Friday, June 22, 2012

Lounge 4 of Schiphol Airport

Dear readers,

If you follow my blog closely I bet you must remember my wordless wednesday's post in March about Schiphol airport, Amsterdam. The one I posted photos of the beautiful airport and how I missed to be there and would LOVE to go for a holiday in Holland...

Yes? No?

Oh well, if you too admire the airport before than I can assure you will admire it even more when you look at these nyummylicious photos of the newly renovated Departure Lounge 4 of Schiphol Airport..

Cun kan?! :) 

Oh how I wished I have extra $$$$ now! Would have bought a tix to Oslo to  visit hubby dearie whom is currently working in Norway. Leh transit at Amsterdam airport *in my dreams* :P

(actually I am dying to fly because i miss my husband T_T)

More photos and story on this newly renovated Lounge are featured at View it here!


ishamizu said...

wow mmg cun! wajah baru, lime green gitu ;)

masa izu gi Holland thn 2007 mmg landed/departed at Schippol airport ni..mmg canggihla airport dia..smpi ms nk check in ktrg kene lalu tpt body scan..first time kene body scan masa tu..hihi

Nway ,ciannya rindu kt Fadzil ye..sbr k..hugs

Diyana Didie said...

wah canteknya..apa lg kak. kumpul duit cecepat. kali ni bawak faaz n twinies pulak ;)

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Nice post and nice pics.have a lovely day.
follow each other.

Ninie Hanis said...

lawanya airport dia..kita xpenah sampai lg tp tingin nk gi amsterdam.oh hubby awak kat oslo ke?berapa lama kat sana?mesti abam faaz n the twinnies rindu gile.huhu..sabar ek.kalau jadik fly (manalah tau kan) mehla singgah rumah i kt Stafford. ;)

Nadine said...


Kan, looks fresh and modern! :)

Ha'ah the body scan. Lupa part ittuew. Ingat how beautiful and interesting the airport is je. hihi.

hihi thanks. bila tunggu ni kan rasa haih, lambaaaaatnya masa berjalan. tick, tock, tick, tock.. :)

Nadine said...


Hahaha, kalau gaji akak >10K sebulan lehla nak kumpul duit cecepat dik :P
BTW, kitaorg blum boleh naik flight bwk twins. Even short flight, tak boleh bayangkan pun. Twins akak sgt lasak didie, mmg kalah Faaz masa baby dulu. they are really hyper! :D

Nadine said...

Hi Izdiher,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Will return visit to urs soon. Take care! :)

Nadine said...


A'ah dear, dia dah fly last week, will be there for a month. Mmg rindu, esp Faaz since daddy la kawan dia nak berguling2, berlawan2 kn. Time difference plak made it quite hard to do video call with the kids. I pun v/call with my hubby durind odd hours. Weekend je la ada masa.. :)

Oh how i wished dear! InsyaAllah, mana tau satu hari nanti ada rezeki nak pegi UK, I will roger u! teringin jugak nak jumpa Ninie in person :)