Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Twinnies 1st Birthday - 07072012

2 months, 2 weeks and 4 days ago, my baby twins turned big ONE. Alhamdulillah :) Although at that time their Daddy was still at the Scandinavian land for business trip I still went on with the plan to celebrate the special and historical day for our family. I even made an additional plan; to re-celebrate again twinnies 1st birthday with my husband when he got back to Malaysia. After all there's TWO of them, what's wrong if we celebrated it twice, aite? :)

7th July fell on Saturday, a day suitable for a party. We had a very small party, celebrated it with my mom, my sister and my brother. For this small party, I chose pink + white combination which to me showed ladylike, grace and pure...just perfect for my dolls. Twinnies wore white gowns from Pumpkin Patch and white + pink shoes from Clarks.

Faiqa was the first to get ready :)

I purposely chose to celebrate their birthday on late evening as I wanted to have a facetime session with Fadzil as the twins blows their candle (bear in mind, our local time is 6 hours ahead of Norway). We can only plan, but Allah Knows Best. That day, we were unable to contact each other when suddenly there was a wifi issue at the hotel Fadzil was staying. After waiting for almost two hours, we decided to go on (as the Maghrib prayer was so near and the kids, especially Faaz and Falisya were already tired).

Faiqa with Mak Ngah while Falisya with Tok Mak

We had a very simple celebration with an oreo birthday cake (chosen by Abang Faaz himself), and few balloons (insisted by Faaz - "mommy, birthday must have balloons ok" :P). Since it was their first time (they were only 6 months when Faaz celebrated his birthday), the twins were puzzled at first when they saw a cake on the coffee table and the balloons...We simply put them near those two to see their reaction...hihi.

Miss Nayra was amazed with the balloons while Miss Falisya looked at Mommy..

Nayra then giggled happily when she saw the cake while Nayla wondering why she laughed :P

Twinnies became more interested with the cake as soon as we lighted up the candle. Terpinga-pinga both of them when we all sang the "Happy Birthday" song. They did not cried like Faaz last time, by the way. Hihi...

The most exciting part for them? The cake cutting session. Especially Faiqa, since she loves food so much. Hehehe..

I let them both tried the cake for the first time and of course the loved it! Sugar rush terus... :P But pity that I have to undress them - they only wore diapers and bibs to eat the cake. Can't afford to let the white dresses filled with icing. Even with bibs my babies can be that messy. They are hyper! :D

Me and Faaz. 
He was a bit moody that evening because he had to postpone his evening nap. That explained his absence from most of the photos. This was the only photo that I managed to make him smile :P

Falisya posing with her presents - soft toys.
 Although she is hyper and can be mistaken as a tomboy, this little girl loves teddies and soft toys so much!
Just like mommy :)

Happy First Birthday Dear Faiqa Nayra and Falisya Nayla...mommy's precious dolls. All the smiles, the joy and happiness; the tears, the good & the bad times - the one year roller coaster...it was priceless. You both are special, just like your big brother. Thank you to Allah for the opportunity to experience this and it will be treasured forever. I am looking forward...to many, many more years to to come with both of you, abang Faaz and Daddy! insyaAllah! :)


P.s: the party continue after the children had their evening nap. We partayyy till midnite y'all!
hehehe :D 


dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya party :). all of you guys sangat cute and sangat comel; including the mommy, the tok mak and the makngah.

Diyana Didie said...

alalaaaa comelnya. yeah..me suka the color too. thinking the same for Maryam hihi jauhkan pemikiran me? ;p btw, suka tgk abam faaz bersama sama adiknya. nmpk lah dia syg adik adik dia ;)

p/s me still confuse mana satu faiqa mana satu falisya hihi

ishamizu said...

Cantiknya bday gals, pandai mommy dressing them up ;)
Also so sweet the theme colour, i loikee :)
Happy belated bday twinnies! Lots of love fr aunty here ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

hepi besday the twinnies..keep sweetest adorable girls like ur mommy :))

Kella said...

hummaii.. dah 1st besday pun... masa terus berjalan... dah besar pun mereka... happy for u nad.. =)

Nadine said...


hihi mmg masa cpt sgt berjalan. thanks dear. alhamdulillah :)