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Food For Soul : Surah At-Tiin (The Fig)

Surah At-Tin (Pohon Tin) - The Fig


1) By the fig and the olive, 
2) by Mount Tursinin
3) and by this secure land. 
4) We have indeed created man in the finest mould, 
5) then We reduced him to the lowest of the low,
6) save those who believe and work righteous deeds: theirs is an unfailing reward. 
7) So what will make you deny the Reckoning? 
8) Is not Allah the most just of all judges?*

“By the fig and the olive,” Allah took an oath by these two trees because of the huge benefit they give and the fruits they grow. Moreover, these trees are predominately found in Sham which was the place in which `Īsa was given Prophethood. “By Mount Tursinin,” the place where Musa was given Prophethood,“and by this secure land,” Mecca, the place where Muhammad (SAW) was given Prophethood. Allah took an oath by these three places which He selected and from where He commissioned the best and most noble Prophets. 

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Figs are a Quran food that is a powerful tool for female health. Fresh figs should be an integral part of diet,t figs are especially potent in nutrients and minerals that help balance the woman’s body and mind. Figs possess many characteristics that make them an important addition to the female diet. Here some health benefits of figs:

Figs are a fantastic source of vitamin B6. 
B6 is responsible for producing mood-boosting serotonin, lowering cholesterol and preventing water retention.

Figs are very high in dietary fiber, which makes them an ideal weight-loss aid. Fiber creates a feeling of satiety, or fullness, which means that you will feel more full and eat less. Fiber also regulates the digestive system and alleviates the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a common female ailment.

Fruit fiber from figs and other fruits has been shown to help prevent breast cancer in pre-menopausal women and alsoprotects against age-related macular generation that leads to vision loss.

The high calcium content of figs promotes bone density and can guard against osteoporosis, another common female ailment.

Figs are one of the most alkaline fruits; alkalized foods and water are important for a balanced system since most of us consume a highly acidic diet in an acidic environment.

One serving of figs (three large figs) provides 14% of your daily value of manganese, a very important trace mineral that most women are severely lacking in their diets.

Figs are an excellent source of potassium, a necessary mineral for the active woman to insure than her muscles work well and are cramp-free.


Besides all of the health benefits, figs are also delicious with a unique texture, sweet taste, and crunchy little seeds. 

It is easy to incorporate figs into your diet:

Dried figs are readily available and easy to store, but make sure you choose ones that are sulfite-free otherwise you will negate the fruit’s positive health characteristics by consuming sulfites.

Choose fresh figs that are tender, plump and bruise-free, and wash them only right before you eat them.

Add fresh or dried figs to oatmeal or any other whole grain breakfast porridge/cereals.

Fresh figs stuffed with goat cheese and chopped almonds make fabulous hors d'oeuvres.

Add figs to baked goods like muffins and scones.

Add chopped figs to rice .

Enjoy figs alone and savor their taste, texture and shape

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dyana "his other half" said...

cd suka buah tiin ni. tp tak pernah terpikir nak letak kat salad tu. a very interesting, nnti nak try la :).

Kella said...

mana nak dapat yang fresh ya nad...
terima ksih atas info yang sangat buka mata nih! =)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

BAGUSNYA anda! Nadia pernah makan skali je kot, yg kering org bawak balik dr Makkah. Tp I did not really like...

lepas baca benefit buah tin ni kan, rasa nak try makan balik la. banyak tul khasiat.mcm rugi tak makan :)

haaa, good idea ;)

Nadine said...


I pun tak tau dear. Blum pernah nmpk org jual (atau tak perasan itu buah tin :P). Nanti kalau terjumpa I let u know k :)

awwwwh, dont mentioned it dear, you pun bnyk share useful things in ur blog. banyak dah i blaja. thanks!! :)

dyana "his other half" said...

hehe, cd pun selalu makan time org balik from haji or umrah la. most people dont like buah ni kan. so cd la lucky. kutip semua buah tiin yang org tanak. hehe.

tp kat malaysia ni cd pun tatau mana ada jual. do share kalau nadia tau nanti eh.

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