Friday, July 6, 2012

The Second Weekend

Last Saturday & Sunday was our second weekend without hubby's presence. Since the children were all up quite early on Saturday morning and the weather was very nice (not too bright), I decided to bring all my gems to KLCC park.

We arrived there at approximately 11 am in the morning and we headed to one specific location...

Yes, the KLCC Park - Kid's Pool :)

Faaz been asking to go swimming for days but I dare not to bring him to any of the normal swimming pool. I don't think I can keep an eye on him swimming while attending the twins, it's impossible!

So when a dear friend give this suggestion, I quickly agreed. I know that this pool will be very2 crowded especially on weekends and of course with this, hygiene is the issue. The trick is simple, go early; the pool is still clean, and the crowd is small. 

We even managed to get quite an empty spaces just for Faaz, Faiqa & Falisya to swim. 11 am is definitely ideal time to swim here :)

Faaz was warming up..hehe

Twinnies had loads of fun in the pool..
At one time, they even crawled in the water..LOL! :))

Safety is not a big issue when monitoring 3 child at one go here because of the low water level. That's why my twins rancak je crawling in the water..hehehe. The most happiest person, of course would be Faaz. You can see from the way he posed in all those photos...sakan! :D

On that Sunday, I brought the kids to Sunway Pyramid. Saja jalan-jalan. Suddenly I remembered one thing that Faaz been wanting to try out but never had the chance, because Daddy is not that fond of it...Daddy said it's gonna be a hassle to move around, especially when we want to visit a shop that don't allow it to go inside...

So since Mommy don't have any plan to shop (initially :P), Mommy got Faaz to try out this thing for the very first time...

 Hehehe...excited dia :)

While walking at the mall, we finally arrived at the newly opened Zara in Pyramid. Since I never been here yet, I decided to pay them a visit. Zara, Zara Men and Zara Kids are located side-by-side, and connected via inside as well...quite huge.

My initial intention was to do a window shopping but it became a shopping spree when I found out they are currently having an opening sale. Babies' summer dresses at RM25.90 and tops at RM15.90!! Sape tak crazy kan?! :P

damaged of the day :P

Falisya: "Oh Nooo, mommy dah start shopping dahhhhh!"
Faiqa: "Hihihihi...sabar je la"


Oh well, we have like one more weekend to go before Daddy come back home, insyaAllah. That (which is this weekend) remaining weekend to spend  without my hubby is gonna be a special weekend...

Why is that???

I'll tell you while in future entry...

stay tune! :)


Ninie Hanis said...

u brought the kids to the pool all by yourself?wah!! tabik spring lah..seronoklah ur kids dpt main air..hihi.

kelakar tgk muka twinnies esp falisya punya pose dgn caption sesuai sgt...haha! Zara kalau sale mmg murah betol.

ishamizu said...

Hehe sukanya tgk derg dlm pool tu! Mmg enjoy habis..aihh ni pon zahin n iris dh lama sebut nk mandi pool, tak smpt2 lg nk bwk..the weather here is so unpredictable! One minute it's raining, the other it's hot..ssh nk plan.

By the way, nice catch there fr Zara! ;)

Nadine said...


Ohhh tidaaak dear :) I bwk my helper as well. Sorang2 kalau I drive with 3 kids mmg ke lautlah jawabnye :P My maid tunggu stroller and our bags, I jaga my kids dlm pool :)

Hahaha, kan?! Kebetulan plak time I ambil gamba diaorg posing mcm tu. Oh yes, Zara kalau sale mmg masyuuuk! hihi

Nadine said...


Ala ye ke...a'ah kan dkt sana mcm mencabar jugak because of the weather. Nasib la diaorg ade bath tub yg best kat rumah tu kan. Dptla jadi temporary pool..hihi thanks dear :)