Tuesday, January 29, 2013

InstaLOVER :)

Salam and Hi to all,

Been very busy for the past one week, since I've been working on 3 projects at one go. Yeah, crazy aite?! 

What to do....demi sesuap nasi. :P

Clock is tickling, it shows 8:23pm here and I am left alone in the office. So far its my routine, I am the last to leave the customer's office. Still a lot to settle, but I take five just to update this blog with my random rambling :D

Anyway, if you miss me, you can always check out my instagram account. I update it quite often since it doesn't required so much time. So yeah, do check it out ya :) - http://instagram.com/nadinemuhdnor

My latest addiction in instagram? Using the InstaWeathers and InstaPlace apps. Here's are some photos that I took over the long weekend. More to come, insyaAllah :)

InstaWeathers App


InstaPlace App

Okla, got to go now. Until my fingers meet the keyboard again.


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