Friday, October 12, 2012

I Need A Favor :)

Hello dear readers,

Trudy & Teddy is currently having a snapshot contest named - "My Favourite Outfit" and I had submitted an entry for my Faaz Naqi :)

If you think he looks cool in this retro outfit by Trudy & Teddy, kindly like or give comments to his photo on THIS LINK. (bukan liked my shared post on my FB, ramai yg confused, sadly :( )

To those who has liked/commented on the photo, mucho gracias! To those who has not yet, sudi-sudilah ye. hihi :)

wished us luck! ;)


ishamizu said...

Yes, Faaz looks very cool in T & T outfit. Aunty already vite for Faaz ok! Good luck, i hope you will win ..:)

mommaholicSURI said...

Faaz, my LIKE for you! Good Luck! :)

Kella said...

ok! nanti kita check out kat fb.. time lunch je bleh bukak fb nih.. huhu.. faaz d best!! =D