Monday, May 14, 2012

Trudy & Teddy 1st Boutique Launch

Last week, I've been invited by Nuffnang to attend Trudy & Teddy's 1st boutique launch in Pavilion KL. I went to the event with my Faaz, twinnies and mama, my MIL :)

For those who didn't know yet, Trudy & Teddy (T&T) is a local brand under Baby Kiko and has been established since May 2010. What makes it standout than the other brand on the market is that, T&T is known for its classic European style clothing with modern and refined yet timeless apparels for little ones.

It was not that hard to find T&T first boutique at Pavilion, it is situated at Lot 5.42, Level 5. To be exact, it is situated in between Bebe Dream boutique and Parkson's Main Entrance of level 5...surely you won't miss it ;)

We were among the earliest to arrive, about half an hour before the event started. The kids were all wide awake and were in a good mood, alhamdulillah. Twinies were busy looking at the crowd, probably wondering what was happening while Faaz Naqi was busy too...busy munching his coco crunch...hihi :)

Yours truly in in Fandago, (a shade of fuchsia) for this event :)

During the registration, each of us were given a T&T goodie bag which consist a dressing book and vouchers. We were then been invited to have a look at T&T most complete collections inside the boutique. I can't help myself from adoring each and every corner of this boutique. From the interior decorations to their classy and elegant collection, all are in sweet, pastel colors...very soothing to the eyes and very tempting to  the lust of shopping..hihi :D

Besides checking out T&T collections, we were served with light refreshments. Let me share with you some of T&T clothing for newborn up to 4 years old that are available in their boutique...

Baby boy's collection.
Can't help myself from admiring those hanging cute rompers in the middle.
They are very, very cute!

Toddler - Boy Collection
I can picture my Faaz Naqi wearing those smart jacket with the necktie..
handsome! :)

Me and MommyNadia, with our gems.
Check out the sweet accessories for babies. 
Ryan would be more handsome in that flat cap while Faiqa would definitely look sweeter in those pink cardigan. Don't you think so? ;)

sweet, classy and elegant dresses dresses for lil girls.
*bought two pair of dresses for my girls...hihi*

T&T Shoe collections. 
Very, very classy!
*Sempat mommy rembat a pair for Faaz Naqi :) *

As expected, the girls were among the center of attention that day. Co-incidentally we met with an European twin baby boy, about the same age of my girls at the event. Faiqa, who is friendly in nature smiled and giggled whenever the photographer approached her. Falisya on the other hand, a bit reserved, but photogenic according to some :)

Sampai sepet2 mata, smiling..hehe :D

Falisya with her girly obsession - handbag 

Both Faiqa & Falisya wore T&T infant rompers in white and light pink for this event. Nice kan? Do drop by T&T boutique if you visit Pavilion, mommies. I am sure you would ended up buying more than 1 for your lil ones. All the collections are nice, it's hard to me! ;)

My children posing at T&T boutique

At 11.45am, ribbon cutting ceremony by T&T little ambassadors were held in front of the boutique as a symbol of official opening of the boutique :)

All of them wore T&T apparel...very cute! :)

After shopping for the children, we took the chance snap some photos before we made a move..

For Faaz Naqi...for twinnies? Rahsia :P

Mia familia at T&T event
Me and mama co-incidentally matching! :)

Us with the vogue mommaholicsuri
my ex-uni classmate and my mommy blogger friend :)

Since hubby's office is just in front of Pavilion and the event ended at lunchtime, hubby came to see us and brought us for lunch at Madam Kwan's. The children especially was happy to see their daddy. They really kept him occupied during the lunch! Hihi...

Thank you Nuffnang and Trudy & Teddy for the invite!


dyana "his other half" said...

comelnya twinnies with their T&T infant romper tu. bila dah besar ni, cd cam tak boleh cam pula which one is faiqa and which one is falisya. they look alike very much. tak macam baby dulu. hehe.

i love T&T dresses juga. selalu angan2 to buy for my future baby girl, kalau ada rezeki nanti. hehe.

ummi_ziz said...

Betul ckp CDee. Faiqa and Falisya looks so pretty in T&T apparels! Kasut Faaz tu pon smart wpon nmpk sipi2 je. ;p

Sharidawati Shahrudin said...

kalau ada rezeki nanti boleh sha dtg lagi... tak beli semua beli satu brg pun ok :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Kasut Faaz tu memang smart. Nuurill nampak terus jatuh hati tapi malangnya Oman x muat. haha. Oman pun mmg out of all, dia aim that kasut tau. Xpelah xde rezeki. Next time kot. :)

Anyway, Nice meeting you that day, Nadine :)

mommyNadia said...

OMG, napekah mommynadia itew kelihatan sungguh "SIHAT"..malunyer!!

Nice boutique kan, u dah pakai voucher tu Nad??I tak dan nak belek2 that day, Adam pun takde, beli sluar je kat Ryan..shud have a visit again ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

i nak terjah butik Trudy teddy ni la..nice la ..i nampak baju baby boy..mata i dah tak keruan hahaha..mau rembat jugak buat raya sesuai ni...btw..range harga dia macam mana?? ok tak..reasonable...its malaysia product rite?

kak ina kl said...

la korang ada ker? sepatutnya akak pegi tapi baru keluar hospital tak laratlah nak ke situ..kalau idak leh kiss and hug 2 baby girl yang cute miut tu

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Tq dear :) Hehehe, really? Ingatkan dah besar lagi senang nak bezakan. Itu tandanya we must always meet dear. Baru senang nak cam..hehe :)

Cun kan?! Even baby boys punye romper pun cute, Cee D. Next baby nnti shopping sini tau! :)

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks dear. T&T apparels mmg comel2 n cun2. pegi sana memang rambang mata. semua cantik2! :)

Nadine said...


InsyaAllah dear. Megasale pun nak start June ni. I pun ingat nak shop sini jugak for the kids punye baju raya nanti :)

Nadine said...


It was nice meeting you too babe! Tak dpt nak borak lama, susah I nak handle all my children esp. bila approaching to lunchtime. Dah lapar mula la semua cranky..hehe.

I suka la T&T shoes you. Very soft and comfy. If you notice, Faaz sejak 2 years old sgt susah nak beli kasut baru. Kasut2 yg I beli ada dia pakai skali je :( Asik2 dia dgn crocs dia..sampai lunyai lah! Tp bila I belikan kasut ni, he loves it! Dont mind at all nak pakai. happy I! :)

insyaAllah, more sizes coming in dah ni. leh la Oman ajak momma shopping lagi kat sini..

Nadine said...


Mana ade you?? You in person sgt kurus ok! beza dgn masa Adam dulu. dah cun dah tu babe! :)

A'ah you, I dah guna. One go I shop for all my children. Hehehe...

Nadine said...


Mmg berpinar2 mata masuk T&T boutique ni you. Semuanya looks good :)
Range harga eh, tak silap I its between rm60 ke atas kot. A'ah you, local brand tp premium. Quality dia setanding dgn branded baby clothes yg lain. Plg penting, material dia selesa for our babies :)

Nadine said...

Kak Ina,

La ye ke..takde rezeki nak jumpa kan. InsyaAllah, mudah2an satu hari nanti kita dpt jumpa. Akak rajin tak pegi pasar mlm kat sri gombak? weekend saya slalu pegi tau..dkt dpn rumah mak saya je tuh :)

Kella said...

ololololo tomeynya dua2 !! =D

Nadine said...

hihihi, thanks Kella yg sweet! :)