Thursday, May 10, 2012

Penang Island: Day 1

As been told before, we went to Penang Island (also known as the Pearl Island) last weekend for a 4days and 3 nights stay. Alhamdulillah, all went well. All of us including the children were having a good time there :)

We started the journey not-so-early in the morning to Gombak, sending our helper to my mom's house.

Faaz excited that he got to sit with me for a while
since the car was fully occupied at the back...

We then continued the journey to the North via the North-South Highway. Since the main reason we went to Penang was to attend a family wedding, we had to meet the other family members at R&R Tapah. There were supposed to be 3 cars convoying together...hehe, we were the last to arrive! :P

Instead of me sitting at the back with the babies after the helper left, Faaz requested to be seated with his sisters along the journey.. :)

Halfway through the journey, all fell asleep...zzzZZZ :)

Only left both of us...
(we have to admit, it's kinda bored when all of them were sleeping :P)

Alhamdulillah, the weather was all nice throughout the journey, although there were few places that we encountered rain...but it was only for short period.

nice sky!

It's about 1pm when we reached R&R Tapah. Faaz requested KFC for lunch, and I took the opportunity to feed the babies the homemade porridge I made that morning; salmon with sweet potatoes and broccoli. Simpan dalam Thermos food jar tahan 9 hours panas! ;) As for us, we only had light meal to 'alas perut', we wanted to have a proper meal in another 2hours, when we reached Penang..hihi.

Traffic was clear as we entered the Penang bridge. I must admit, it's kinda exciting to see the bridge (a sign that you already entered the island..) as well as seeing any Penang's famous landmark (a sign that you already entered the town!)

Komtar! :)

happy me that we gonna start our "jalan-jalan cari makan" officially..hehehe

Happy Faiqa that she soon can get out of the carseat..hehehe

We arrived at Penang Island at about 4pm. Since everyone was really hungry we decided to have our late lunch first at town before checking in our hotel at Tanjung Bungah. The first place we went for this trip was the famous Kapitan Restaurant where we had their famous claypot briyani with tandoori chicken. Nyummmeh!! :)

We arrived at the hotel at about 5pm. Usually, we'll stay at Sandy Bay (now known as Rainbow Paradise if I am not mistaken) but the hotel was fully booked. So this time around, we stayed at Copthorne Orchid Hotel, which is less than 1km apart from the latter. :)

Our children having fun while waiting for us to get our room keys :)

Our next activity after loading all our lugages and have a bit of rest? Ape lagi...swimming! Even the twinnies now know to demand for it!  ;)

to be continued...


dyana "his other half" said...

Penang mmg best! I love briyani kapitan as well. Selalu cd amik kambing :).

Aleyn said...

Wah...have a nice vacation

Kella said...

so so sweet la all of u =)
faaz makin besar dah makin kurus dia ya nad... ni mesti sibuk melayan adik adik kembarnya kan?
happy for u nad.. =))

ummi_ziz said...

Amboi twinnies, dh pandai minta nk swimming ye..hihi so cute!

Nway, bestnya jln2 cr mkn kt Penang! Miss Penang, tpt first mencari rezeki for me and Hisham..:)

Mimy Hamid said...

pergi penang syurga makanan best tu...nad anak anak u dah besar dah senang bawa berjalan...mesti tak banyak sgt kerenah..abg faaz pun boleh harap tu jaga adik adik dia

jannahrais said...

acik jannah dah lame tak jenguk blog mummy korang ni..kejap je dah gebu gebu si bunga dua kuntum ni xoxoxo

mommaholicSURI said...

Owh! Love the photo when Faaz hugged his two sisters! :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Cee D sama dgn Papa. Dia penggemar tegar kambing. Nadia ada rasa sket his meal. Mmg sedap jugak kambing!! :)

Untung Cee D jadi warga Penang,pastu tak gemuk2. Nadia kalau duk sana 6 bulan je confirm badan jadi double :))

Nadine said...


Thanks dear. We did!! :)

Nadine said...

Kella sweetie,

Thanks dear, yes Faaz skang kuruuuss! Nafsu makan dia on-off. At times banyak dia makan. At times, susah giler nak feed dia. Banyak main je you.. :)

Nadine said...


Itula pasal, baru 10 bulan sudah pandai mintak tau. Lagi satu, dah pandai mintak naik mesin yg masukkan coins kat mall dah tau...sabar je la :)

Oh yes dear, I remember. Masa tu Izu dah tunang ngan Isham eh? Ingat Izu tulis Izu siap masakkan bekal utk isham kan? sweet :)

Nadine said...


Alhamdulillah..tulah you. dah besar ni senang sket nak handle. Tp susah satu bab la you..diaorg dah start makan. Susah sbb nak angkut steamer, blender bagai sbb I mmg bagi diaorg homemade food. No nestum bagai.. :)

Nadine said...


Hye dear, its good to see u here. Jannah pun lama menyepi kan. Bz eh with the kids? :)

Nadine said...


Me too! Dia skang slalu geram kat adik2 dia you. Habis diaorg kena ciom2, gomol2, mcm anak patung kdg2 I tgk dia buat adik dia..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Ms nadine, nak tanye food jar yg u pakai brand ape ye bole tahan 9hours tu, coz I tengah cari food jar macam tu, thanks before

Nadine said...

Hi Mia,

I pakai brand Thermost, thermost food jar :)