Friday, December 28, 2012

Kids At Work Event

On the second week of this month, the company that I am working with organized "Kids At Work" Event. Basically for a change this year E/// celebrated the coming Christmas and end of year by inviting the workers to bring their children to the office...

The invitation came just a day after Faaz requested to follow me to work. He said he wanted to see how E/// is like from inside. Perhaps he was curious, and wanted to compare it with the experience he had last time when he followed me to the customer's office (read it here).

I went home during lunchtime on that day (it was Friday, by the way) to pick up Faaz since the event will only be starting at 3pm. After having lunch and performed Zuhr prayer, we made a move to Cyberjaya.

my co-pilot was so ready to have fun at his mommy's office :)

It was 5 minutes past 3pm when we arrived so the first thing we did was to register Faaz at the registration counter. Here, parents were given the consent form to fill in and sign, while the child will be given a tag with his/her parent's name and h/p number (easier in case the child go missing..). There were also goodie bags and refreshments given to the child.

Faaz Naqi was sooo shy at first that he refused to smile. Grrrr!

But after kena usik dgn mommy, the smile begun to appear..haha!

Since the crowd was still small and Faaz did not fully warmed up I decided to bring him to my place at level 3. As he seated beside me at my place, people from my department started to came and greet him."Handsome boy" they called him :) As expected Faaz didn't responded well, he sat still quietly and refused to smile...anti-social sungguh :P

The views from Level 3 foyer...

But as soon as he had a tele-conversation with his daddy, Faaz begun to let loose. He started to respond to my male colleagues sitting near my place. He begun to smile, and became chatty. Penat pulak mommy nak layan all his queries.. "why this, what is that, how does it works...etc. etc." :P My colleagues were all impressed with his level of English, especially since dia tak pelat langsung and grammar pun ok. They said his level of thinking is quite mature compared to kids at his age :) Yes, we think so too. Maybe because we live with the in-laws, and Faaz was the only child among the adults in the house so he follow thing I know, all my children since they were babies we never cakap pelat2 to them. Kalau they cakap pelat, we corrected them and talked properly. It really helps! 

On the phone with Daddy :)

Teman mommy buat keja :)

We finally came down at 4pm, after I settled some of my task and sent out emails (work, was still work :P). Asked Faaz what activity he wanted to do first, quickly he answered, "I want to do the sand art, mommy" So sand art we did!

There were many templates to choose for from flowers, to hello kitty, from car to dinosour. Even I pun rambang mata! Finally Faaz chose a sports car template..

"Let's start, mommy!"

I let him did the art all by himself, I just helped him with removing the sticker parts by parts. As soon as his sand art completed, we went to get the refreshments. Cakes from Secret Recipe, doughnuts from Big Apple, some cookies and drinks were served for the employees and the children. But the main attraction of all was the popcorn and cotton candy stall...not only a long queue from the kids, E/// staff pun sama! :D

Waiting patiently for our cotton candy. weee!

Sebenarnya mommy yang lebih. hehehe.
I used to LOVE cotton candy so much! :)

Next, we went to the giant inflatable playground but Faaz refused to play. All because he was so scared of a clown. He spotted the clown as he was doing his sand art and that did killed a bit his happy mood. That's why I divert his attention to the food by bringing him to have some refreshment. It didn't help much...

senyum + nak nangis = tragic :P

Tak sampai hati tgk Faaz phobia, I decided to bring him up again. While he was busy viewing clips from the youtube, I went down to the clown to get him a balloon. Faaz was surprised and excited the minute I handed him the 'sword' balloon... :)

showing off his art work :)

Faaz nak pegi wee wee, pit stop at mommy's favourite mirror. the best thing was, Faaz layan je mommy dia. hahaha! :))

Soon, it was 5.30pm and it was time to go home. On the way home, I asked Faaz if he enjoyed coming to my office and weather he would like to follow me to work again in the future. 

His answer?

"Yes mommy, Faaz like Ericsson. But next time make sure no clown in your office, ok mommy"




ishamizu said...

Aww so cute! Boleh geng dgn Eins sbb diorang pon takut dgn clown. Hihi

Nway bagus ///E buat event camni..ank2 dpt tgk ofis mommy n daddy and somehow they might got an idea to work like mommy n daddy hihi

eyriqazz said... juga event2 camni diadakan selalu

Nadia MNor said...


Hihi ye ke. Geng sangatlah. Tapi Faaz hero, Eins heroin ok jugak. Acaner tu?? :D

Yeah, something different kan. Before this diaorg wondering how la tempat keja parents diaorg kan. Now dah ada clear picture :)

Nadia MNor said...


Hello! Wah, famous blogger dah datang terjah. thanks! :) Yes, something different sesekali itu best :)

anndiana said...

Nice photoghrapy, lovely style and funn..

Nadine said...


thank you dear :)