Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getaway: Lost World of Tambun (Pt 2)

Our day two in Tambun started with breakfast. FYI, Lost World Hotel doesn't provide buffet breakfast like other hotels did. Instead, we were given coupons to redeem breakfast at PappaRich. Not that great, but we don't bother much since we were eager to explore the Lost World itself :)

Lost World, here we come! :)

Hello meow meow! :)

Although we arrived at the entrance before the operational hours started, big crowd was already there. We had to queue to get our tickets (the hotel patrons get discounts to enter the Lost World). If you have planned your holiday much earlier and not impromptu like us, you can straightly purchase your tickets online, it will be much cheaper than the normal rates.

Queuing time! It sucks :P

Twinnies waiting patiently in the stroller.. 

Finally, here we were!

Lost World of Tambun is divided into few areas such as the Water Park, Amusement Park, Tiger Valley, Lost World Petting Zoo & Tin Valley; aside of the Hot Spring.

The Lost World 'city'

The first place we saw upon entrance was the Water Park. It is definitely small compared to Sunway Lagoon's Theme Park but good enough for the kids to have fun. Faaz can't wait to swim upon seeing the pools in front of him but we managed to convince him to walk further to see what this park offered us. 

The view upon arrival

water park attractions

If you walk further towards the right of the park, you'll arrived at the Amusement Park. It's like a mini fun fair with rides such as merry-go-round and the pirate ship. The train station for Lost World of Tambun is also situated here.

The Amusement Park

The pirate ship ride..

The giant swing

The merry-go-round

and of course the choo-choo train. :)

We wanted to proceed further to the Petting Zoo and the Tiger Valley but Faaz insisted to go for a swim. To avoid unwanted scene, we abide to his request. Dengan yours truly skali masuk pool...haha!

"Lets go for a swim!" 

Faaz was the first to enter. Posing ala surfer :P

Followed by these two girls..hehe

Warming up the kids in the pool..

starting to have fun in the water :D

Faaz Naqi..

Faiqa Nayra...

Falisya Nayla..

Faaz shying away...
wanted to try out the slides from the ship tapi nak mommy teman :P

Since the children loves water so much, we decided to let them swim as much as they can and skip all other parks. We finally went back to the hotel at 11.45am, to freshen up and check-out. 

A snap of a memory at Lost World Theme Park :)

The souvenirs from the Lost World of Tambun

Ready to check-out :)

After check-out from the hotel, we stopped by Fadzil's aunt house which is situated near Tambun. We had lunch there before depart back to KL that evening.

The End :)

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ishamizu said...

comelnya your kids..suka betul main air eh..Faaz yg nampak paling seronok sekali..:)

Anyway bestla Lost Of Tambun tu kan..izu suka sbb dia kecil compare than Sunway Lagoon but macam-macam juga ada! ;)

Nadia MNor said...


Memang Faaz plg seronok sebab dia yg mintak nak tido hotel nak pegi swim. Haha!

Okla Izu, not bad for family. Tapi we all rugi tak pegi semua tempat. Nak buat cemana, it was a short getaway, we ran out of time. Next time ada rezeki lagi, perhaps..Izu pun balik M'sia nnti blehla bawak anak2 gi sana :)