to speed. Best ok the feeling, when the strong wind blew as you drove and the adrenaline rush as you do the cornering without tapping the brake...fuuuuh, perasan F1 driver skejap :P  Betul-betul release tension! As expected, hubster won the "race", he overtook me about 5 laps kot, and being a gentleman, he did gave me to overtook him 3-4 times before he overtook me again. Haha! :))

The 30 minutes we had was ample and enough for us..and I must say it was a pretty good deal since the amount we paid was actually for a 10  minutes ride only. Usual price for 30 minutes go-cart is RM180 per person. Quite expensive, eh? As soon as we finished our turn, rain poured heavily at Cyberjaya. It was time to go home, to spend the rest of Sunday with our cinta hati, our children.

That night we went out for dinner at our favourite restaurant, entertaining our 3 FN....

Faaz Naqi..

Falisya Nayla...


Oh wait...we missed Faiqa Nayra's photo.
Where was she??

Oh, at this time she was actually being carried to the next table by a Khazakstan lady. 
She was so into the chubby Faiqa that she requested to "borrow" her short while from us to take a photo with her..hihi

si bam bam Faiqa Nayra :)

p.s: can't wait for our next adventure..what's next, hubs? :)


mommaholicSURI said...

Sebelah rumah i (dekat dengan Stadium) ada Go-Kart jugak. Dah 5 years we all stay here sekalipun x pernah pergi. Haiya. :)

Anyway Go-Kart for sure is interesting as many say. Bestnya you dah dapat venture this activity!! :)

mommyNadia said...

Haha, I almost buy the same voucher, but thinking of the small baby, we have to drop the idea. Mr Hubby dah lama ajak pergi, almost every weekend ajak pergi tgk go cart kat Shah Alam tu, belum jumpa suitable time..

Lets plan for go cart session together..;)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya go cart! tapi cd tak minat. haha. fariq minat la. spending quality time with fadzil mcm ni best kan?

eh falisya & faiqa dah besar la. comel sangat :). faaz pun nampak dah besar. aritu masa kenduri tak sempat nak main2 ngan diaorg.

Nadine said...


Oh yes, I notice that place too...each time we passed by the roundabout near your house. Mesti duk usha org main go-cart :)

Memang best babe! u should try at least once ;) Especially when u get to speed up without worrying about the speed limit. Hehehe..

Nadine said...


La ye ke! We've could play the go-cart together kan. But issokay, I am sure more deal like this will be available in future. Sure, lets babe! the more the marrier! ;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Best Cee D, rugi Cee D tak minat..hehe :P Yup dear, lama x dating2 mcm dolu2. Skali Skala dapat chance best! :)

Mmg dah besar Cee D, in few months time dah nak setahun dah anak dara I yg dua org ittew..hihi :)

ummi_ziz said...

Hehe pillow tu nadia bwk dr rumah ke kt situ mmg ada provide pillow utk org mcm kita ni? ;p

Btw, syoknya! Im sure both of u enjoyed it to the max. Kt melaka rasa ada jgk gokart circuit ni..nti bley try la. ;)

Wah, korg dh ada helper ek..bestnya..full time ke part time basis?

Nadine said...


Hehehe, pillow tu mmg diaorg yg sediakan. khas utk org mcm kita ni. but if 4ft n below kne naik kids punye go-cart. :D

yes, we really did. lepas segala tension and feel good after the session. yes dear, nnti try tau!

:) full time basis. Best? not really la dear. first of all, we all not really used to having stranger living with us. secondly, until now nadia still kekok. tak reti la nak suruh2 org so sometimes i do most of the work myself..huhu