Monday, July 30, 2012

The Unforgettable 3D2N Stay..

10th July 2012

It has been two days since the last Fadzil contacted us. In the last conversation, he did mentioned that he was unwell. As a wife, of course I was worried, especially when he did not returned any messages or facetime call. His phone was switched off too...That midnight, I decided to call the hotel he stayed in for the past 3 weeks and to my surprised, they told me that he already checked out! It made me even more worried that I hardly slept that nite.

As a result, I was very sleepy the following morning. Woke up at 8am in the morning to switch off the alarm and I went back to sleep. Faaz was awake too, and surprisingly he too went back to sleep with me. When I finally woke up at 10am, Faaz was still asleep. He woke up as I was about to leave to work...

"Mommy, can you carry me downstairs?" He asked.
"Why Faaz cannot walk?" I asked him...
"Faaz stomach pain, Faaz cannot walk.." He replied.

Weird...I told myself. He was trying to get my attention, perhaps? I came to him and when I was about to carry him I can feel his body was feverish. Very warm indeed that it made me worried. I carried him downstairs and told my MIL. Being an ex-nurse, when Faaz showed her the pain on his lower abdomen she told me to bring Faaz to see his Paed ASAP. The pain Faaz pointed was directly to his appendic. Gulp! :(

Quickly we went to see the Pediatrician; Dr. Deng in USJ21. Faaz was given a jab due to his high fever (his temp gone up to 39.8deg). After a short examination, Dr. Deng suggested that we bring Faaz to the hospital as the pain that he claimed came from the same spot, his appendic. He suspected Faaz had acute appendic. I was devastated to hear that but still taking it as a +ve thing while praying in my heart. We went straight to Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC)...

The referral letter..

Due to road work in USJ plus the heavy traffic, we missed to see the Pediatrician Surgeon; Dr. Ahmad Zulkifli since he already left for lunch. We had to go to the South Tower instead, to the Emergency Ward. Faaz was examined there, and while waiting to get admitted, Dr. Zul came to examine him.

My poor lil boy. Feverish and in pain :(

After a short examine, Dr. Zul said there's a possibility that it was not appendic because based on history, Faaz has a problem with constipation. To further confirm, they had to to ultrasound, x-ray and take blood sample & urine for study. For this, Faaz need to be admitted. I felt sad that my son was in pain and my hubby has yet to be contacted. Immediate family been pushing me to try to get in touch with Fadzil while I had to settle the admission to the ward. Tell you it was very stressful to handle everything alone but I took it as a +ve thing; a test for me from Allah so that I become more independent and strong.

The thing about my son Faaz, he seldomly cry since he was a baby. I am not bragging but this is an actual fact, this boy of mine is gifted with strength to endure pain. I still remembered, the most he will cry when he was a baby was only about a minute. He never cried whenever he got his jabs, or when they insert the needle for drip. He show his pain through facial expression; from the frowning, reddish face and tears bergenang on his eyes. Heart wrenching I tell you... :'( 

Faaz after changing to hospital's attire. 
This was his first time being admitted in his life and he hated it.

Enduring the pain while waiting for the room to be ready

Finally, we've got the room at 3pm. After settling down, I made few phone calls, to home firstly to check on my twins hoping they were all fine staying with the helper alone. Next, I tried to text Fadzil's boss asking his favor to help us get in touch with him. He too, failed to contact as Fadzil's cellphone was off . Although he was away for vacation, he did helped to send out an office email to my hubby hoping he would read it in case he checked his office mail. He too, smsed me from time to time to show his concern of Faaz. How nice of him.

I was even more worried when Dr. Zul told us, if it's positive appendic, Faaz need to be operated straight away. I was praying hard that Fadzil will contact us that day. I wanted him to know about Faaz, I wanted him to agree for the operation if it's needed. :(

Alhamdulilah, Allah listen to my prayers. I received an email from Fadzil that evening, telling me he was asked to go to Stavanger, a town outside Olso suddenly on Monday morning by the project people. Since it was a sudden arrangement, he had to rush and forgot to inform me. While travelling there, he lost his iPhone charger (which explained why his phone was switched off). He told me that the current hotel has limited internet connection that he sent the email from the internet room. He told me that he will get in touch with me soon and asked me to take care. I knew that he did not yet read the latest email that I sent to him because he did not mentioned anything about Faaz. I replied the email instantly but I think it was too late that he had left for work. Apepun I was glad to hear from him, knowing he was safe. All I have to do that time was to wait patiently for him to contact me.

With the possibility of undergoing an operation, and due to the procedures he need to undergo the very next morning, Faaz was asked to fast. Firstly, he was put on fluid diet only for few hours before proceed to fasting. It was one of the trickiest part, since Faaz has no clue on what is "fasting" and he did not understand why he can't eat, or drink. He kept on telling me, 

"Mommy, Faaz hungry.."
"Mommy, Faaz wants to eat sausage and eat chocolate cake"
"Mommy, can I have my night susu?"

It was hard, it was so hard to say, "NO" to him...but I have to. Only God knows how sad I was but I had to act normally... :'(

Lucky when I went back home short while that evening to pack while my in laws taking care of him at the hospital, I managed to packed Faaz's favourite toys, copied some of his favourite cartoon/series and brought the laptop as well. The least I can do was to entertain him to make him forget about his hunger..

First nite in the hospital, watching Thundercats from the laptop..

During his nite visit, Dr. Zul told me he suspected the pain came from clogging  that caused swelling on his lower abdomen, hence caused  the pain. What he did was put Faaz on anema to clear up the clogging. But it took Faaz the second dose of anema before he can finally BO, and it was a painful moment because he was struggling to BO, tahan sakit sampai menggigil ok. Kesian sgt that I have to hold him tight :( However, I was glad, and I was hoping the clogging issue was settled...

(Note: Don't get me wrong, Faaz did BO like everyone else, but not everyday. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice a day. The stool came out hard each time, and it did not came out entirely. That has causing the clogging issue..).

11th July 2012.

The very next morning, Faaz was sent to do the x-ray, ultrasound and they took his blood samples. The nurses praise him because of his braveness, telling me that most children of his age will be crying to be left alone with nurses.. 

While waiting for ultra-sound..

We were transported back to the room after the procedures. After taking the urine samples, Faaz was put to rest. He had then allowed to have liquid diet. I made him his milk, and he look much better after having it. Even the pain has lessen since he BO last night. Alhamdulillah. I really hope the test result shown -ve for appendic. All we need to do was to wait for the results...

He can now smile..alhamdulillah :)

By that noon, I received another email from Fadzil, he was shocked and sad, apologizing me for not able to be there with us. He said he will get the replacement charger, take a half day leave (impossible to get in touch at the project area) and will contact us ASAP. Another good news, alhamdulillah...

The results were out that evening. Dr. Zul inform me that it was quite tricky since they can't see the appendic from the ultrasound/x-ray since it's too small but since Faaz had passed motion, the swelling has reduced a bit. He told me that they will give another set of anema to clean his bowel and if there's no more lump/swelling then they will remove the possibility of appendic surgery. However, if it's the other way round they have no choice but to operate him. Just as the Dr. left, Fadzil called us via facetime. Alhamdulillah, he managed to see/talk with Faaz and we managed to explain the real situation with him..lega sket rasa.

Due to possibility of the operation, Faaz was asked to fast again from 4am onwards. Lucky Faaz, he was allowed to finally have a meal from 8pm-12am, and was on liquid diet between 12am-4am before fasting. Ape lagi, berdesup the grandparents went down to get what Faaz been craving for...finally he got the sausages from 1901, what he has been craving since day 1. :)

That night was our second nite at the hospital. I really wished it was our last night there. As much as I wanted Faaz to be free from being operate, free from pain, I also missed my babies at home. I tried to facetime with them but it did not work, Faiqa and Falisya cried when they saw me, not as happy as they were when they were facetiming with their daddy. They missed me a lot, and same with me. Sad to hear Faiqa, my food lover baby lost her appetite in eating and drinking milk. :(

Close family who visited asked me how I can remain calm and strong, handling the situation alone. I told them, anyone in my shoes will be the same as me, a mother gotta do what she has to do..right? But my main strength came from Faaz. I did not cried on the outside because my son did not cried at all when in fact he was in deep pain...I was brave because my son is one brave boy...I got the strength because he is one strong boy. I am thankful for this dear Allah!

Love keeps us both stronger!

12th July 2012

Faaz was more active that morning, and he constantly told me the pain has gone. Alhamdulillah, I was glad to hear that. I was optimistic that after he passed motion that last night, the swelling has gone. I can see it from Faaz...he was cheerful, and hyper, contrary from the first day he was admitted. 

Busy playing with his toy while waiting for the Dr. to visit.
He didn't bother his drip at all, dah lompat2, baring pun tunggang terbalik. Habis wire berselirat. I was the one who worried, takut drip tu tertanggal je :P

Alhamdulillah, during his noon visit, Dr. Zul has confirmed that the swelling has gone that Faaz was good to be discharged. It was totally not appendic, and no operation was needed *legaaaaaa*. However, he still need to investigate the root cause of Faaz's health problem. We had to meet him again a week after discharge to discuss further and to see Faaz's progress. In the meantime, Faaz was put on medication and change in his daily diet. Everybody was relieved to hear the news, especially Faaz who was obviously bored on day 3. It was just nice, we broke the news to Fadzil as he was about to depart back home to Malaysia from Norway... :)

So far, this was the biggest test Allah had tested me when my husband was away. Alhamdulillah, I managed to go through it although at times I almost burst to tears..hihi. I am so lucky that close family, Fadzil's aunts, cousins and niece were there for me, (came to visit and cheered Faaz up, help to take care of my twinnies, and not to forget giving me the support emotionally especially) thank you, hanya Allah yang mampu membalasnya.

Last but not least thanks to dear friends who came to know through instagram (since I posted some of Faaz's photos there), your prayers and encouragements were deeply appreciated. Mucho gracias! <3!

Baby's Preloved Item Part 1

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

We are in the middle of revamping our room in Subang house at the moment. With a family of 5, the amount of things kept in the room has piling up until we hardly breath...(seriously :P), a sign that it's time we do something about it.

As the children are growing and it is almost impossible for me to stop shopping for them (hiks! :P), I am letting go some of their pre-loved clothes, accessories and shoes with a super cheap price! :) These items that I am letting go are in good condition considering they are worn 3 times the most (some are NEVER been used!) ;)

So hurry up and grab one or two for your cutie pie. First come first serve basis. Email me at: Kindly add RM6 for postage.

Happy shopping! :)

Baby Patch Girl's Romper in Apple Green.
Age: 0-3 mo
Wore: Twice
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Baby Patch Girl's Romper in Shocking Pink (long sleeve).
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Baby Gap Romper (long sleeve).
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Baby Patch Romper (long sleeve).
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Carter's Blouse + skirt
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Falisya Nayla at One Year Old :)

Here's a video of my youngest child, Falisya Nayla who just turned 1 year old last two weeks...

As what her name means - "the happiness, the achiever", Falisya is one happy baby; she babbles a lot with her baby talk, energetic, active and fast in her action (always won when she quarrel with Faiqa because she is "fast" :P), loves music very much (mcm mommy ler tuh! :P) and has a smile to melt a heart, just like her twin sister Faiqa.. :)


Food For Soul: Ramadhan Mubarak, Ramadhan Kareem

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

The holy month Ramadhan finally comes again, alhamdulillah :) 

With humbleness, I,  Nadine @ Nadia would like to seek forgiveness to everyone out there who kind enough to read my blog. Please forgive me if any of my writings/comments/or simply words that I used has offended or hurt you indirectly...

I pray may all of us given the health, strength and patience during this month and let us gain as much as we can during this period. Let strive to make this Ramadhan be the best among all Ramadhan we met previously, insyaAllah...

"The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey - then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful."

(Al-Baqarah, 185)

Ramadhan Mubarak, Ramadhan Kareem! :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Am I chic enuff? 

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Lil Chat With Faaz Naqi

A day before the twins' 1st birthday I had a lil chat with my 3 year old son, Faaz Naqi on what present to give his little sisters for their coming birthday..



Saturday, July 7, 2012

07.07.2012 - The Morning :)

Twinnies turns 1 year old today...

Alhamdulillah :)

This morning, both of them woke up cheerfully. :)

As soon as she opened her eyes this morning, the chubby Faiqa Nayra been 'attacked' by her big brother...Faaz kissed her cheek, wished her Happy Birthday & tickled her! :))

Being the baby in the family, Falisya Nayla woke up the last today. For being extra manja today, Abam Faaz just kissed, hugged and wish her Happy Birthday. Terlepas kena tickled sebab adik lentok baek punya. Cair Abam! (Mommy pun) Hehehe...

Happy One Year Old my lovely babies! Mommy love u sooooo much! Mmmmuahss!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Second Weekend

Last Saturday & Sunday was our second weekend without hubby's presence. Since the children were all up quite early on Saturday morning and the weather was very nice (not too bright), I decided to bring all my gems to KLCC park.

We arrived there at approximately 11 am in the morning and we headed to one specific location...

Yes, the KLCC Park - Kid's Pool :)

Faaz been asking to go swimming for days but I dare not to bring him to any of the normal swimming pool. I don't think I can keep an eye on him swimming while attending the twins, it's impossible!

So when a dear friend give this suggestion, I quickly agreed. I know that this pool will be very2 crowded especially on weekends and of course with this, hygiene is the issue. The trick is simple, go early; the pool is still clean, and the crowd is small. 

We even managed to get quite an empty spaces just for Faaz, Faiqa & Falisya to swim. 11 am is definitely ideal time to swim here :)

Faaz was warming up..hehe

Twinnies had loads of fun in the pool..
At one time, they even crawled in the water..LOL! :))

Safety is not a big issue when monitoring 3 child at one go here because of the low water level. That's why my twins rancak je crawling in the water..hehehe. The most happiest person, of course would be Faaz. You can see from the way he posed in all those photos...sakan! :D

On that Sunday, I brought the kids to Sunway Pyramid. Saja jalan-jalan. Suddenly I remembered one thing that Faaz been wanting to try out but never had the chance, because Daddy is not that fond of it...Daddy said it's gonna be a hassle to move around, especially when we want to visit a shop that don't allow it to go inside...

So since Mommy don't have any plan to shop (initially :P), Mommy got Faaz to try out this thing for the very first time...

 Hehehe...excited dia :)

While walking at the mall, we finally arrived at the newly opened Zara in Pyramid. Since I never been here yet, I decided to pay them a visit. Zara, Zara Men and Zara Kids are located side-by-side, and connected via inside as well...quite huge.

My initial intention was to do a window shopping but it became a shopping spree when I found out they are currently having an opening sale. Babies' summer dresses at RM25.90 and tops at RM15.90!! Sape tak crazy kan?! :P

damaged of the day :P

Falisya: "Oh Nooo, mommy dah start shopping dahhhhh!"
Faiqa: "Hihihihi...sabar je la"


Oh well, we have like one more weekend to go before Daddy come back home, insyaAllah. That (which is this weekend) remaining weekend to spend  without my hubby is gonna be a special weekend...

Why is that???

I'll tell you while in future entry...

stay tune! :)

Food For Soul: 10 Permintaan Iblis (Syaitan) Yang Dikabulkan Allah

10 Permintaan Iblis (Syaitan) Yang Dikabulkan Allah

Rasulullah SAW berbicara kepada iblis dan bertanya apakah permintaan iblis yang sampai saat ini dikabulkan Allah SWT. Ada 10 permintaan iblis yang dikabulkan Allah .. 

Nabi Muhammad : Berapa hal yang kau pinta dari Tuhanmu?
Syaitan : 10 macam
Nabi muhammad : Apakah dia?

Syaitan :

1. Aku minta agar Allah membiarkan aku berbagi dalam harta dan anak manusia, Allah mengizinkan. 
Allah berfirman : “Berbagilah dengan manusia dalam harta dan anak. dan janjikanlah mereka”, tidaklah janji syaitan kecuali tipuan.” (QS Al-Isra :64)
Harta yang tidak dizakatkan, aku makan darinya. Aku juga makan dari makanan haram dan yang bercampur dengan riba, aku juga makan dari makanan yang tidak dibacakan nama Allah.

2. Aku minta agar Allah membiarkan aku ikut bersama dengan orang yang berhubungan dengan isterinya tanpa berlindung dengan Allah, maka syaitan ikut bersamanya dan anak yang dilahirkan akan sangat patuh kepada syaitan.

3. Aku minta agar boleh ikut bersama dengan orang yang menaiki kenderaan bukan untuk tujuan yang halal.

4. Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan kamar mandi sebagai rumahku.

5. Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan pasar sebagai masjidku.

6. Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan syair sebagai Al Qur’anku.

7. Aku minta agar Allah menjadikan pemabuk sebagai teman tidurku.

8. Aku minta agar Allah memberikanku saudara, maka Ia jadikan orang yang membelanjakan hartanya untuk maksiat sebagai saudaraku.
Allah swt berfirman, “Orang-orang boros adalah saudara-saudara syaitan.” (QS Al-Isra : 27).

9. Wahai Muhammad, aku minta agar Allah membuatku bisa melihat manusia sementara mereka tidak bisa melihatku.

10. Dan aku minta agar Allah memberiku kemampuan untuk mengalir dalam aliran darah manusia.

Allah menjawab, “silakan”, dan aku bangga dengan hal itu hingga hari kiamat. Sebahagian besar manusia bersamaku di hari kiamat.”

Iblis berkata : “Wahai muhammad, aku tak bisa menyesatkan orang sedikitpun, aku hanya bisa membisikkan dan menggoda. Jika aku bisa menyesatkan, tak akan tersisa walau seorang pun…!!!
Sebagaimana dirimu, kamu tidak bisa memberikan hidayah sedikitpun, engkau hanya Rasul yang menyampaikan amanah. Jika kau bisa memberi hidayah, tak akan ada seorang kafir pun di muka bumi ini. Kau hanya bisa menjadi penyebab untuk orang yang telah ditentukan sengsara hidupnya. Orang yang bahagia adalah orang yang telah ditulis bahagia sejak di perut ibunya. Dan orang yang sengsara adalah orang yang telah ditulis sengsara semenjak dalam kandungan ibunya.”

Rasulullah SAW lalu membaca ayat :
“Mereka akan terus berselisih kecuali orang yang dirahmati oleh Allah SWT” (QS Hud :118 – 119)
“Sesungguhnya ketentuan Allah pasti berlaku” (QS Al-Ahzab : 38)

Iblis lalu berkata:
“Wahai Muhammad Rasulullah, takdir telah ditentukan dan pena takdir telah kering. Maha Suci Allah yang menjadikanmu pemimpin para nabi dan rasul, pemimpin penduduk syurga, dan yang telah menjadikan aku pemimpin makhluk-makhluk celaka dan pemimpin penduduk neraka. Aku si celaka yang terusir, ini akhir yang ingin aku sampaikan kepadamu dan aku tak berbohong.”

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nadine Maxi Dress

Just as I was about to promised myself that I will stop to shop for dresses (temporarily, of course :P), this advert popped out....

"Nadine" dress??! POLKA DOTS??!

It's soooo ME!

Oh God, help me to overcome this temptation....

pretty please...


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Officewear # 2

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Morning Laugh

Usually, whenever I want to bathe Faaz, he will took his towel himself and hook it at the bathroom door's knob and started to take off  his pants. He will then either wait for me to come or start to brush his teeth first.

Things were different yesterday's morning...

I was just about to get Faiqa ready when Faaz came to me, calling, "mommy, mommy..." while giggling.

Wondering what has happened, I looked at him. Guess what I saw???

Somebody was trying to be independent but it was not quite working. Haha! :D