Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Day Trip To The Office

My mother had some things to settle last Monday. As my parents in laws were away for Hajj, nobody else can help us to take care of the children with the helper.

Since the helper is not capable to take care all three of them especially since I have two hyperactive babies (still not used to call them toddler eventho they are 1 year old now :P), I had no choice but to bring Faaz with me to work.

Faaz was a bit reluctant at first, thinking of the cartoon shows that he might missed but after I explained to him that his Tok Mak won't be around and nobody can entertain him, he abide. Alhamdulillah... :)

Had to get up early and got ready..hihi :)

Helping himself with some snack while we stucked in traffic jam at Federal Highway :)

I did explained to him while I drove to work that we will be heading to my customer's office and not E/// office. He then asked a lot of questions such as "Since when I go to this customer's office?, will I be back to work at E///? How many people working there? Is my any of my friends will be there?"

*perghhh...lap peluh*

Lucky me that day the guard at the guardhouse did not questioned me when they saw I brought Faaz along with me inside the premise.  They just smiled at him :)

As we entered level 4 (where all the 3 vendors resides - Huawei, NSN & E///), Faaz became quiet; his normal behaviour towards strangers. Pemalu la katakan anak  teruna I ni :P 

There's a small table beside my working table at the cubicle so Faaz seated there. As soon as we settled down, he already busy unpacking his backpack and loaded out all of his stuff including his activity books, his art set and his pencil case. Being a very picky guy (obviously perfectionist like his parents), he ensured everything including his favourite toy were nicely placed on the table before he started his activity.

Arranging his stuff & toy on the table. 

Alhamdulillah, he behaved quite well. I can fully concentrate with my work as Faaz didn't bother me much. He did however chat with me in between, whenever he felt that both of us were too quiet. 

fully concentrate...just like mommy :P

Soon came afternoon. I saw Faaz became a bit restless after 3pm. Probably because he finished doing/playing with the stuff that he brought. Few times he asked if he can watch the cartoon in youtube via my laptop. When I turned down the requests, he became even more bored that he tried to walk around my cubicle. However, whenever he saw a guy walking near him or looking towards him, he quickly went back to his seat. Hehe, senang jugak ada anak pemalu ni :P

Pitied him, I introduced him to my usb fan. He was impressed! Haha...I let him played with it to distract him from his boringness. At one time, because he was so quiet I turned towards him and saw this...

When I asked him what was he doing, he replied, "I eat the wind mommy. It's so cold and nyummy!" Kah kah kah...ape2 je la anakku :P

Later, he became tired so Faaz asked for his milk (yes, my 3yr old son still drink his milk in the bottle. mommy dia dulu lagila, sampai 6 yr old  k! :P). Brought him to the pantry to get some hot water. There we met with few guys from our competitor, HW. They asked me few questions about Faaz, and let me know how impressed they were with Faaz's behavior. Of course lah kan, budak pemalu. Surrounded by strangers mestilah dia duk diam je. Cuba kat rumah, selagi ada benda semua dia nak panjat :P 

I had a lot more to settle that day, but looking at my "boring-faced-son" tak sampai hati nak drag dia till late evening. We decided to call it a day at 6pm.
As if there was a light on his face when I told him "Ok, lets  go back home now"...hehehe. Quickly he packed back all his stuff and got ready to go back.

Just as I drove the car and entered the Federal Highway, Faaz fell asleep. It must be quite a tiring day for him...kesian dia :). Later that night, when I logged in into my instagram account, I saw my colleague Nini posted a photo with a familiar boy inside it...

Rupa-rupanya sempat lagi Faaz main cak-cak with aunty Nini while mommy busy looking at her lappie. Hihi. Funny Faaz, when he was with Nini, he dared not to speak a word or even smile. When they were apart, boleh main cak2 plak. Mmg jinak-jinak dove (merpati) lah you my son! :P


mommyNadia said...

Seriously, mmg impressed betul..
I tell you, kalau Adam, pukul 1pm kut I dah cabut. He wont behaved well like Faaz did. Unless kalau bagi lappy to watch cartoon. I dah boleh imagine kalau Adam mesti dah seploh kali tawaf office tu, siap mesti dia pergi hi hi bye bye org sebelah..kahkah..

Apapun Faaz, u such a good good boy. Aunty salute ;)

dyana "his other half" said...

oh my, baiknya faaz. can follow mommy to work :). cd pernah bawa hadif after office hour ja. itu pun sebab kena stand by kat office. memang tak boleh dok diam. huhu.

by the way, hadif pun minum susu dalam botol lagi :).

Aini Mz said...

very well behaved! baik sungguh anak teruna nadia ni..salute tgk dia susun brg atas meja tu..huhuhu..anak dara i pn xwat cmtu..sepah sana-sini..

ishamizu said...

hihiih so cute Faaz! mmg behave btul dia..elok je dok kt meja mommy. sng la mommy :)

tp izu tingat dulu Hisham pon pnh couple times bwk Zahin gi lab/ofis dia..mmg camtu jgk la, hisham citer Zahin baik je duduk kt meja main tulis2..smpi hisham kata student dia plak yg tak leh fokus lab sbb suka tegur2/panggil2 Zahin..hihihi..klu kt rumah jgn hrp lah Zahin nk dok diam atau syp! :D