Thursday, December 27, 2012

Selangor Off-Day

Last 11th December was the off-day for Selangor state, its the birthday of the Sultan of Selangor. Since I am working in Selangor, I get to be on leave that Tuesday. Too bad Fadzil is working in KL that he had to work on that day :P

Since the offices were open in KL and I had some matters to settle with a bank, I've decided to go to KLCC. Senang sikit nak cari parking and senang nak cuci mata..hihihi :P At first, I was thinking of going alone, but as I opened the door knob, Faaz Naqi came with a sad and 'almost-crying-face'...

"Mommy, I want to follow you to the bank"

Worrying of the traffic jam to KL, I quickly said yes, and brought him along. Memang tak sempat changed, pakai baju basahan je Faaz. Nasib :P

Alhamdulillah, the journey was smooth (probably because I took the Smart Tunnel :P), and we managed to get a parking at P2, near the lift exiting in front of MNG boutique, which is very close to CIMB. How convenient! :) 

the cheeky boy :P

Lucky us too, the queue to open an account at CIMB was not that long. There were only 2 people before me. While waiting for our number to be called, Faaz told me that he wanted to have lunch here in KLCC, but not with just me. He wanted his daddy to joined us too (he knew that Fadzil's office is near to KLCC). I told him that daddy is working but this clever little fella knows what to answer, 

"Daddy must go eat lunch too, right mommy?" :P

So i texted Fadzil the conversation I had with Faaz and at the same time my turned was up. While I waited for the process, Fadzil came to surprised us. Faaz was extremely happy. The funny thing was, the officer in charge thought that Faaz was my little brother, he was puzzled when Fadzil came to us, and heard Faaz called him "Daddy"....

"saya betul-betul ingatkan dia adik cik Nadia. Eh sorry puan Nadia.."

(No need to be sorry dear, its actually a surprised compliment! perasan ahkak sekejap. hik :P)

After I successfully opened an account, we went for lunch. As expected, it was Faaz Naqi who chose the restaurant to dine in; KFC. We layankan aje...

Happy lah tu, dapat lunch dengan mommy and daddy...

After lunch, sempat Faaz Naqi dragged his daddy to Toy's R Us to get a new toy. Lucky me, I need not to fork out my budget for that. Boleh shopping instead. Muahaha...Since we were in the store and it's already December, I decided to redeem the star points of the Toy's R Us card. 

Happy that he got a toy...

Points redeemed into vouchers, RM250 in total. 
Weee! Birthday Faaz next month tak payah mommy kluar blanja beli present :P

After Fadzil left, I've decided to do some window shopping. It's been a while since I last shopping at KLCC so it was a good therapy walking around, checking out new stores. Lucky Faaz didn't complaint, he was too busy playing with his new toy.. 

silly between shopping. hihi

We went back home half an hour later, greeted by the twins. Falisya was delighted when I gave her the soft toy I got for free from CIMB (she has a spot for soft toys), while Faiqa happy that I bought her a new book (she loves reading!). I spent the rest of my off day entertaing my kids until my hubby came back home from work...



dyana "his other half" said...

1. baju basahan faaz pun dah macam baju jalan hadif. hehe.

2. faaz suka kfc juga ke? sama la ngan mommy dia kan?

3. hadif pun ada CIMB soft toy tu tapi somehow hadif is not keen of octopus. sebab tom & jerry pernah kena tangkap with octopus. tiap kali tengok octopus CIMB tu mesti dia kan kata "geli geli geli". hahaha.

Nadia MNor said...

Cee D,

1) haha, kalau Cee D perasan sluar pendek tu dah senteng sgt. Size 18-24 months tu! baju tu pun kepala dah ala2 ketat tu yg buat basahan dear :)

2)YES!! he's mommy's son. Ehehe :D

3) ye ke. hahaha! kelakar la Hadif nie :D