Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's The Time of The Year again!

It's the time of the year again...

June or July...


The time hubby will fly off to Oslo, Norway for work T_T

If you remember, last year was the hardest for us to accept this outstation thingy and I was a bit emotional as I was in my few final weeks of pregnancy (you can view the post here)

Alhamdulillah, I am much better in terms of emotion this time, but it was hectic as before when it comes to the preparation. It was really a last minute decision by the management; we received the news on Tuesday's evening, and he had to fly on Saturday and he'll be away for a month! 

Can you imagine, we had only 3 days to do it all; spend quality time, groceries shopping for 1 month's stock, shopping for Fadzil's stuff! And that didn't included the travel arrangement that he had to settle; flight tickets, accommodation and currency change! The worst part, he went back home late everyday...

Demi kesiankan en. suami yang kesuntukan masa I volunteered to do the groceries shopping as well as getting the foodstuff for him after work. I knew time will be very limited if I waited for him as well. The few hours time we saved had been utilized for a movie date and shop for his other stuff.. :)

some of the food stuff for his 1 month stock

The 3 remaining days were...


and the difficult part was; to break the news to our Faaz that he understand almost everything. As expected, Faaz did not received the news well. Among his reactions were...

"Daddy, Aker not in Oslo, Aker in KL lah!" : when Fadzil explained to him that he will fly off due to work commitment..

"But I don't want you to go Norway" : when Fadzil explained that Aker's main branch is in Norway..

"Daddy, don't go work lah. I don't want you to work anymore" : when Fadzil told him that he really had to go.. 


Due to time constraint factor, we only managed to have a family outing with the children on Saturday itself, having breakfast at McD,  playing at home and later lunch at Empire Gallery. By 5pm, we made a move to the airport. 

Lady Driver yang dedicated, tunggu en. suami load the luggages..hihi :P

We arrived at the airport in 45minutes time. Dropped Fadzil at the departure hall and went to park the car. While waiting for him to check in, little Faaz fell asleep...

comel je tido, mcm baby! :)

poor little man, nak kena tinggal T_T

After completion of the check in process, we decided to have a coffee break to kill time and waited for our Faaz Naqi to wake up. Alhamdulillah, he only had a short nap, that he managed to play with his daddy before bidding goodbye...

Cafe Barbera ni coffee dia sedap. Recommended! ;)

Got the energy after the nap..
mulalah macam2 ragam hero kecik nie! :P

Soon, it was time for farewell...*sob*sob*. I would be lying if I told you that I was not sad at all. A month is equal to 30 days, and 30 days means I will be the mommy and the daddy for 1 toddler and 2 babies for 720hours! Huwaaaaaa T_T

Jiwang pose, nanti sebulan tak kena peluk tau! :P

Faaz Naqi, jangan cakaplah...his facial expression changed the minute we told him it's "the time"...


Trying his best to control his "macho-ness", he tend to ignore when I asked him to hug and kiss his daddy. He even refused to be carried and smile for a photo...sabar je la.

But then, knowing my son I knew that eventually he'll be "cair"...betulpun, puas mommy pujuk akhirnya...


picture perfect moment!

Alhamdulillah, my husband had a smooth 12 hours journey (including 2 hours transit in Bangkok) and he has safely landed on the Scandinavian land the very next noon, local time...

and right here in Malaysia, Faizah Nadia, Faaz Naqi, Faiqa Nayra & Falisya Nayla started to miss the presence of Fadzil A. Kadir.. 


airin diana said...

Oh, so sad for you, nad :(
never mind 30 days will fly without u noticing it. but to handle 3 kids by ur own..urm.. quite challenging. but i know u can do it! supermom ;)
anyway, if u wanna have playdates, boring2 duduk rumah, just gimme a call.bleh kite date together2

dyana "his other half" said...

ala, so sad. each year, by this time, memang ur entry make me bergenang air mata. anyhow, with 3 kids harap2 ur time is fully occupied.

Nadine said...


Exactly! Bab sedih tu, takla sangat cause I have 3 gems to teman me here kan. Tp bab jadi father/mother at the same time tu yg agak challenging..huhu. By hook or by crook mmg kena harung jugak so just pray that i have enuff perseverance and patience.. :)

Oh, how nice of you babe. Tapi i takde ur contact la kat I :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

uuupsie! sowie..hihi. kali ni tak sedih sgt berpisah dgn suami sbb bleh facetime/msg and like i said earlier, i have 3 gems to teman me. tp tula bab semua benda kena buat sorang. huwaaaa, nanges i tell u! :P