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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Two Tier

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chicken with Mushroom Gravy

Another recipe from Nadine's little kitchen as requested by my insta friends. Happy trying, peeps! :)


4 Chicken Fillet (2 Chicken Breast cut into 2)
Tepung Goreng Ayam Adabi
1 egg (beaten)

Half packet of mushrooms ( I used Cremini mushroom) - cut
2tbsp Flour
1 tbsp Butter
Soy sauce
1 chicken stock cube
1 bowl of water (amount depends on how much you want the gravy)
Star anise (1), cinnamon (1), cardamon (2) and cloves (5)
1 big shallots - largely cut 
3 cloves of garlic - finely chopped
Spring onion - chopped

oil for cooking


1. Marinate the chicken breast with salt + pepper. Coat the chicken fillet with the beaten egg, then the Adabi flour. Deep fried in hot oil. Set aside.

2. In a pot, melt the butter and pour in the flour. Stir until the flour turn brownish then pour in the water with the chicken stock. Stir the gravy, preferably using a whisk in order to make the gravy smooth. 

3. Add in the garlic, shallots, cinnamon, star anise, cardamon, and cloves. Continuously stir until the gravy is boiled.

4. Add dashes of soy sauce and stir. The amount of soy sauce depends on how dark and salty you want your gravy will be :)

5. Filter the gravy to get a fine and smooth texture. Pour in back the gravy into the pot and add in the mushrooms. 

6. Once the mushrooms are cooked, pour it on top of the fried chicken fillet and garnished it with the spring onion on top.

P.s: I served it together with tomato slices, to add colors to the food presentation and just simply because i love tomatoes! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Away for Hajj

InsyaAllah, this Friday we will celebrate Eid Al-Adha. This year, the celebration will be more meaningful to our family because my parents in-laws are currently in Mecca to perform the pilgrimage (Hajj). It was the first Hajj for Mama and the 2nd for Papa (how lucky he is! alhamdulillah :)

My in-laws were among the 1st batch (2nd flight) to go for Hajj and they were scheduled to fly off to Madinah on early morning of 16th September. Prior to that, they had to gather at Tabung Haji on 15th September from 10pm onwards. Foreseen the heavy traffic and a large crowd at Kompleks Tabung Haji in Kelana Jaya, we decided only the sons in the family went off to send Papa and Mama. 

Me and Mama at home, before her departure..
Mata bengkak lepas T_T 
hehehe *blush*

The following day, at approximately after 12 hours from their flight scheduled Fadzil sent an sms to his dad, to check on them. He was shocked when they called him straight away, wondering how did the sms reached them extremely fast in Madinah..

It turned out that their flight was delayed due to technical error and all the jemaah were checked in at Putrajaya Marriott early that morning. Papa even joked that they already safely checked in, not in Madinah but in Marriott Putrajaya. Hehehe...

Since nothing much can be done at the hotel (they had to wait another day for their flight), Papa and Mama invited us to spend the time at the hotel. Coincidentally, it was Sunday and the next day was a public holiday for M'sia Day, we agreed. After packing our stuff (basically the children's swimming gears), we drove off to Marriott. 

Me and Falisya upon arrival at hotel's lobby

Falisya waved at her grandparents as soon as she saw my in-laws :)

while sleepy Faiqa chose to sit still in the stroller :)

We had our tea and snacks at a coffee house near the lobby before Faaz Naqi demanded to "see" the swimming pool. I knew instantly what he really swim! :)

"Mommy, can I swim in this pool pleaseeee"

"This side is too deep, adik should swim there instead"

We were lucky there weren't anyone else at the swimming pool when we arrived. Since Faaz was so eager, I had him changed and entered the pool even before the rest of the family arrived at the pool area. Happy giler dapat masuk dalam pool... hihi.

As soon as the twins arrived at the pool area with their Nana & Nani and saw Faaz, both of them wanted to jump instantly inside the pool. It was funny and I managed to snap a photo of it... :))

Lucky Marriott's children pool has a very shallow area with hard surface at the bottom, safe and not slippery at all for babies to play water. Alhamdulillah, the girls can sit within the shallow area and didn't bother at all to follow their big brother who was at the other part of the pool. It was cute to see how the twins took turn to splash water at each other :) 


splash! splash! here and there..

After half an hour having fun, we decided to go up to my in laws room. Before that, we managed to snap some photos of them and the children :)


There was not much activity done at the room besides letting the children "re-fill" their energy, before entertaining them. The twins especially, were hyper! We thought they would be exhausted from the swimming activity but we thought wrong :P


let's selongkar bilik Nani..yeah!

Falisya Nayla...

Faiqa Nayra...
color block ok..hehehe

We wanted to leave for home after Maghrib prayer but Papa and Mama invited us to join them for dinner, courtesy of Papa. So we stayed in Marriott until midnight, enjoying the buffet dinner. Hubby whispered to me that buffet there is expensive (RM150++ per person) that I had to eat as much as I can, kalau tak rugi. without even a tiny feeling of guilt I enjoyed the food like nobody business! I even indulged myself with some seafood, which I was not supposed too (I can't resist the temptation of the fresh oysters!). As a result, I suffered some allergic reaction that midnight and had to take my medication...padan muka sendirik :P

Faiqa too, enjoyed the food so much! 

My food galore..nyum, nyum!

It has been a month since Papa and Mama left Malaysia for Hajj, and there will be another 2 weeks more before we can meet each other again, insyaAllah (total of 46 days). Once a while, we did facetime, sending photos via emails and sms each other. Alhamdulillah, they are all well and currently already in Mecca after spending their first 8 days at Madinah. It's wonderful that they were amongst the earliest Hajj group that they already performed umrah for more than 5 times. Very lucky! :)

My in-laws at Marwah :)

Dearest Mama & Papa, 

I know you'll be very busy in another 2 more days onwards (from 8th Dzul Hijjah), performing our 5th pillars of Islam. Please take good care of yourselves, I wished you a safe and smooth ibadah, may you success and come back to Malaysia with a mabrur Hajj. Ameen.

Doakan Fadzil, Nadia dan anak2 ye, mudah-mudahan cepat kami dipanggil ke rumah Allah juga, ameen. :)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Welcoming Dzulhijjah

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Style?

Attended a relative's wedding at International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) last Saturday. Just the two of us attended the wedding reception since the kids slept early that evening. 

For the first time in the longest period, I had the privilege to take my own sweet time to get ready, not having to think about dressing up my 3 children before me. I am not that good with makeup, so I spent some time to try out a new hijab style. 

Inspired by a famous blogger-Raja Nadia Sabrina's post on her Pari-Pari shawl style, I begun to wrap my scarf around my head. Tell you it ain't easy as it looks, and the slippery material of my scarf didn't help much either....

After a series of "talking-to-myself" and stamping up my feet :P, this was the best scarf styling that I came out with that night...

Hehehe... I know, I know. It's not even close! :P Anyhow hubby thinks its unique, something different from my normal style so I took it as he liked it.  Plus, I didn't have much time to change the style all over again. Yg penting, I was comfy :)

The food they served that night was delicious, especially the main course, the Lamb Kabsa. Again, for the first time in the longest period I get to enjoy the food at a reception without having to feed my children or to keep an eye of them. Skali skala dapat chance, blessed! Hihi..

tergelak kami kena usik by relatives as newlyweds that night. haha!

Oh, in case you are wondering I wore a baby blue Jasmine from Jovian Mandagie's Jovian Ready To Wear (RTW). It was my first JovianRTW purchase. I love the the 3s features of this kurung; soft, sweet and simple  :)


Friday, October 12, 2012

I Need A Favor :)

Hello dear readers,

Trudy & Teddy is currently having a snapshot contest named - "My Favourite Outfit" and I had submitted an entry for my Faaz Naqi :)

If you think he looks cool in this retro outfit by Trudy & Teddy, kindly like or give comments to his photo on THIS LINK. (bukan liked my shared post on my FB, ramai yg confused, sadly :( )

To those who has liked/commented on the photo, mucho gracias! To those who has not yet, sudi-sudilah ye. hihi :)

wished us luck! ;)

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Wordless Wednesday

Lil Fashionistas @ 14 months

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lawak Ke Der (LKD) 2

The first time I set my foot at Istana Budaya (IB) was when I went for Lawak Ke Der (LKD) Show last February (you can read the post here). It was fun, me and my husband can't stop laughing throughout the show. So when Hans Isaac (LKD director) tweeted that there will be LKD II show, I got all excited and informed Fadzil about it. :)

This time, LKD II featured Harith Iskander, JOZAN, Nabil & BOBOI

Bought the tixs straight away as soon as it was available via The best part, the ticket price has been reduced for LKD II and if you book the last Saturday's noon show, you got extra RM10 discounts! Weeee! :) Since we already familiar and got comfortable with the seat on LKD, we decided to book the same seat again for LKD II. 

RM33 per person instead of RM56. We saved! :)

We arrived at IB a bit late since we were stucked in the afternoon weekend traffic. Since it was already 15 minutes left before the show, I quickly queued to redeem the tickets while hubby went to the loo. At first, I worried that we might miss the opening show since the queue was quite long. Luckily the management was so understanding. Those who queued with the printout of the tickets (including seats number) were permitted to go in the theater without redeeming the tickets. Only those who only has the reference number (that's me unfortunately :P) that needs to queue. That reduced the queue significantly and within 5 minutes, it was my turn :)

Camwhoring while waiting for hubby dearie..hehehe

We were soo ready to laugh! :))

Nabil was supposed to be the opening act but he couldn't make it to the show and his place was replaced by Douglas Lim. Being a stand-up comedy fan, Douglas is not a stranger to us at all. He did a great job that night! If in LKD Nabil introduced the show with "I am Sexy and I know it" song - his version, Douglas chose "Gangnam Style" as his opening song. Haha! Comel okeh :P

The show started with BOBOI. Their first slot was the Datin Seekers and the 2nd slot was a scene in a cheap flight - Redha Air. To me, their performances in both slot were so-so compared to their performance in LKD. A bit boring.

Jozan kicked off the 2nd show with a scene with three character Nazmi, Nazman and Nazmida (played by both Johan and Zizan alternately). Although the whole story took more time than the other slot, it was the best. JoZan successfully made the audience laughing non-stop! There were times we laughed not because of their dialogue but because of their behaviour. I loved then they did the lawak spontaneously to cover up things that accidentally happened (e.g: when Zizan suddenly tripped while dancing that he fell off the sofa or when he accidentally wore the tudung the wrong side). It was hilarious! :))

Harith came in on the 3rd slot with his stand-up comedy. He was good! I knew I can always look forward for his show :) His stand-up comedy in both LKD and LKD II were equally entertaining. Just love the part he shared 5 things men should know about women in a relationship. Sempat Fadzil duk usik I. Haihs!! :P 

The show ended at about 10 minutes past 5. As the previous LKD show, the handsome Hans Isaac made an appearance together with the rest of the cast on stage for the closing. While thanking, he looked up to the audience above  I took the opportunity to waved at him when he looked at my side and surprisingly he waved back at me (I swear he did! :P)! Excited ahkak sampai en. suami "ehem ehem" kat sblah. muahaha!

OTW home, I tweeted that I almost fainted when Hans waved at me and unexpectedly he REPLIED my tweet with: "alamak!!hehe" few minutes later. 

Woot! Woot! Double excited la ahkak kan, senyum sampai ke telinga...hehehe :D

Kudos to the LKD II team. You guys are awesome! Me and Fadzil had fun. Will miss LKD... :) 

Oh by the way (nk jugak :P), I wore Alice Maxi Dress from thepoplook for the show. I fell in love with the pleated details at bust, and also the mini crimped details on the waist and hip area. It made an illusion such that petite me look extra taller. This dress is also fully lined (tak perlu pakai kain dalam :P). Love! Love! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day Trip To The Office

My mother had some things to settle last Monday. As my parents in laws were away for Hajj, nobody else can help us to take care of the children with the helper.

Since the helper is not capable to take care all three of them especially since I have two hyperactive babies (still not used to call them toddler eventho they are 1 year old now :P), I had no choice but to bring Faaz with me to work.

Faaz was a bit reluctant at first, thinking of the cartoon shows that he might missed but after I explained to him that his Tok Mak won't be around and nobody can entertain him, he abide. Alhamdulillah... :)

Had to get up early and got ready..hihi :)

Helping himself with some snack while we stucked in traffic jam at Federal Highway :)

I did explained to him while I drove to work that we will be heading to my customer's office and not E/// office. He then asked a lot of questions such as "Since when I go to this customer's office?, will I be back to work at E///? How many people working there? Is my any of my friends will be there?"

*perghhh...lap peluh*

Lucky me that day the guard at the guardhouse did not questioned me when they saw I brought Faaz along with me inside the premise.  They just smiled at him :)

As we entered level 4 (where all the 3 vendors resides - Huawei, NSN & E///), Faaz became quiet; his normal behaviour towards strangers. Pemalu la katakan anak  teruna I ni :P 

There's a small table beside my working table at the cubicle so Faaz seated there. As soon as we settled down, he already busy unpacking his backpack and loaded out all of his stuff including his activity books, his art set and his pencil case. Being a very picky guy (obviously perfectionist like his parents), he ensured everything including his favourite toy were nicely placed on the table before he started his activity.

Arranging his stuff & toy on the table. 

Alhamdulillah, he behaved quite well. I can fully concentrate with my work as Faaz didn't bother me much. He did however chat with me in between, whenever he felt that both of us were too quiet. 

fully concentrate...just like mommy :P

Soon came afternoon. I saw Faaz became a bit restless after 3pm. Probably because he finished doing/playing with the stuff that he brought. Few times he asked if he can watch the cartoon in youtube via my laptop. When I turned down the requests, he became even more bored that he tried to walk around my cubicle. However, whenever he saw a guy walking near him or looking towards him, he quickly went back to his seat. Hehe, senang jugak ada anak pemalu ni :P

Pitied him, I introduced him to my usb fan. He was impressed! Haha...I let him played with it to distract him from his boringness. At one time, because he was so quiet I turned towards him and saw this...

When I asked him what was he doing, he replied, "I eat the wind mommy. It's so cold and nyummy!" Kah kah kah...ape2 je la anakku :P

Later, he became tired so Faaz asked for his milk (yes, my 3yr old son still drink his milk in the bottle. mommy dia dulu lagila, sampai 6 yr old  k! :P). Brought him to the pantry to get some hot water. There we met with few guys from our competitor, HW. They asked me few questions about Faaz, and let me know how impressed they were with Faaz's behavior. Of course lah kan, budak pemalu. Surrounded by strangers mestilah dia duk diam je. Cuba kat rumah, selagi ada benda semua dia nak panjat :P 

I had a lot more to settle that day, but looking at my "boring-faced-son" tak sampai hati nak drag dia till late evening. We decided to call it a day at 6pm.
As if there was a light on his face when I told him "Ok, lets  go back home now"...hehehe. Quickly he packed back all his stuff and got ready to go back.

Just as I drove the car and entered the Federal Highway, Faaz fell asleep. It must be quite a tiring day for him...kesian dia :). Later that night, when I logged in into my instagram account, I saw my colleague Nini posted a photo with a familiar boy inside it...

Rupa-rupanya sempat lagi Faaz main cak-cak with aunty Nini while mommy busy looking at her lappie. Hihi. Funny Faaz, when he was with Nini, he dared not to speak a word or even smile. When they were apart, boleh main cak2 plak. Mmg jinak-jinak dove (merpati) lah you my son! :P