Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eid Day # 2: Bukit Jelutong

Our Eid Day #2 was spent at Bukit Jelutong, where most of Mama's siblings who lives in Klang Valley gathered for Raya. We choose different colors for day two but with almost the same basic color, blue..hihi

Twinnies all dressed-up to go beraya.

Me in Jazzy from Jovian RTW collection. 
I just love the huge ribbon on my shoulder!:)

We arrived there at approximately 2pm, just nice for lunch. Apart from ketupat, lemang, rendang and kuah kacang, aunt Fazillah (the host) also served us white rice with few scrumptious dishes. Nyumsss.. :)

Anyway, here's a few photos snapped during the visit...

Me and my SIL, Uja :)

Faaz and his favourite cousin, Abam Hayy (bkn Akil Hayy okeh :P)

I heart the new look of aunty Illah's featured wall. 
It gives the warm and cozy look...nice! 

Mr. Nadia and Mrs. Fadzil :)

We were supposed to visit Papa's siblings afterwards but the plan was postponed due to a heavy downpour. We were all stranded there until late evening, chatting and gossiping while munching raya cookies...until the children were too tired to play and started to doze off... zzzZZZZ.

Faaz Naqi in lalaland..
oh yes, he still drinks milk from the bottle :P

Falisya lazying on her aunt Reen and Nani Fauziah...

My chubby Faiqa was the only one who was still wide awake; 
Walking around, chasing cats and munching raya cookies..hihi

As soon as the rain stopped, we went back home and called it a day. We decided to stay at home that night as I need to pack for our trip to Johor the next day. Will tell you more on the next entry - Eid Day # 3. 

Stay tuned! :)

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