Saturday, January 12, 2013

Road Trip To Batu Pahat (Pt 1)

Three days prior to New Year, we went to Batu Pahat (BP), Johor for my cousin (from my late father's side)'s wedding. Since the wedding will be held on Sunday, 30th December we decided to go on Saturday and to spend a night at BP. Takdelah rushing sangat nanti... ;)

Twinnies were ready and eager to go out of the house :D

Since we didn't have any specific plan on that Saturday, we decided to start our journey at 10.30 am so that within 3.5 hours of journey, we can arrive at BP during lunchtime. Planned to have Briyani Johor for lunch...nyums! ;)

3 down, 1 to go (in my dreams la co-pilot dpt tido! :P)

Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth journey with clear traffic all the way. The kids too, behaved very well. All of them slept throughout the entire journey! Senang acik! :D This was our first road trip with hubster's new 'toy', perhaps the children found it very comfy that they chose to have good rest :P

The children woke up as soon as we arrived at Benteng Peserai, just nice for lunch. We went to our favourite Briyani restaurant (and very famous too!) - Mohd Shah Briyani (our family called the owner as Md Shah instead of Mohd Shah. Oh ya, Md Shah and my grandmother are actually distant family )

This was the first time we introduced the Briyani to our children. You see, usually when we go back to BP to visit my grandmother we rarely go out for food cause Tok Mak's and my aunts' home cooking are the best, especially lauk2 kampung...memang meletops! :D Plus, we always go back to BP during Raya, when this restaurant usually close and we prefers to eat ketupat rendang instead :P


Since the children are fans of chicken (just like their daddy :P), I ordered chicken briyani for all of us. They loved it to the max especially Faaz. First time I saw him ate a lot by himself. He really enjoyed it :)

Faaz wallap nicely his meal while Faiqa patiently waited for me to feed her. Falisya? 
This cheeky lil girl eat while chasing the stray cats that were all over us :)

After filling up our stomach, we proceed to check in at the hotel. We didn't go to my grandmother's house this time because she was at KL, attending a family wedding. This time, we decided to stay at The Katerina, the usual hotel we used to stay before we tried Pinetree Hotel last Raya.

FYI, The Katerina has just been renovated. Comparing with the previous atmosphere, I can say the interior is much nicer and modern. They even upgraded, finally there's a hotel in BP with swimming pool! Hihi :)

the view of the newly renovated room.

There's not much activity done that evening. Basically we just rested the whole evening. Fadzil connected the lappie to the TV and let the children watched some cartoons to make them occupied since they obviously didn't need anymore sleep. As for me, I occupied myself with ironing the outfits for tomorrow's wedding.

At first, we thought of bringing the children for a swim at 6pm but it was raining cats and dogs. I then switched the plan to let them have fun in the bathroom instead; bubble bath it was! Glad they enjoyed it although I admit that I almost pancit entertaining and kept an eye on them, especially the babies :D


That night, we went to a Thai restaurant in front of Tasik Merdeka (as recommended by my cousin, Az) for dinner. The food was not bad, sedap! Thanks Az for the recommendation ;). The funny thing was, Faaz can't get enough of the briyani that he initially requested us to have it again for dinner. Hihi :)

my family, while waiting for the food

After dinner, we went to BP town; specifically the Dataran Batu Pahat. Initial plan was to bring the children for night kite-flying activity or just let them run there, konon-konon nak bagi all of them tired so that they'll sleep early...but the twins already fell asleep in the car itself :P Didn't want to disappoint Faaz, Fadzil suggested that I go there with Faaz and buy some toys/kite for him and the twins.

Dataran BP's landmark: Batu + Pahat :)

Me and Faaz, after a short shopping trip at the stalls at the back :D

We managed to find the kite that Faaz wanted. Bought it for Faaz and bought a punching penguin for the twins. All for RM10 (RM5 each for the items). Really cheap! :D

Went back to the hotel later on, and watched a movie with Fadzil while the children asleep.

To be continued....



dyana "his other half" said...

The briyani looks yummy. CD ni memang "hantu" briyani. tak kisah la penang punya ke johor punya ke; mana2 la. Kenduri punya pun sukaaaa. Hehe.

Sharidawati Shahrudin said...

gambar yg 1st tu ..i rasa Falisya kan? hehe mulut dia mesti tengah pot pet pot pet? hehehe comel je

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Ye ke. mesti Cee D rajin attend weddings kan? hehehe :)


ya betul! mmg tgh pot pet pun dia. pandai u teka! :))