Monday, May 28, 2012

Penang Island: Day 2

*** continuation from my recent post here...

Day 2 started with...breakfast in bed. Hihi, the kids woke up quite late that morning. Most probably they were exhausted due to the long distance travelling. Me and Fadzil too, were not keen to go out for breakfast...nak relax :)

After the children woke up and have their morning meal, we got them ready for their favorite activity; swimming :). Their Daddy too, was so keen to swim. Jadi tugas mommy lah to monitor our 3 gems. Comparing to the last time we went for a swim, it was way easier to monitor all three of them when they were in floats. Faiqa especially, loves to paddle herself here and there while splashing water :)

When the grandparents came down to join us later on barulah I got the chance to learn how to swim from dear hubby. Tapi...less then 1/2 hour kaki cramp plak. hampeh :P

Later, we went out for lunch. As expected, the twins were fast asleep right after we freshen them up..they must be really exhausted after almost an hour playing inside the pool :)

3 of us who's still wide awake

nyenyaknya! :)

We went to Georgetown, Lebuh Campbell road to be exact. Our "jalan-jalan cari makan" destination this time was Hameediyah Restaurant. My in-laws were craving for  Hameediyah's famous Ayam Ros (Ros Chicken)...

We went straight back to the hotel after lunch. Everyone chose to relax while I and mama, both busy ironing clothes for our event that evening; a family wedding.

Since that day was Wesak Day and we had to travel from the island to Penang mainland, we decided to get ready and made a move by evening. By 6pm, both Faaz & Falisya were ready. Faiqa on the other hand was still sleeping. She was the last to get ready, I dressed her up in the car while we were on the way...hihi.

Falisya all dolled up for the wedding :)

I'm ready too! although mommy had to dress me up in the car :P

yours truly... very simple :)
 I wore again the same outfit that I wore for Reen's wedding day.

Alhamdulillah, we arrived on time for the wedding despite having to go through road closure (because of Wesak celebration) and lost our way... Since the children had a good rest before, they behaved well and cheerful throughout the wedding ceremony...senang hati mommy! ;)

Congratulations to Suga & Hubby! :)

The event ended at about 11pm. We then made a short trip to the bride's parents house before went back to the hotel and zzzzZZZZ...


Sharidawati Shahrudin said...

comelnya the twins !!! :)

Kella said...

lama tak jenguk si kembar nad ni.. dah makin montel mereka ya! what a happy family... so lovely.. =)

dyana "his other half" said...

ala comelnya twinnies. cute with the dresses. and abg faaz so handsome with that baju. apa panggil eh? cd dah lupa. hehe.

cd pun suka nasi briyani hameediyah. tp claypot briyani kapitan lagi best ngan kambing. fuhhh. u make me miss penang more ;).

Nadine said...


TQ sweetie. Comel mcm kak Damia! :)

Nadine said...


Hihi, yes dear. Lagi sebulan lebih nak setahun dah you. Cpt kan masa berjalan. TQ dear, ameen. Doa tu :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Thank you dear. Hehehe kurta. :)

Hehehe, ic. Peminat tegar kapitan la Cee D ni. Dah lama x balik Penang eh? Nanti suggest la tempat2 mkn menarik kt Penang. Next time kami pi leh cuba :)