Monday, December 17, 2012

Getaway: Lost World of Tambun (Pt 1)

Taking advantage of two public holidays (Deepavali and Awal Muharram) in a week of last November, Fadzil and I took a straight 1 week off from work to spend time with our children.

Apart of normal activities at home and 'visiting' the malls, we also went for a short getaway of 2D1N to Ipoh, Perak.

The traffic was pretty smooth along the journey. We arrived at Ipoh at noon. Prior to check-in at the hotel at Tambun, we decided to go to Ipoh town to have our lunch. Our first 'Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan' spot was the famous "Nasi Ganja" :)

Since we are not that familiar with the roads in Ipoh, it took us quite sometime before we finally found the restaurant (the navigation wasn't that helpful too :P). The crowd was there when we arrived, and the weather was pretty hot and sunny so we decided to 'tapau' our food instead of dine-in. 

To those who wondering, 'Nasi Ganja' is actually Nasi Kandar. It was famous with that name because of the addiction towards it. In Malay, we said "cuba sekali, nak lagi". Hihi.  You can google about it to know more about this famous food (that's what I did :P)

it does'nt look this messy if u dine-in at the restaurant :P

We took the kuah campur with ayam goreng. The standard 'Nasi Ganja' also comes with 'jelatah' (pineapple and cucumber salad), boiled egg and its special coconut sambal. The taste? To me, the overall taste is nothing much great, I prefer Penang Nasi Kandar better than this but their fried chicken is very tasty! Itu I recommend ;)

We checked in at Lost World Hotel at the exact check-in time. We were lucky to get a corporate rate that we chose to stay at the Executive Suite. The room is huuuge! It's like an apartment, complete with a spacious hall, dining area, kitchen and toilet at one side and the spacious bedroom with closet area, wet and dry bathroom. The only downside of staying at the executive suite is that you'll be staying on the other side of the building, a bit far from the hotel lobby and reception area.

Let me give you a lil tour on our room... :)

The view as you entered the room. Mini kitchen on the right and toilet on the left (behind the small sitting area)

close up of the mini kitchen 

the toilet near the kitchen (no shower)

The spacious hall 

The separation between the hall and the room (sliding wooden door)

The bedroom

The sinki (dry area) between the bathroom and the closet area

The closet area from the bathroom :P

The bathroom (no bath tub, but who need it when u have hot spring and loads of swimming pool outside? )

After settling down, had our lunch and refreshed ourselves, we decided to rest and catch some nap that evening. Have to ensure the kids have enough rest before they experience the hot spring at night for the first time :)

Had our dinner at the famous Nasi Ayam Fauziah, another our JJCM in Ipoh. I've tried it once during my uni years and the taste remain the same until now.  My family loves it so much! Nyums...

Falisya and daddy, while waiting for the food to arrived

The mouth-watering meal...

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and changed. We were looking forward to spend the time at The Lost World Hot Spring. FYI, the admission to the hot spring at night is strictly for the hotel's patron. They open for public only during the daytime. The admission is also complimentary from the hotel to its patron :)

Ready to make a move (sempat lagi...hehee)

Twinnies, at the entrance. Busy wit their toys..

Lost World of Tambun Hot Spring 

The Lost World of Tambun Hot Spring area is quite huge with few pools to choose, with different types of temperature. There are also kids hot spring pool. The favourite pool for adult would be the glacier hot spring pool, where the glacier can be seen at a certain times while you are in the pool. As for us, we chose the hot spring pool that is connected to the children hot spring pool. Easier for us to enjoy the warm water while taking care of the kids :)

Faaz nervous to go into hot spring for the first time.. :)

Me and Falisya getting warmed up. Kita rendam kaki dulu, kang terus berendam terkejut plak si kecik tu :P

Dah confident sket...ehehe

Faiqa decided to sit in the stroller cause she's sleepy :)

Faaz started to enjoyed the warm water.. :)

my two boys having fun in the hot spring 

final snap before we bid goodbye to the hot spring!

We spent 2 hours at the hot spring and finally made a move when the rain started pouring. We spent the rest of the night watching a movie together while sipping hot drinks. FYI, the complimentary hot drinks given my the hoteel semuanya courtesy of Ipoh White Coffee...

Budak kecik yang refused to sleep and kacau mommy buat air coffee! :P

To be continued...



ishamizu said...

Wow bestnya mandi hot spring water!! Mst lps mandi badan segar-bugar kan ;) cantik area hot spring water pool tu waktu malam..izu dulu pg waktu siang je, smpi sana pon sbb ada family day office dept hisham tp tak stay kt hotel dia rasanya. Nway, very nice and huge room ur room! Cant wait for ur next entry dear!! Nadia bz ke? Perasan nadia dh Jrg2 update blog :)

ishamizu said...

Comel twinnies, geram tgk! :)

my.mastura said...

aku penah mkn nasi ganja tu dulu..sblm bersalonkan Mysha..mmg rasa x seberapa..mcm bisa laki aku kata, dedulu sedap...kalau tapau, mmg beratunyer smp 3-4 kedai..hahahah

Nadia MNor said...


Yes dear, I was very busy few months ago. Balik keja pun lewat malam je. Rindu gak nk update blog tp takdan. Instagram je la tmpt bersosial. ehehe :D

Nadia MNor said...


Hehehe, thanks dear :)

Nadia MNor said...


Oh ye ke. Tula masa nk try tu imagine mcm sedap yg fuuuh tapi bila rasa, xde best sgt. ehehe..

lain org lain selera, ye tak? :)