Friday, June 29, 2012

A Date with Faaz Naqi

Faaz was still sad the day after Fadzil had left for Oslo. He was a bit moody and keep on asking on "When daddy gonna finish his work and come back?". The twins, however were at their usual behaviour, cheerful and playful. They were too young to understand, didn't they? :)

There were times that I felt bad for Faaz, especially when most of my time occupied with the twins. Usually, when that happens, Fadzil is there to entertain Faaz. Terasa lah Faaz bila daddy away ni...

Thinking that the following day I will start working and will come back quite late in the evening, I decided to take Faaz Naqi out for 1-2 hours so that I can concentrate on spending time with him.

As soon as I put twinnies to sleep (usually they will have their evening nap from 4pm onwards..), I quickly bathe Faaz and get him ready. He was excited that I told him that I will bring him to Subang Parade. Quickly this boy made his plan; to go to McD to get nuggets and milo, and to play at McD's playground...I nodded to him with a smile :)

So he got what he wanted. I fed him nuggets and milo in between, while he played and enjoyed himself :) While waiting for him, suddenly I remembered that one of the original plans that Fadzil and I had was to bring Faaz on a movie. It was quite sometime since the last time Faaz went for a movie. Coincidentally, the cartoon Madagascar was just out few days before.

After the playing session, I brought Faaz to MBO, to check the timing and empty seats left. Alhamdulillah, memang rezeki Faaz. A show was about to start in 10 minutes time and there were empty seats...terus beli ticket. Faaz was a bit confused when I told him that we gonna watch a movie - Madagascar. He must thought that it was an English movie, so he showed no interest...until I brought him closer to the banner....

senyum happy! :)

Faaz is not a popcorn lover, lucky I did packed a box of nuggets in my handbag (shhhhh!) so this lil boy continued to munch while waiting for the movie to start and in between the movie...


When asked did he enjoyed our "date" after the movie, Faaz answered, "YES mommy! Faaz like!"

Alhamdulillah... :)

Glad I made you happy dear son.



dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya dapat date berdua ngan faaz. cute je muka happy faaz. can see clearly that he's super duper happy.

best tak madagascar? ntah sempat ke tak kitaorg nak tengok. hehe.

ishamizu said...

Aww so sweet. Izu pon kdg kesian kt Zahin. Rasa krg attention utk dia bila dah ada iris then zafri ni..lg plak dia mmg close sgn izu since born..:( how i wish i can go dating with her likeu n faaz did but donno when..

Nway, faaz mmg nmpk sgt happy! :))

Kella said...

love.. love.. love!!
so lovely... =')

Nadine said...


me love, love, love u too my friend! :)