Monday, June 25, 2012

Backdated Entry: Mother's Day

We did not really celebrated both Mother's/Father's day as some opinion said it is haram. However, on both dates we had a simple dine out as a family as both dates fell on weekend :)

Sunday, May 13th 2012.

Place: Ben's KLCC. 

I've never been to Ben's before and would love to try out their food. From friends and reviews, they said their specialty are their salads and pastas. On Mother's Day, Fadzil decided to bring me and the kids there for lunch, his treat. Yay!! :)

Twinnies lah paling happy to go out. 
Almaklumlah, weekdays duk rumah je :)

We were lucky to get a cozy place to seat, beside this long telescope. 
You can view the KLCC park view from here :)

What we ordered that day:

 Ben's Nasi Istimewa Platter for hubby

Pesto Speghettini with homemade basil & pine nut pesto (added with chargrilled chicken) for yours truly :)
Sgt sedap! recommended!

My watermelon juice. Love the fact that they served it with no added sugar and no ice. 

Our dessert..
Apple Crumble cake with vanilla ice-cream.
Nyummeh!! :)

Faaz with his ice chocolate. 

Faiqa, enjoying my pasta as well. :)
p.s: too bad Falisya was asleep in the stroller..

Me and hubster...
happy dapat makan kat Ben's!...finally! :P

"Gendang Gendut tali kecapi, Kenyang perut, senang hati"
Us having our silly moments - chilling after food :)

Mother's Day momento from Ben's - Almond Biscotti.

Falisya only woke up when we were about to go home (and at this time, it was Faiqa who fell asleep). While taking turns to solat/taking care of the kids, we let Falisya enjoyed her outing day by introducing her to the rides near the KLCC musolla.

At first, I thought she wll be afraid, I was wrong. This girl love it so much that we have to find extra coins to let her play. Sampai abam Faaz complaint lah when will be his turn. 

Hehehe :P

Well, among all...the best present of the day that I received was a Mother's Day wish from Faaz Naqi, my 3 year old son. What made it more special was he wished me out of the blue, without anyone asking him to do so (although I had to ask him to repeat it again so that I can capture it on video :P)...

sweet sgt and definitely melted my heart

love u so much, son! mmmmuahss!! :)




Ninie Hanis said...

best tau duduk Msia leh mkn best2 sbb food halal senang cari.haish..miss malaysia n eating out so much.May Allah bless you n family, kak nadia! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya makan :). tak pernah try n tak pernah tau pun tempat ni. hehe. boleh la try nanti.

hadif suka sangat biscotti tu. kalau dapat tu tak cukup dia sorang. hehe.

anyway, happy mother's day my dear. eventhough certain orang kata haram but every day is mother's day kan and we had enjoyed it eversince.

twinnies sangat comel! rasa nak peluk2 je diaorang ni.

Nadine said...


Bak kata pepatah, "hujan emas di negara org, hujan batu di negara sendiri, lebih baik negara sendiri" ye tak?

Tp kat M'sia skang, although food senang dpt, status halal tu plak kdg2 buat kita was2 dear.

Bape tahun dah ninie x balik M'sia? Any plan to have a trip back home soon? Nanti balik M'sia mkn puas2 k. Intro Fahim kat nyummylicious M'sian food too tau! ;)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Oic, Ben's ade few oulet. Besides KLCC, Pavi n Publika pun ada. Tu je la yg Nadia tau. One day boleh cuba ;)

La ye ke. Nmpknya Mama Hadif kne bake biscotti for kueh raya tahun nie la..hehehe :D

Oh yes dear, same goes to u too,supermama! :)

awwwwwh, thanks! :)

mommyNadia said...

haha..I pun baru 1st time dpt pergi time my bday that far ok lah kan, all foods dia rs sgt berkhasiat gitew!Waiting the rite time to upload entry too,ntah bile ;(

Entry you today pun about foods,I tengah puasa taw, bab tengok gmbr foods buat2 tak focus hahaha..terok betul!

Nadine said...


Oh yes. I dah jatuh chenta dgn pasta dia. Next time I nak try pasta yg lain plak, dgn salads :)

Babe, I pun sama, tgh giat mengganti puasa. I lagila kan, sebulan kot kena ganti. slmt berpuasa!! :)