Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Backdated Entry: Father's Day treat

Saturday, 16th June 2012
Place: Chilli's, Empire Gallery

Father's Day was actually on Sunday, 17th June 2012 but we had our small "makan-makan" session a day before because hubby was flying off to Norway on that day itself. Actually we went out few hours before I need to send him to the airport (it was a short notice assignment and we ran out of time!)

This time, I treated him at his favourite restaurant, and ordered his favourite meal (hihi...yelah, nanti sebulan tak dapat makan steak, cian dia! :)

Oh well, as usual let the photos do most of the talking ;)

Sempat lagi while getting ready :P 
Us in white + navy blue 

Little miss twinnies yang excited for outing. 
Melapang2 sampai sepet2 mat and nampak gigi!
hihihi :)

Faaz busy with the activity sheet from Chilli's..

My hyperactive daughters while waiting for the food to arrive...
Pusing sana, pusing sini, ketuk meja..
Hahaha, havoc! :P

Manja daddy had him to help with his food...
(Faaz was having his favourite: Chicken Crispers)

Hubby concentrating on his meal.. :P

and later, some "just-the-two-of-us" photos
pengubat rindu nanti :')
Hope u enjoy the treat daddy! 

We went straight home after having our meal. The twins were asleep so we left them at home with the helper, took hubby's luggages and off to the airport...


dyana "his other half" said...

happy father's day to fadzil :). bergaya sungguh korang anak beranak. best je tengok specially mesti la abam faaz and twinnies.

berapa lama fadzil kena g this time?

Nadine said...

Tq Cee D :)

Hihi skali skala. Lgpun mmg plan nak snap photo bnyk2, so kasi smart2 sket :)

1 month dear..lama!! T_T