Friday, October 5, 2012

Lawak Ke Der (LKD) 2

The first time I set my foot at Istana Budaya (IB) was when I went for Lawak Ke Der (LKD) Show last February (you can read the post here). It was fun, me and my husband can't stop laughing throughout the show. So when Hans Isaac (LKD director) tweeted that there will be LKD II show, I got all excited and informed Fadzil about it. :)

This time, LKD II featured Harith Iskander, JOZAN, Nabil & BOBOI

Bought the tixs straight away as soon as it was available via The best part, the ticket price has been reduced for LKD II and if you book the last Saturday's noon show, you got extra RM10 discounts! Weeee! :) Since we already familiar and got comfortable with the seat on LKD, we decided to book the same seat again for LKD II. 

RM33 per person instead of RM56. We saved! :)

We arrived at IB a bit late since we were stucked in the afternoon weekend traffic. Since it was already 15 minutes left before the show, I quickly queued to redeem the tickets while hubby went to the loo. At first, I worried that we might miss the opening show since the queue was quite long. Luckily the management was so understanding. Those who queued with the printout of the tickets (including seats number) were permitted to go in the theater without redeeming the tickets. Only those who only has the reference number (that's me unfortunately :P) that needs to queue. That reduced the queue significantly and within 5 minutes, it was my turn :)

Camwhoring while waiting for hubby dearie..hehehe

We were soo ready to laugh! :))

Nabil was supposed to be the opening act but he couldn't make it to the show and his place was replaced by Douglas Lim. Being a stand-up comedy fan, Douglas is not a stranger to us at all. He did a great job that night! If in LKD Nabil introduced the show with "I am Sexy and I know it" song - his version, Douglas chose "Gangnam Style" as his opening song. Haha! Comel okeh :P

The show started with BOBOI. Their first slot was the Datin Seekers and the 2nd slot was a scene in a cheap flight - Redha Air. To me, their performances in both slot were so-so compared to their performance in LKD. A bit boring.

Jozan kicked off the 2nd show with a scene with three character Nazmi, Nazman and Nazmida (played by both Johan and Zizan alternately). Although the whole story took more time than the other slot, it was the best. JoZan successfully made the audience laughing non-stop! There were times we laughed not because of their dialogue but because of their behaviour. I loved then they did the lawak spontaneously to cover up things that accidentally happened (e.g: when Zizan suddenly tripped while dancing that he fell off the sofa or when he accidentally wore the tudung the wrong side). It was hilarious! :))

Harith came in on the 3rd slot with his stand-up comedy. He was good! I knew I can always look forward for his show :) His stand-up comedy in both LKD and LKD II were equally entertaining. Just love the part he shared 5 things men should know about women in a relationship. Sempat Fadzil duk usik I. Haihs!! :P 

The show ended at about 10 minutes past 5. As the previous LKD show, the handsome Hans Isaac made an appearance together with the rest of the cast on stage for the closing. While thanking, he looked up to the audience above  I took the opportunity to waved at him when he looked at my side and surprisingly he waved back at me (I swear he did! :P)! Excited ahkak sampai en. suami "ehem ehem" kat sblah. muahaha!

OTW home, I tweeted that I almost fainted when Hans waved at me and unexpectedly he REPLIED my tweet with: "alamak!!hehe" few minutes later. 

Woot! Woot! Double excited la ahkak kan, senyum sampai ke telinga...hehehe :D

Kudos to the LKD II team. You guys are awesome! Me and Fadzil had fun. Will miss LKD... :) 

Oh by the way (nk jugak :P), I wore Alice Maxi Dress from thepoplook for the show. I fell in love with the pleated details at bust, and also the mini crimped details on the waist and hip area. It made an illusion such that petite me look extra taller. This dress is also fully lined (tak perlu pakai kain dalam :P). Love! Love! :)


Ninie Hanis said...

wowowieee..look who's waved back?? Hans Isaac yaw!!! ahh..kalau i pun pengsan.kekeke..harus la encik hubby jeles're so lucky la kak nadia!next time give him a flying kiss k! :p

ops,btw,you look so gorgeous (and TALLER) in that maxi. *wink2.

ishamizu said...

Teringin jg nak tgk Lawak ke der tu..nti nk try cr kt youtube la..hehe..

BTW, as usual when you wear the maxi dress, you look so elegant! ;)

Diyana Didie said...

bestnya hanz isaac reply tweet hehe. me mcm teringin je nak g tgk tp asyik takde masa je. btw, cantik the dress on u ;)

Kella said...

wowwwww.. hans isaac tuuu... lucky u nad.. =D

tak berkesempatan nak tengok juga.. walaupun dah berkira kira untuk join.. hummm..

apa pun nad, nampak sangat sweet n gorges dalam dress itu! =)