Friday, June 29, 2012

A Date with Faaz Naqi

Faaz was still sad the day after Fadzil had left for Oslo. He was a bit moody and keep on asking on "When daddy gonna finish his work and come back?". The twins, however were at their usual behaviour, cheerful and playful. They were too young to understand, didn't they? :)

There were times that I felt bad for Faaz, especially when most of my time occupied with the twins. Usually, when that happens, Fadzil is there to entertain Faaz. Terasa lah Faaz bila daddy away ni...

Thinking that the following day I will start working and will come back quite late in the evening, I decided to take Faaz Naqi out for 1-2 hours so that I can concentrate on spending time with him.

As soon as I put twinnies to sleep (usually they will have their evening nap from 4pm onwards..), I quickly bathe Faaz and get him ready. He was excited that I told him that I will bring him to Subang Parade. Quickly this boy made his plan; to go to McD to get nuggets and milo, and to play at McD's playground...I nodded to him with a smile :)

So he got what he wanted. I fed him nuggets and milo in between, while he played and enjoyed himself :) While waiting for him, suddenly I remembered that one of the original plans that Fadzil and I had was to bring Faaz on a movie. It was quite sometime since the last time Faaz went for a movie. Coincidentally, the cartoon Madagascar was just out few days before.

After the playing session, I brought Faaz to MBO, to check the timing and empty seats left. Alhamdulillah, memang rezeki Faaz. A show was about to start in 10 minutes time and there were empty seats...terus beli ticket. Faaz was a bit confused when I told him that we gonna watch a movie - Madagascar. He must thought that it was an English movie, so he showed no interest...until I brought him closer to the banner....

senyum happy! :)

Faaz is not a popcorn lover, lucky I did packed a box of nuggets in my handbag (shhhhh!) so this lil boy continued to munch while waiting for the movie to start and in between the movie...


When asked did he enjoyed our "date" after the movie, Faaz answered, "YES mommy! Faaz like!"

Alhamdulillah... :)

Glad I made you happy dear son.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's The Time of The Year again!

It's the time of the year again...

June or July...


The time hubby will fly off to Oslo, Norway for work T_T

If you remember, last year was the hardest for us to accept this outstation thingy and I was a bit emotional as I was in my few final weeks of pregnancy (you can view the post here)

Alhamdulillah, I am much better in terms of emotion this time, but it was hectic as before when it comes to the preparation. It was really a last minute decision by the management; we received the news on Tuesday's evening, and he had to fly on Saturday and he'll be away for a month! 

Can you imagine, we had only 3 days to do it all; spend quality time, groceries shopping for 1 month's stock, shopping for Fadzil's stuff! And that didn't included the travel arrangement that he had to settle; flight tickets, accommodation and currency change! The worst part, he went back home late everyday...

Demi kesiankan en. suami yang kesuntukan masa I volunteered to do the groceries shopping as well as getting the foodstuff for him after work. I knew time will be very limited if I waited for him as well. The few hours time we saved had been utilized for a movie date and shop for his other stuff.. :)

some of the food stuff for his 1 month stock

The 3 remaining days were...


and the difficult part was; to break the news to our Faaz that he understand almost everything. As expected, Faaz did not received the news well. Among his reactions were...

"Daddy, Aker not in Oslo, Aker in KL lah!" : when Fadzil explained to him that he will fly off due to work commitment..

"But I don't want you to go Norway" : when Fadzil explained that Aker's main branch is in Norway..

"Daddy, don't go work lah. I don't want you to work anymore" : when Fadzil told him that he really had to go.. 


Due to time constraint factor, we only managed to have a family outing with the children on Saturday itself, having breakfast at McD,  playing at home and later lunch at Empire Gallery. By 5pm, we made a move to the airport. 

Lady Driver yang dedicated, tunggu en. suami load the luggages..hihi :P

We arrived at the airport in 45minutes time. Dropped Fadzil at the departure hall and went to park the car. While waiting for him to check in, little Faaz fell asleep...

comel je tido, mcm baby! :)

poor little man, nak kena tinggal T_T

After completion of the check in process, we decided to have a coffee break to kill time and waited for our Faaz Naqi to wake up. Alhamdulillah, he only had a short nap, that he managed to play with his daddy before bidding goodbye...

Cafe Barbera ni coffee dia sedap. Recommended! ;)

Got the energy after the nap..
mulalah macam2 ragam hero kecik nie! :P

Soon, it was time for farewell...*sob*sob*. I would be lying if I told you that I was not sad at all. A month is equal to 30 days, and 30 days means I will be the mommy and the daddy for 1 toddler and 2 babies for 720hours! Huwaaaaaa T_T

Jiwang pose, nanti sebulan tak kena peluk tau! :P

Faaz Naqi, jangan cakaplah...his facial expression changed the minute we told him it's "the time"...


Trying his best to control his "macho-ness", he tend to ignore when I asked him to hug and kiss his daddy. He even refused to be carried and smile for a photo...sabar je la.

But then, knowing my son I knew that eventually he'll be "cair"...betulpun, puas mommy pujuk akhirnya...


picture perfect moment!

Alhamdulillah, my husband had a smooth 12 hours journey (including 2 hours transit in Bangkok) and he has safely landed on the Scandinavian land the very next noon, local time...

and right here in Malaysia, Faizah Nadia, Faaz Naqi, Faiqa Nayra & Falisya Nayla started to miss the presence of Fadzil A. Kadir.. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Officewear # 1

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Backdated Entry: Father's Day treat

Saturday, 16th June 2012
Place: Chilli's, Empire Gallery

Father's Day was actually on Sunday, 17th June 2012 but we had our small "makan-makan" session a day before because hubby was flying off to Norway on that day itself. Actually we went out few hours before I need to send him to the airport (it was a short notice assignment and we ran out of time!)

This time, I treated him at his favourite restaurant, and ordered his favourite meal (hihi...yelah, nanti sebulan tak dapat makan steak, cian dia! :)

Oh well, as usual let the photos do most of the talking ;)

Sempat lagi while getting ready :P 
Us in white + navy blue 

Little miss twinnies yang excited for outing. 
Melapang2 sampai sepet2 mat and nampak gigi!
hihihi :)

Faaz busy with the activity sheet from Chilli's..

My hyperactive daughters while waiting for the food to arrive...
Pusing sana, pusing sini, ketuk meja..
Hahaha, havoc! :P

Manja daddy had him to help with his food...
(Faaz was having his favourite: Chicken Crispers)

Hubby concentrating on his meal.. :P

and later, some "just-the-two-of-us" photos
pengubat rindu nanti :')
Hope u enjoy the treat daddy! 

We went straight home after having our meal. The twins were asleep so we left them at home with the helper, took hubby's luggages and off to the airport...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Backdated Entry: Mother's Day

We did not really celebrated both Mother's/Father's day as some opinion said it is haram. However, on both dates we had a simple dine out as a family as both dates fell on weekend :)

Sunday, May 13th 2012.

Place: Ben's KLCC. 

I've never been to Ben's before and would love to try out their food. From friends and reviews, they said their specialty are their salads and pastas. On Mother's Day, Fadzil decided to bring me and the kids there for lunch, his treat. Yay!! :)

Twinnies lah paling happy to go out. 
Almaklumlah, weekdays duk rumah je :)

We were lucky to get a cozy place to seat, beside this long telescope. 
You can view the KLCC park view from here :)

What we ordered that day:

 Ben's Nasi Istimewa Platter for hubby

Pesto Speghettini with homemade basil & pine nut pesto (added with chargrilled chicken) for yours truly :)
Sgt sedap! recommended!

My watermelon juice. Love the fact that they served it with no added sugar and no ice. 

Our dessert..
Apple Crumble cake with vanilla ice-cream.
Nyummeh!! :)

Faaz with his ice chocolate. 

Faiqa, enjoying my pasta as well. :)
p.s: too bad Falisya was asleep in the stroller..

Me and hubster...
happy dapat makan kat Ben's!...finally! :P

"Gendang Gendut tali kecapi, Kenyang perut, senang hati"
Us having our silly moments - chilling after food :)

Mother's Day momento from Ben's - Almond Biscotti.

Falisya only woke up when we were about to go home (and at this time, it was Faiqa who fell asleep). While taking turns to solat/taking care of the kids, we let Falisya enjoyed her outing day by introducing her to the rides near the KLCC musolla.

At first, I thought she wll be afraid, I was wrong. This girl love it so much that we have to find extra coins to let her play. Sampai abam Faaz complaint lah when will be his turn. 

Hehehe :P

Well, among all...the best present of the day that I received was a Mother's Day wish from Faaz Naqi, my 3 year old son. What made it more special was he wished me out of the blue, without anyone asking him to do so (although I had to ask him to repeat it again so that I can capture it on video :P)...

sweet sgt and definitely melted my heart

love u so much, son! mmmmuahss!! :)



Friday, June 22, 2012

Lounge 4 of Schiphol Airport

Dear readers,

If you follow my blog closely I bet you must remember my wordless wednesday's post in March about Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. The one I posted photos of the beautiful airport and how I missed to be there and would LOVE to go for a holiday in Holland...

Yes? No?

Oh well, if you too admire the airport before than I can assure you will admire it even more when you look at these nyummylicious photos of the newly renovated Departure Lounge 4 of Schiphol Airport..

Cun kan?! :) 

Oh how I wished I have extra $$$$ now! Would have bought a tix to Oslo to  visit hubby dearie whom is currently working in Norway. Leh transit at Amsterdam airport *in my dreams* :P

(actually I am dying to fly because i miss my husband T_T)

More photos and story on this newly renovated Lounge are featured at View it here!