Friday, September 28, 2012

Japanese Beancurd in Black Soy Bean Sauce

Been posting my simpe home made meals in my instagram since last week and got some request for the recipe. 

So here it goes ladies, happy trying! ;)

*Promise, will update about twinnies 1st birthday - 2nd celebration after these recipe posts. Stay tune k, mmmuahs! :)*

Japanese Beancurd in Black Soy Bean Sauce


2 Japanese beancurd - cut and fried till the outer skin becomes crispy
**Finely blended:**
3 garlic 
1 red chilli 
1cm ginger 
100gm minced meat
100gm mushroom (I used shiitake)
1 tbsp black soy bean paste * can be adjusted based on your tastebud
1 tbsp tomato sauce
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 spring onion - cut into 1cm lengths
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
300ml water
1 egg
2 tbsp oil for cooking


Heat the oil in the frying pan. Sautee the blended paste till fragrant. Add the minced beef and stir until the meat changed its color.

Add in the black bean paste, oyster sauce, tomato sauce, sugar, salt and pepper. Mixed well (*I omit the salt since black bean paste and oyster sauce are salty. Adjust it according to your taste bud ya :).

Add in the mushroom and pour in water. Let it simmer.

Adjust the heat (*slow down the fire). Beat the egg in a small bowl and pour it into the frying pan while continuously stirring the gravy clockwise. Add in the fried beancurd.

Dish up and add the spring onion on top as garnishing.

Walla, it's ready to serve! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Twinnies 1st Birthday - 07072012

2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days ago, my baby twins turned big ONE. Alhamdulillah :) Although at that time their Daddy was still at the Scandinavian land for business trip I still went on with the plan to celebrate the special and historical day for our family. I even made an additional plan; to re-celebrate again twinnies 1st birthday with my husband when he got back to Malaysia. After all there's TWO of them, what's wrong if we celebrated it twice, aite? :)

7th July fell on Saturday, a day suitable for a party. We had a very small party, celebrated it with my mom, my sister and my brother. For this small party, I chose pink + white combination which to me showed ladylike, grace and pure...just perfect for my dolls. Twinnies wore white gowns from Pumpkin Patch and white + pink shoes from Clarks.

Faiqa was the first to get ready :)

I purposely chose to celebrate their birthday on late evening as I wanted to have a facetime session with Fadzil as the twins blows their candle (bear in mind, our local time is 6 hours ahead of Norway). We can only plan, but Allah Knows Best. That day, we were unable to contact each other when suddenly there was a wifi issue at the hotel Fadzil was staying. After waiting for almost two hours, we decided to go on (as the Maghrib prayer was so near and the kids, especially Faaz and Falisya were already tired).

Faiqa with Mak Ngah while Falisya with Tok Mak

We had a very simple celebration with an oreo birthday cake (chosen by Abang Faaz himself), and few balloons (insisted by Faaz - "mommy, birthday must have balloons ok" :P). Since it was their first time (they were only 6 months when Faaz celebrated his birthday), the twins were puzzled at first when they saw a cake on the coffee table and the balloons...We simply put them near those two to see their reaction...hihi.

Miss Nayra was amazed with the balloons while Miss Falisya looked at Mommy..

Nayra then giggled happily when she saw the cake while Nayla wondering why she laughed :P

Twinnies became more interested with the cake as soon as we lighted up the candle. Terpinga-pinga both of them when we all sang the "Happy Birthday" song. They did not cried like Faaz last time, by the way. Hihi...

The most exciting part for them? The cake cutting session. Especially Faiqa, since she loves food so much. Hehehe..

I let them both tried the cake for the first time and of course the loved it! Sugar rush terus... :P But pity that I have to undress them - they only wore diapers and bibs to eat the cake. Can't afford to let the white dresses filled with icing. Even with bibs my babies can be that messy. They are hyper! :D

Me and Faaz. 
He was a bit moody that evening because he had to postpone his evening nap. That explained his absence from most of the photos. This was the only photo that I managed to make him smile :P

Falisya posing with her presents - soft toys.
 Although she is hyper and can be mistaken as a tomboy, this little girl loves teddies and soft toys so much!
Just like mommy :)

Happy First Birthday Dear Faiqa Nayra and Falisya Nayla...mommy's precious dolls. All the smiles, the joy and happiness; the tears, the good & the bad times - the one year roller was priceless. You both are special, just like your big brother. Thank you to Allah for the opportunity to experience this and it will be treasured forever. I am looking many, many more years to to come with both of you, abang Faaz and Daddy! insyaAllah! :)


P.s: the party continue after the children had their evening nap. We partayyy till midnite y'all!
hehehe :D 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Eid Day #3-5: Batu Pahat, Johor

Day 3 was the day that I've looked forward. It was the day that we're going back to my grandmother's house in Batu Pahat Johor. I've missed celebrated raya at Tok Mak's house for 2 years; Eid 2010 - I was heavily pregnant of the twins and was advice not to go for a long journey by my Gynea and as for last year's Eid, I was in confinement period pulak. You can imagine lah how excited I was...hihihi :)

Alhamdulillah, all 3 FNs behaved well along the journey. 
Made a pit stop at Pagoh for Prayer :)

Twinnies were amazed with the huge mirror/sliding door upon arrival at the hotel room :)

We arrived at Batu Pahat in the evening. As usual, we checked-in at the hotel and freshen up first before going to my Tok Mak's house. Usually, Katerina Hotel will be our "home" if we go back to Batu Pahat. But this year, we decided to change and stay at the newest hotel in Batu Pahat - Pinetree Hotel

It is a nice hotel and simple hotel with modern design. Since it's new, all the furniture here are new too. Cheaper compared to Katerina, but with free wifi. best! hihi. However, the downside of this hotel is that they don't provide baby cots :( that we had to bring our air mattress along. 

The hotel lobby. Simple & nice :)

A small pond at the main entrance

The room
(Faaz was disturbed by the loud noise from the electric air pump. hihi :P)

The simple bathroom.

The almost-see-through wall between the shower room and the bedroom.
Orang mandi boleh nmpk susuk tubuh yg clear. Sexyyy!! :P
Last2 nak shower kena tunggu the kids tido dulu...LOL!

My grandmother, my aunties and cousins were already there when we came. The best part was, delicious meals were also waited for us. Hihihi, thanks a lot my mother for saving us some Rendang Minang Rembau Style (its too popular that whenever my mom prepared this dish it will be finished very quickly!) and thanks to my mak long for preparing sambal goreng jawa specially for me. It's my all time raya favourite dish besides rendang and kuah kacang and I've been craving for it for two years ok! Believe it or not, I finished off a plate of it alone! betul-betul balas dendam..hihi :)

My mom's famous chicken rendang.
Recipe from my late grandmother, orang Minang. :)

My favourite sambal goreng jawa! nyumsss!

Being true Johorian, one dish that will always be served - Asam Pedas!! :)

 Kids doze off after a tiring day...hihi

On Eid Day#4, we went to Tok Mak's house again after breakfast and decided to stay in-house until night. There were quite a number of relatives coming to visit my grandmother so our main activities were chatting, watching tv's and of course eat, eat and eat. Oh I almost forgot, we also have an Eid baby in da house - Baby Khalif. My cousin Az delivered her 2nd child two weeks before raya. So mmg meriahla rumah Tok Mak! :)

so cute si Khalif Raes ni! :)

Eid Day #5 came so soon. It was our last day at Batu Pahat. Since we missed the photography session on the first day of Eid, my family decided to have it again that day with us. How sweet and sporting of them! Love! :)

My family 
(MIA my brother who was too lazy to dressed up. phhfftt!)

With aunties, and cousins. 
girl rules in the family..hihi :D

4 generations - greatgrandmother, grandmother, mommy and daughters :)

We made a move after lunch. Our next destination on the way back to Kuala Lumpur was to Negeri Sembilan to visit aunties and uncles from my late father's side :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eid Day # 2: Bukit Jelutong

Our Eid Day #2 was spent at Bukit Jelutong, where most of Mama's siblings who lives in Klang Valley gathered for Raya. We choose different colors for day two but with almost the same basic color, blue..hihi

Twinnies all dressed-up to go beraya.

Me in Jazzy from Jovian RTW collection. 
I just love the huge ribbon on my shoulder!:)

We arrived there at approximately 2pm, just nice for lunch. Apart from ketupat, lemang, rendang and kuah kacang, aunt Fazillah (the host) also served us white rice with few scrumptious dishes. Nyumsss.. :)

Anyway, here's a few photos snapped during the visit...

Me and my SIL, Uja :)

Faaz and his favourite cousin, Abam Hayy (bkn Akil Hayy okeh :P)

I heart the new look of aunty Illah's featured wall. 
It gives the warm and cozy look...nice! 

Mr. Nadia and Mrs. Fadzil :)

We were supposed to visit Papa's siblings afterwards but the plan was postponed due to a heavy downpour. We were all stranded there until late evening, chatting and gossiping while munching raya cookies...until the children were too tired to play and started to doze off... zzzZZZZ.

Faaz Naqi in lalaland..
oh yes, he still drinks milk from the bottle :P

Falisya lazying on her aunt Reen and Nani Fauziah...

My chubby Faiqa was the only one who was still wide awake; 
Walking around, chasing cats and munching raya cookies..hihi

As soon as the rain stopped, we went back home and called it a day. We decided to stay at home that night as I need to pack for our trip to Johor the next day. Will tell you more on the next entry - Eid Day # 3. 

Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eid 2012 - Day One

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

I hope it's not too late to wish "Slamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin" :)

I know, t's been a while and honestly, I miss the blogging & blogwalking activities. There are a lot of stories to share but the time is very, very limited. Inipun curi-curi masa :P

Let me start to warm up this blog with our Eid story, day one :)


This year, we spent the first day of Eid with hubby's family. Half of the day in Subang Jaya and half of the day in Sabak Bernam. Same as previous years, our 1st Syawal started with getting the "boys" ready for Eid prayer. This was one of my favorite part of the day (besides of course the seek forgiveness session and indulging the scrumptious meal! :D), I just love to see both my men dressed in Baju Melayu with samping...they look dashingly handsome! :).

Faaz Naqi was the first to get ready...excited!

Us, while waiting for the twins to wake up and for daddy to come back home

Greeted daddy as he came back from prayer...

 Twinnies were the last to woke up. 
Turun tangga tengok ramai tetamu terus jadi heran..hihi :) 

Daddy's little girl :)

The best family photo for this year Eid. 
To make three children focus AIN'T easy I tell you :P

The three FN with their Nana & Nani :)

We opt for pastel color this year, off-white with a dash of pink. If you look closely, me and Fadzil actually wore our nikah outfit (as requested by encik suami himself :P) Haha! It took me quite a while to figure out how to "tone down" the glamorous  beaded kurung :P


Soon, after the forgiveness session it was the time for us to enjoy the scrumptious raya meal. With my in-laws, Pakistani Baryani is the special meal for Eid :) 

The twins were the centre of attraction this year. It was their first time wearing baju kurung, and they look totally adorable receiving the "duit raya" from the relatives. As expected, it finally came into their mouth rather than their pocket :P

cute! :)

After Zohor prayer that afternoon, we decided to tag along Fadzil's uncles and aunties. We went back to Mama's hometown in Sabak Bernam to visit and spent the rest of the first Eid with Fadzil's cousins who have lost their parents in an accidents, 10 days prior to Eid. Sedih sangat :'( 

Al-Fatihah for Allahyarham Uncle Fayros & Allahyarhamah Aunty Sarimah...

The cousins who are very strong...I salute you.

It was my first time visiting Fadzil's kampung since we got married (although technically the family house was not there anymore) and it was the first time for the children too. We enjoyed every single moment being in a real kampung environment. Being able to watch the sunset at the padi field.. subhanallah, it was beautiful! :)

Seronok hang out kat luar rumah waktu petang. 
Angin sepoi2 bahasa..nyaman! :)

Changed. Kurung Kedah & padi field barulah ngam! :P
Faaz snap this photo...terrer kan? :)

Faaz dah sampai kat padi field...yay! :)

We finally went back to Subang Jaya after Maghrib prayer. Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth journey back home. It's nice to be able to convoy together-gether for a road trip. :)