Friday, January 4, 2013

Our 5th Year of Marriage

Last 15th December 2012 marked the 5th wedding anniversary for me and Fadzil. Never we thought that within this short 5 years we've been blessed with 3 precious and beautiful children. 

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. 

Thank you to The Almighty for this blessing :)

This year, our anniversary fell on a Saturday; the same day and date we got married in 2007 :). There's no need to take a leave like the previous anniversaries so we decided to split the celebration; with our family and later on just between both of us...

We went to Empire Gallery with the children and Fadzil's parents for lunch at our favourite diner; Chilli's before treating the children by visiting their favourite store; Toy's r us :)

Twinnies wanted to have a ride but only 1 seated ride was available. Surprisingly Faiqa didn't mind at all seating on the floor while Falisya played with the steering wheel. Haha!

Paw the grandparents with more soft toys. This time they wanted rabbits!

Our Faaz with another Transformers' figurine. It's the 9th so far in his collections...

We went back home at almost 5pm. After performing Asr prayer, both of us got ready. It was our turn to spend our anniversary day just between us.

Yellow mustard, blue and white were the colors I chose to wear.
I just love the femininity in calaqisya peplum top: the white roses yang timbul, the flowing 2-tier blue peplum. I feel like a disney princess. 
Even Fadzil said so when he saw me putting this on :)

We went for a movie date to watch The Hobbit, forgotten that how long these type of movie will be. Kluar2 je panggung dah malam T_T. The movie was good tho, although the first part was a bit slow that we almost fell asleep on each other :P (Penat kot lari-lari dgn anak-anak petang tu)

We then proceed for a late dinner. Wanted to go to the 1st place we had dinner together (not as a couple, but as teman-tapi-mesra..hiks!) but unfortunately they had closed and shifted somewhere else :( So from Hartamas we went to Damansara and straight to The Curve, clueless on what to eat and where to dine :P

We finally stopped in front of Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe. Never been there before but the beautiful settings and deco caught our eyes. Since it's almost midnight and we were really hungry, we decided to give it a try..

vain...yours truly :P

us, while waiting for the food

The food was so-so to us. Nothing great. Lamb for him and chicken for me. The full menu's name? Forgotten :P

The funny thing was, while eating we talked about food and diners. In the middle of the conversation;

Me: "Actually kan sayang, I never been to Victoria's Station before."

Him: "Oh really? I've been there few times but never tried their lobster."

Me: "Oh, I teringin nak try their lobster. I heard it's good. I never eat lobster too, mmg teringin sangat nak try."

Him: "Eh me too. Laaaa. Why you didn't tell me just now? We would have enjoyed it instead of these lousy food."

Me: " Mana I tau...I thought you will not approve if I tell you I want to eat lobster since I have allergies to seafood".

Him: " Haha. Kan dah rugi.."


Takpelah, there's always another time. Right? :P After finished our food, we just strolled along the street until he pulled my hands towards a shop. An ice-cream shop. He knows I love ice-cream as dessert. Yay! :) 

We then continue to stroll further before continued with a drive around KL, and later went back home late that night (bila lagi kan :P). Oh well, a date without a plan is kinda fun too, you just go with the flow and expect the unexpected... hihi :)

Oh Allah, The Almighty, The Most Gracious, The Merciful...

Bless our marriage (Nadia and Fadzil) and let it be a means for us to become closer to You in love and devotion. Let it be a source of untold blessings, happiness and joy.

Oh Allah,

Let our marriage be a way for us and our families to enter Jannah...

Ya Allah,

Protect our marriage from the whispering of shaytan. Give us the strength to live together in justice, equity, love and mercy.

My Creator,

Bless us with children who will be the source of great joy and happiness.

Ameen, Ya Rabbal A'lamin.



mommyNadia said...

hahha,same tgk The Hobbits! =)Yelah u, awal2 tu I mcm, jomlah kuar g shopping IKEA lagi best kut!Mujur after that interesting jugak kan..
Babe, Hartamas tu kedai Uncle tepi corner tu ker?Ape Uncle Don ke ape...
Anyway happy belated 5th anniversary..=)

Shah Sulong said...


happy anniversary dear.. <3 <3

Nadine said...


Kan? Mcm mula2 tu pk, "ala x best cam LOTR ke.." Hihi tapi dah habis tu plak I tak puas hati. "eh mcm tu je ke?"... :P

terpaksalah tunggu part 2 plak :)

Hihi yes dear, uncle Don! dah takde dah kt sana *sob*. Nostalgia tul tmpt tu, our first dinner date (double date la tapi), masa tu dia ngorat I tapi I masih acuh tak acuh dgn dia. Hihi. We went there lepas tgk fireworks new year dkt Sunway Lagoon, event ape tah bestie I bwk.

Nadine said...


Thank you dearest, looking good there in ur profile pic! i loike :)

ishamizu said...

Tu lah masuk 5 tahun dah ada 3 anak kan, bliss! happy for you, dear. Again happy 5th anniversary and happy birthday too, Darling! Wish you all the best in years ahead..:)

dyana "his other half" said...

again, happy 5th anniversary to you n fadzil (",). seronoknya anniversary on saturday. boleh spend time with anak2 n also dating with fadzil.

lobster kat victoria station is a MUST TRY tau. get ready your medicine siap2 :). memang fresh ja rasa lobster dia n masakan pun sedap. once kita order, dia akan keluarkan lobster tu hidup2 than shows it to us skali bagitau berapa gram n how much before cook. kalau kita agree or maybe kita nak besar lagi or kecik lagi, they will change for us. once dah cook, quite pricey but cd rasa berbaloi sbb not always kan.

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Thanks dear! :) :) :)

Oh really? Ic, good tips. Thanks! :) insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki in future. Ubat itu haruuuuuuss, kalau tidak Nadia yg jadi lobster kot. Merah padam muka. muahaha! :))

Nadine said...

Izu dearest,

Thank you so much! Tulah, God has a better plan for us :)