Monday, September 24, 2012

Eid Day #3-5: Batu Pahat, Johor

Day 3 was the day that I've looked forward. It was the day that we're going back to my grandmother's house in Batu Pahat Johor. I've missed celebrated raya at Tok Mak's house for 2 years; Eid 2010 - I was heavily pregnant of the twins and was advice not to go for a long journey by my Gynea and as for last year's Eid, I was in confinement period pulak. You can imagine lah how excited I was...hihihi :)

Alhamdulillah, all 3 FNs behaved well along the journey. 
Made a pit stop at Pagoh for Prayer :)

Twinnies were amazed with the huge mirror/sliding door upon arrival at the hotel room :)

We arrived at Batu Pahat in the evening. As usual, we checked-in at the hotel and freshen up first before going to my Tok Mak's house. Usually, Katerina Hotel will be our "home" if we go back to Batu Pahat. But this year, we decided to change and stay at the newest hotel in Batu Pahat - Pinetree Hotel

It is a nice hotel and simple hotel with modern design. Since it's new, all the furniture here are new too. Cheaper compared to Katerina, but with free wifi. best! hihi. However, the downside of this hotel is that they don't provide baby cots :( that we had to bring our air mattress along. 

The hotel lobby. Simple & nice :)

A small pond at the main entrance

The room
(Faaz was disturbed by the loud noise from the electric air pump. hihi :P)

The simple bathroom.

The almost-see-through wall between the shower room and the bedroom.
Orang mandi boleh nmpk susuk tubuh yg clear. Sexyyy!! :P
Last2 nak shower kena tunggu the kids tido dulu...LOL!

My grandmother, my aunties and cousins were already there when we came. The best part was, delicious meals were also waited for us. Hihihi, thanks a lot my mother for saving us some Rendang Minang Rembau Style (its too popular that whenever my mom prepared this dish it will be finished very quickly!) and thanks to my mak long for preparing sambal goreng jawa specially for me. It's my all time raya favourite dish besides rendang and kuah kacang and I've been craving for it for two years ok! Believe it or not, I finished off a plate of it alone! betul-betul balas dendam..hihi :)

My mom's famous chicken rendang.
Recipe from my late grandmother, orang Minang. :)

My favourite sambal goreng jawa! nyumsss!

Being true Johorian, one dish that will always be served - Asam Pedas!! :)

 Kids doze off after a tiring day...hihi

On Eid Day#4, we went to Tok Mak's house again after breakfast and decided to stay in-house until night. There were quite a number of relatives coming to visit my grandmother so our main activities were chatting, watching tv's and of course eat, eat and eat. Oh I almost forgot, we also have an Eid baby in da house - Baby Khalif. My cousin Az delivered her 2nd child two weeks before raya. So mmg meriahla rumah Tok Mak! :)

so cute si Khalif Raes ni! :)

Eid Day #5 came so soon. It was our last day at Batu Pahat. Since we missed the photography session on the first day of Eid, my family decided to have it again that day with us. How sweet and sporting of them! Love! :)

My family 
(MIA my brother who was too lazy to dressed up. phhfftt!)

With aunties, and cousins. 
girl rules in the family..hihi :D

4 generations - greatgrandmother, grandmother, mommy and daughters :)

We made a move after lunch. Our next destination on the way back to Kuala Lumpur was to Negeri Sembilan to visit aunties and uncles from my late father's side :)


ishamizu said...

Meriah dan Bestnya mkn asam pedas, rendang masakan mak!! Jeles ok! Hehehehe...btw, BP mmg kt bandar eh your tok mak's house? And i know where the Katerina hotel n mmg hotel tu glamour kt BP kan! ;D haha i know the feeling dear, my brothers pon sll ssh nk dress up cun2 sket utk raya photoshoot..hmm boys..! Hihi org laki dh kawen lain, ada isteri paksa2 manja ye tak? ;p and dh siap2 readykan baju kasi matching skali knnn...hehehe so there's no reason not to do a photoshoot! ;)

dyana "his other half" said...

1. bestnya balik kampung! baca this entry tiba2 miss My Penang. hehe.

2. geramnya tgk twinnies pakai baju biru tu! fashionista betul la. hehe. and i adore them betul la sebab boleh pakai cekak rambut dari kecik sampai la sekarang. nnti kalau ada baby girl, harus take a lot of advice from u regarding this.

3. the food look super duper delicious. untung betul orang masakkan tuk nadia specially :).

Tom said...

Hey Nadine,

Great post! We enjoyed our stay at Katerina Hotel as well! Do check out our post!

Happy travels!