Monday, October 22, 2012

Away for Hajj

InsyaAllah, this Friday we will celebrate Eid Al-Adha. This year, the celebration will be more meaningful to our family because my parents in-laws are currently in Mecca to perform the pilgrimage (Hajj). It was the first Hajj for Mama and the 2nd for Papa (how lucky he is! alhamdulillah :)

My in-laws were among the 1st batch (2nd flight) to go for Hajj and they were scheduled to fly off to Madinah on early morning of 16th September. Prior to that, they had to gather at Tabung Haji on 15th September from 10pm onwards. Foreseen the heavy traffic and a large crowd at Kompleks Tabung Haji in Kelana Jaya, we decided only the sons in the family went off to send Papa and Mama. 

Me and Mama at home, before her departure..
Mata bengkak lepas T_T 
hehehe *blush*

The following day, at approximately after 12 hours from their flight scheduled Fadzil sent an sms to his dad, to check on them. He was shocked when they called him straight away, wondering how did the sms reached them extremely fast in Madinah..

It turned out that their flight was delayed due to technical error and all the jemaah were checked in at Putrajaya Marriott early that morning. Papa even joked that they already safely checked in, not in Madinah but in Marriott Putrajaya. Hehehe...

Since nothing much can be done at the hotel (they had to wait another day for their flight), Papa and Mama invited us to spend the time at the hotel. Coincidentally, it was Sunday and the next day was a public holiday for M'sia Day, we agreed. After packing our stuff (basically the children's swimming gears), we drove off to Marriott. 

Me and Falisya upon arrival at hotel's lobby

Falisya waved at her grandparents as soon as she saw my in-laws :)

while sleepy Faiqa chose to sit still in the stroller :)

We had our tea and snacks at a coffee house near the lobby before Faaz Naqi demanded to "see" the swimming pool. I knew instantly what he really swim! :)

"Mommy, can I swim in this pool pleaseeee"

"This side is too deep, adik should swim there instead"

We were lucky there weren't anyone else at the swimming pool when we arrived. Since Faaz was so eager, I had him changed and entered the pool even before the rest of the family arrived at the pool area. Happy giler dapat masuk dalam pool... hihi.

As soon as the twins arrived at the pool area with their Nana & Nani and saw Faaz, both of them wanted to jump instantly inside the pool. It was funny and I managed to snap a photo of it... :))

Lucky Marriott's children pool has a very shallow area with hard surface at the bottom, safe and not slippery at all for babies to play water. Alhamdulillah, the girls can sit within the shallow area and didn't bother at all to follow their big brother who was at the other part of the pool. It was cute to see how the twins took turn to splash water at each other :) 


splash! splash! here and there..

After half an hour having fun, we decided to go up to my in laws room. Before that, we managed to snap some photos of them and the children :)


There was not much activity done at the room besides letting the children "re-fill" their energy, before entertaining them. The twins especially, were hyper! We thought they would be exhausted from the swimming activity but we thought wrong :P


let's selongkar bilik Nani..yeah!

Falisya Nayla...

Faiqa Nayra...
color block ok..hehehe

We wanted to leave for home after Maghrib prayer but Papa and Mama invited us to join them for dinner, courtesy of Papa. So we stayed in Marriott until midnight, enjoying the buffet dinner. Hubby whispered to me that buffet there is expensive (RM150++ per person) that I had to eat as much as I can, kalau tak rugi. without even a tiny feeling of guilt I enjoyed the food like nobody business! I even indulged myself with some seafood, which I was not supposed too (I can't resist the temptation of the fresh oysters!). As a result, I suffered some allergic reaction that midnight and had to take my medication...padan muka sendirik :P

Faiqa too, enjoyed the food so much! 

My food galore..nyum, nyum!

It has been a month since Papa and Mama left Malaysia for Hajj, and there will be another 2 weeks more before we can meet each other again, insyaAllah (total of 46 days). Once a while, we did facetime, sending photos via emails and sms each other. Alhamdulillah, they are all well and currently already in Mecca after spending their first 8 days at Madinah. It's wonderful that they were amongst the earliest Hajj group that they already performed umrah for more than 5 times. Very lucky! :)

My in-laws at Marwah :)

Dearest Mama & Papa, 

I know you'll be very busy in another 2 more days onwards (from 8th Dzul Hijjah), performing our 5th pillars of Islam. Please take good care of yourselves, I wished you a safe and smooth ibadah, may you success and come back to Malaysia with a mabrur Hajj. Ameen.

Doakan Fadzil, Nadia dan anak2 ye, mudah-mudahan cepat kami dipanggil ke rumah Allah juga, ameen. :)



ishamizu said...

Alhamdulillah..smg your parents in law sht sll di sana dan dpt haji mabrur.

Mudah2an kita smua jg dijemput ke Baitullah satu hari nti. Amin amin amin..!

airin diana said...

another touchy entry from you, dear..
insyaAllah, the time for us to visit rumah Allah will come. amin.

Love to see your twins grow up.. cheeky plak tu. geram!

Nadine said...


ameen, ameen, ameen! thanks dear :)



ameen! :) hihi thanks!

mommyNadia said...

InsyaAllah Nad, semoga mereka dikurniakan haji yg mabrur..

Tgk Insta time u post pic at marriot, ingatkan u all pergi bercuti..tapi best jugak ni kan..unplanned gateway gitew ;)

Nadine said...


hihi, tumpang cuti org :D