Friday, June 22, 2012

Food For Soul: iTasbih Pro

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

For this week, instead of sharing articles I decided to share one of the iPhone application that I am currently use as my Food 4 Soul :)

For Muslim iPhone user, powerful and useful application such as Muslim Pro and iQuran Lite are commonly installed. Hence, there's no need for me to give an introduction on these cool applications :)

Today, I choose to share about iTasbih Pro, which is an Islamic Prayer Beeds application that helps you to count while performing dzikir. It is Free, in case you are wondering :)

In iTasbih, there are few categories of dzikir to choose from such as Ayatul-Kursi, Selawat Nabi, general dzikir such as "Alhamdulillah" & "Subhanallah" and also the 99 names of Allah SWT.

If you notice, this application will display how many times each dzikir has been recited (accumulated), at the end of each category for your record.

To use it is very, very simple. Just click (or in this case "touch") which dzikir you desire and the page will switch to the selected dzikir. For example, for Allah's name "Ya Jamii'", it will give the brief explanation on the meaning and use of this aite? :)

Then you are free to start your dzikir while a finger tapped or touched the "Current Session" button as you continuously reciting your tasbih/dzikir. It will automatically count your tasbih, just like the normal beeds of tasbih. Easy peasy :)

By the way, I am still searching for more cool/beneficial Islamic application in iPhone. Do share what's your favourite Islamic application, and may we all get the benefit from it, insyaAllah..

Till next time,


ishamizu said...

really cool! thanks for sharing dear..;)

Izu so far ada Islamic know the prayer time, azan player and compass..sbb kt sini ssh kn tade using this app terubat rindu dgr azan bkumandang setiap kali asuk waktu smyg..=) n klu jln2 tu sng nk cr arah kiblat ;)

Lg selain Al-Quran (by Sayed Samed)..ada Kids Doa (himpunan doa) and then Zabihah. Zabihah ni femes dn for us Muslim kt UK utk cr restaurant Halal dan masjid all over UK. :)

BTW, aritu kwan izu ada update kt fb dia psl Matsurat app..izu pon tk install lg..hehe..nti nk search n install, sng klu smpt bley baca lps smyg subuh kn :)

Nadine said...


Oh Ic, Nadia install Muslim Pro, dlm tu semua ada jugak tau: prayers time dgn azan, arah qiblat, quran, nama2 Allah, calendar islam, halal places guideline...lebih kurang sama kot dear :)

Matsurat app? menarik! nnti kalau dah install izu share ngan Nadia ye. Nak jugak!! :)