Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Penang Island: Day 3

Day 3 itinerary was mainly for sight-seeing activity or 'jalan-jalan' around the island. Twinnies got up quite early that morning, around 8am...cheerful and loud, giving sign that it was time to start the day with fun! hihi :)

morning, everyone! :)

But first thing first, we had to bring the children for a swim or else Faaz Naqi will make a scene :P 

Love to see my boy swimming. He's getting better each time we went out for a swim. Would love to see him swimming without his float in the near future...ameen, mudah-mudahan. 

Twinnies found a small basketball in the pool and started quarreling.. LOL!

We went out to town later on. Had Nasi Kandar at Georgetown for lunch before heading to Padang Kota Baru, or known as Gurney Drive. Made a pit stop at Gurney Plaza, Toy's R Us specifically as requeusted by Faaz. This uptown boy get easily bored if lama x dpt pegi mall :P We also managed to check out the Gurney Paragon Mall :)

No, he didn't bought this...will revealed it in the next entry ;)

Soon, our stomach made a sound again signalling to us that it's time for 'makan-makan' session again. Since we were in the area, we headed straight to the hawker stalls. Among our MUST eat menu here of course...

The famous Penang Pasembur...

Pilih sayang, jangan tak pilih..nyum nyum!

His pasembur is famous for his dancing performance :)
View it here 

ready to eat...*drooling*

Penang Char Kuey Teow

I can eat two plates of these, seriously! my fav!!

Penang Laksa

the thick, sour gravy...uuuuuh, tempting!

The last place we went before calling it a day was the Hard Rock Hotel, Penang which is situated at Batu Ferringhi. Hubby treated all of us to dine at Hard Rock Cafe that night :)

Nice lighting :)

The menu..

The busy little diners.. :)

The starters...quite a huge portion! 

My sinful dessert...since i skipped the main course..hihi :)

After stuffing ourselves with the scrumptious meal (thanks Sayang :)) and bought some souvenirs from HRC gift shop, we went out to take some photos untuk kenang-kenangan. Nak stay sini belum mampu lagi...perhaps, someday insyaAllah :)

Modelling for Fadzil :P

Us, feeling honeymoon. ihiks! :P

Papa & Mama with twinnies.

After a whole day filling up our stomach (I swear I gained 2kg each time I go to Penang T_T), we called it a day... zzzzZZZ

Nite, nite everybody! :D


dyana "his other half" said...

best! i love My Penang. hehe.

nadia, selalu org cakap twinnies ikut muka sapa? hehe. cd nampak they resemble a lot macam nadia. ke cd je yg perasan camtu eh.

mommyNadia said...

That char keuy teow make me feel like driving to Penang now..ayoyo!!
Next time kalau nk pergi Penang, I shud call u and get long list of places to eat..;)

| SUE | said...

ayorkkkk... kene ke penang la gini!!
nak laksa! nak pasembor!
nak nak nakkkkkkk!!!

maken comey twinnies ni!

Nadine said...

Cee D,

I love your Penang too! Food heaven! :)

hmm, masa newborn dulu org duk ckp rupa Faaz. Now that they are bigger, takde plak sape2 ckp rupa sape2. Mak Nadia je la ckp, ade rupa Nadia. Cuma tang rambut tu la Cee D, tak sorang pun ikut Nadia. Curly habis ok! :D

Nadine said...


High 5! I pun peminat tegar CKT! *nyum!!*

Hehehe, boleh je babe. Tp I punye list tak complete lagi. Still ade places yg I blum sempat try. Next trip to Penang, perhaps :)

Nadine said...


I know, right! Each time pregnant mmg Nadia nak sgt pegi Penang. Mcm2 la teringin nak makan. Ape lg Sue, propose la kat en. suami. Sure lepas la proposal ni. Demi baby kan? ;)