Thursday, May 31, 2012

Penang Island: Day 4

Day 4 was our last day in Penang. Had our scrumptious breakfast at a restaurant opposite the hotel. Had Tosai Rawa and hot Nescafe that morning. I just love the way they prepared my tosai. It's crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside...just perfect! ;)

Instead of going for a swim like the usual, we brought the children to the beach instead this time. Kinda excited cause it was twinnies first experience with the beach; the sand and the sea water..hihi.

It was still fresh on my mind the day we introduced Faaz to the beach (the sand especially). Faaz was 11 months back then, it was during our holiday in Langkawi. It was hilarious! Hihi...Faaz dislike the sand so much, making funny face expression with pouty lips, as if the sand was soooo dirty! Hahaha! But Faaz today is very fond of the sand, building sandcastle is his must-do activity at the beach :)

But with twinnies, its the other way round. They were more calmed, and showed full interest. Falisya was amazed with the sand's fine and soft texture...

and Faiqa, love it so much that she tried to taste it! *gulp!*

 LOL!! :))

They were blur at first, but slowly started to follow their big brother playing with the tools to make sandcastle...We just let them played with it, and at o the same time keep our eyes wide open, in case they spooned the sand into their mouth :P

We check-out from the hotel at noon. Since it was Monday, the process became fast.


While waiting for the lift to go to the lobby for checking out...

Remember our trip to Toy's R Us on day 3? 
Well, this was what Faaz wanted soo badly. The Swords of Omen. 
FYI, Faaz is currently an ardent fan of Thundercats :)

Posing for mommy while waiting for Daddy to bring the car to the lobby... :)

and he snapped a nice photo of me too! 
love it so much! :)

Before leaving the island, we went to Georgetown for lunch. Last kopek of Penang food..hihi. We went to Hameediyah again, this time for their Briyani Ayam Goreng...nyumm! 

sedap I tell you! ;)

Kali ni pi Penang tak sempat nak makan kat Line Clear.
Next time, perhaps :)

After filling up our stomach for a long journey back to KL, we went to Rasta, for a last minute shopping. My in-laws wanted to get some spices and dry stuff. Bought some for my mom and officemates...

Falisya peeping :)

The tanned girls with their sunny hats. 
Murah kot, rm10 each :D

We left the island at about 3pm and safely arrived in KL by evening. We stopped by at my mom's place to pick up the helper before heading back to Subang. 

Dear Penang Island, 

We had a total fun for 4 days. Although it's not even a month yet I already missed you..(your food especially). See you next year, insyaAllah... :)



mommyNadia said...

hahah..cute gile twinnies with swimsuit tgh sunbathing..
Ryan ms kat Lngkw pun suka duk main pasir, tp sb dia suka sapu mata, penuh pasir kat muka..terus angkat tak boleh main..

babe,Adam skrang pun dah pandai nak request toy..since last week, dia duk ajak beli transformers, everyday remind me..adoiilaa...

airin diana said...

pandainye faaz posing and took pix of his mommy.. sweet sangat!
Oh my, ayam goreng tu looked very delicious! teringin cari ayam goreng la lepas ni..hehe

ishamizu said...

Wow the lil princesses tak geli ye main pasir..Zafri pon ok la tp klu rumput dia geli plak. haha..Faaz ni bikin aunty cair je. as usual hihi. Mommy pon cun as always..;)

Bestnya cuti2 with your family..rindu nk cuti2 dgn my family n siblings. Lucky, my family in law plak will be coming here this raya..looking forward it :)

dyana "his other half" said...

why la that rawa tosei looks so tempting. huhu.

Kella said...

faaz.. kita geng la..! aunty pun peminat thundercat nih! huhuuhu
gimme five !.. =D

Nadine said...


La ye ke..then Faaz jadi Lion-o, you jadi Cheetarah la :D