Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love for Cats

My children loves cats; even though we doesn't own one. Twinnies especially, will screamed with excitement when they see any stray cat passes by our kitchen door :)

So far, Fadzil's youngest aunt is the only family member who live nearby that owns a cat. Each time we dropped by her house, my three Fs will be busy chasing the cat and play with it...even though while it sleep! Sorry mr cat :D

The other day, I managed to capture them playing with the cat. From the way I saw the twins showed their affection towards the cats, it almost as if they were playing with their soft toys...the way they caress it, they way they kisses it, exactly like the way they played with their bunny and bears. Haha! 

Twinnies got excited when Abang Faaz showed them how to caress the cat :)

Can't wait to touch the cat themselves..hihi

"Ok adik, do like this..." Faaz teached his sisters

"Sayaaaaang cat!" :)

Suka cat sampai tertonggeng-tonggeng! hahaha :))

Here's a video showing how Faiqa and Falisya played with the sleeping cat. Sampai kaki kucing pun diaorg kiss! sabar je la :P 

And this is a video of Falisya interacting with the sleeping cat. I have no idea what was she talking about but certainly she had fun, sampai giggles! hihi. Falisya ni suara garau sikit, ala2 rock gitu.. :)

I am really glad that my children are fond of cats, which is opposite of their mommy. Definitely it comes from their daddy. Don't mistaken me, not that I hate cats, I just erm, "shy" of them. Blamed it to the allergic since I was a baby... :)



faisyura said...

Cute sgt! Betul2 syg kucing ni.. and pandainye Faaz ajar adik2 dia eh.. hehe

dah besarla twinnies nadia.. comel!

Zaim and Aariz pon suke kucing.. tapi Zaim tak berapa berani sgt.. but aariz mmg abis dia gomol kucing tu smpi naik rimas kucing2 kene pelok... kucing2 yg kitorg bela pon smpi takot nmpk diorg..hahah... sgt berhati2 bile balik rumah kalau diorg ade.. hehe.. tanak jadi mangse..

| SUE | said...

Amboi brani sungguh twinnies ye. Abg faaz pon nmpak sayang sgt dgn cat. Hahaha nadia, kita pon samalah...'malu' dgn cat.

Ira Sufian said...

so cute..awin n daris pn gler kejar kucing.kucing kurap yg penuh kudis pn diorg kejar nk dukung. once, my daughter almost dukung puppy sbb die kate kucing. nsb baik smpt nmpk. klau x mmg die dukung bwk msk dlm kereta.d sbbkn was2, samak jgk la tgn die.sbb dh trsentuh bulu. some people say, klau bulu anjing tu kering xpyh pn.

Nadia MNor said...


Hehehe, tula semua anak2 Nadia syg n suka sgt cat. Ikut Fadzil lah tu. Mommy je la species lain sket. :P

Yes dear, diaorg dah besar! dah nak masuk 1 tahun setengah dah. how time flies! :)

Nadia MNor said...


High 5! kekekeke :D

Nadia MNor said...


Haaa, budak2 mmg mcm tu kan. nmpk puppy dgn kittens boleh tertukar. Oh yes, kalau bulu kering tak payah samak. :)