Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ericsson Annual Dinner - Waikiki Party

Last 30th November 2012, the company I am working with organized their annual dinner at The Village,  Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside. This year's theme was Waikiki Party.

I joined the event the very last minute because prior to that day, I was on medical leave for 2 weeks and has just recovered. Not in the mood for shopping or dressed up. But I was in the mood to 'play' with the makeup set. It's been a while since I last had myself a proper complete makeup :)

Since the theme itself is very relaxing (santai orang kata), I just mixed and matched what I have currently in my closet. 

Found this batik pareo in the closet and decided to wear it with a long sleeve t-shirt, a plain scarf and a pair of thong slippers. 

And a light makeup using Bobbi Brown (my first time n love it!)
Simple and comfy it was :)

I arrived a bit late due to heavy jam in Puchong earlier that evening so I missed out the registration. Lucky me, dear colleagues help me to collect the door-gift and the lucky draw ticket (but I ain't lucky that nite..phhft! :P)

A dear friend showing off the door-gift. Universal power adapter.
Sesuailah dgn org E/// yg sentiasa travel non-stop. I je x travel :P

The dinner was held by the Putrajaya lake and the view was amazing at night, although it was raining the whole night. The food selection was fairly good too, with a lot of choice, mainly barbecued food. But I did not ate too much, I was still careful of my food selection. Can't afford to have another 1 more week of m.c :P

Among the highlight performance that night was the "belly dancing" show. The men of E/// lined up at the front seat for this ok. Haha!


Me, watching from afar..
I looked blue due to the lightings...hihi

Performance from the staff of E///

The 3 N's of Radio Access Network Dept: Nadine, Nani and Nini :)
*again, we look blue due to the lighting* :P

As usual, two things I looked forward at an annual dinner would be 
1) the lucky draw
2) the best dressed

Hihi. I did not won anything from the lucky draw. Tahun ni hadiah best2 ok, ruginyeeeer! :( What to do, like I said, I ain't lucky :P  

This year's best dressed nominees were all very flowerly. Creative jugak orang2 E/// ni tau :) My Zumba instructor's hubby won the best dressed for men and my zumba teammate, Supriyah won it for the ladies. Cayalah! :)

I waited till they announced the grand winner of the lucky draw before I went back home (skali lagi keciwa I did not won anything :P). But of course I did took some photos with colleagues for keepsake just before leaving for home :)

At E/// Hall of Fame (ala2 red carpet :P)

close-up :)

with my girls :)


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