Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Twinnies 1st Birthday -2nd Celebration

A week after twinnies 1st birthday, their Daddy finally landed in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah. Since it was the last weekend before fasting month started, we decided to celebrate twinnies 1st birthday as a complete family the very next day (Sunday).

At first, we thought of having a small celebration, perhaps dine out at a restaurant. However the plans changed as twinnies' grandparents insisted that we do it at home and invited few close family members to join. Preparation for the small party were all done at the very last minute including the birthday cake ( I bought it the morning of their birthday celebration). The reason I did not make any pre-order for the birthday cake because the initial plan was to dine out at a restaurant. We were thinking of having the cake either at Delicious or Serai...

The last minute mini cakes. Bought at a bakery shop in Empire.
Takpela ye twinnies, next year we order special cake k :)

There was no specific theme too, just that me and Fadzil had agreed before that we all wear black as the prime color to match the twins' black & silver dresses by trudy & teddy. Konon-konon nak pegi dinner kasi elegant sket. Skali plan tak jadi. ehehehe..

Faiqa in T&T dress and Baby Zara's shoes.
Posing with daddy :)

Walking slowly and carefully...
(she just started walking 3 weeks before her birthday)

As usual, Faaz insisted that we buy balloons for this small party so I brought him to Balloon Buzz first thing in the morning to get some. We chose black, silver and white to match our outfit (we were clueless on what color should we get actually!)

Satisfied + Happy Boy :)

The small party started at tea time. Mama cooked some bihun while papa ordered some Malay's kuih muih. Fadzil tapau-ed some satays. Thats all. It was a simple party indeed :) Since its an 'ad-hoc' party, I did not prepared any goodies for the children. We only re-used the party hat that I bought for twinnies pink+white birthday and let kids wore it. hihi...

Faaz and his only cousins...boys rule in da family ;)

As soon as we tried to light up the candles and begun singing the "Happy Birthday" song, the twins became hyper. One trying her best to catch the fire and the other tried so hard to smack the cake. The funny part, while we were busy preventing the twins from invading their birthday cake, it was Faaz who busy licking the icing of the cake. Sabar je la :P

Lighting up the candles...

Just finished blowing up the candles.
Look at Abam Faaz!! 
Dia dulu rasmikan cake adik :P

We forgot to bring the saucers to the main table. As we waited for the saucers to come, the children especially twinnies were already restless. They too want to join Faaz to lick/touch the cake...

which eventually resulting...

and finally





Thinking how much mess they can make I quickly asked the maid to bring their bibs. Can't afford them to ruin their velvet dresses!

masam muka kena stop makan..kih kih kih :P

Although it was way from a perfect birthday party, I am truly glad that small family was there to celebrate it. And I was very happy to see how twinnies enjoyed themselves, from smashing and eating the cake to playing with the presents they got as well as playing with the balloons. Those two  matters the most! :)

twinnies busy checking up the toys and played with the balloons!

we played till we knocked out..yeah! :P

Before the small party closed it curtains, we took the family photo as a token for remembrance. 

Birthday Girls with Mommy & Daddy :)

One big family
picture perfect! 


dyana "his other half" said...

waaa, everybody looks so handsome, pretty and cute as always :). again, happy 1st birthday twinnies.

nadia, takpe la celebrate small pun. janji among our families and the one we love kan. Next year boleh la order cake special, at that time pun twinnies dah pandai appreciate birthday kan.

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Thank you for the compliments dear. We all biasa2 aja dong :)

Hihi, true. Fadzil and I plan, biar diaorg dah boleh appreciate birthday, dah ada many fwens baru best buat birthday party betul2. In the meantime mommy & daddy lehla simpan duit dulu. hehehe :)

Ninie Hanis said...

santeknya birthday girls (1st & 2nd celebrations).i really adore with their zara's shoes & T&T dress.hihi..Eh walaupun kek tu beli last minute tapi sangat gorgeous tau.terliur ni. :)

Happy belated birthday dear twinnies.Semoga menjadi anak yg baik dunia akhirat.amin.

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, thanks dear. Skali skala kasi classic-elegant look utk diaorg. hihihi. tu yg best ada anak ppuan ni, jadi live babydolls utk mommy. :D

ye ke, thanks! i feel the cake design's too old for their age. tp sebab nak beli 2 cake, yg affordable is mini cake. tu je yg cun among the choices. heeee..

Thanks ninie, ameen, ameen, ameen! :)

ishamizu said...

Meriah jg walaupon buat secara ad hoc..Zafri haritu tade rezeki nk buat bday party dia..huhu..

Nway, the twinnies sgt pretty la..geram izu tgk! :)