Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Ikut Muka Siapa?"

"Ikut Muka Siapa?"

That's the ultimate question when it comes to our children. Some said they look like me, some said they look like Fadzil...

I am not that sure now, but I was sure that all three of them; Faaz Naqi, Faiqa Nayra and Falisya Nayla all have more of my features when they were babies.

Out of curiosity and just for fun, I used the look-alike meter.

The result?


Surprise, Surprise!!

Looks like after 1 year old, all of our children looks more like my husband by less than 5%! 

A friend, Diyana suggested that I tried a straight-looking face of me instead to see the result if it's differ instead. The thing is, I just realized that I hardly have the straight-looking photos in my collection. Semuanya mesti sipi ke tepi. Haha, I guess that's how I pose naturally :P

Anyway, managed to find an almost straight-looking face picture of me. Tried the look-alike meter this time and....

walla! Faaz is equally look alike Daddy & Mommy! :)

Oh well, as a conclusion I can say that our gems are almost equally mixture of Fadzil & Nadia. After all, we are the FaDia's. Hihi :)



Diyana Didie said...

yeah...faaz mmg mcm abg fadzil dah. twinnies pon nak jadi daddy dier org jugak...hehe

mommyNadia said...

Well mixed =)
Tapi betul lah Nad, sekejap tgk mcm u, sekjap mcm fadzil..hehehe

dyana "his other half" said...

Sometimes kedudukan muka pun main peranan dalam look a likr meter ni. Kalau nadia letak pic nadia yg muka straight ke depan mcm fadzil, sama x resultnya?

Anyway, result pun x bnyk beza kan? Nanti cd nak try juga la. But for hadif, x payah nak look a like meter pun. Memang confirm photostat habis muka abah dia. Hehe.

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Oh yes, kedudukan muka n I think the way kita senyum pun plays the role jugak. Masalahnye Nadia tak bnyk gamba muka straight ke depan. Hahaha! :))

Tapi mcm Nadia ckp, anak2 kitaorg ni mmg hampir equally looks alike both of us sbb tak bnyk beza pun. I tried gambar lain, ada yg twins mcm my face, tp around 3-4% jugak.

OOooh itu mmg tak dinafikan. Hadif bnyk rupa abah dia! :D

Nadine said...


Hehehe...Daddy rules, huh?! :D

Nadine said...


Mungkin kerana mereka dicampur sebati. LOL!! :))

U senang kan, semua anak2 u copycat you Nadia! :)