Monday, January 14, 2013

Road Trip to Batu Pahat (Pt.2)

We woke up early on day 2, for the obvious reason each time we stay in a hotel; the breakfast buffet...hihi :) The food selection was pretty much the same as our previous stay at the Katerina, but this time they added up a waffle counter besides the omelette counter. 

Falisya eating her favourite fruit; watermelon

After breakfast, the kids decided to hang out at a corner between the restaurant and the hotel lobby. Managed to snap few photos of them there.. :)

semua belum hehe!

Back at our room later on, we continue to relax while waiting to get ready for my cousin's wedding and to check-out from the hotel. 

Faaz busy playing games...

while the twins having their morning dose of milk :P

 Soon it was 11am, and it's time for all of us to get ready and pack our things. As usual, I got all my three children to get ready before me. By 12pm, we went down to the lobby to check-out.

Falisya was looking for her necklace, didn't realized it was already hung at her neck :P

Had to give my phone to twinnies to make them sit still at the lobby area. 
There's no way I can catch them both while wearing kurung and heels :P

Off we went to the wedding!

Some of my aunties were already there when we arrived at Banang Jaya (the wedding location). Since the 'majlis bersanding' will only be started at 2.30pm, we decided to have our lunch first. Twinnies were asleep at this time so we just transferred them inside the house.

Faaz was so happy to find out that almost the same briyani was served at the wedding that he enjoyed his lunch to the max. Makan bertambah anak bujang I :)

We went inside the house after lunch while waiting for the groom (my cousin) and his 'rombongan' to arrive. Twinnies woke up not long after, so we just killed the time snapping photos and chit-chatting, sharing stories and news with each other.

part of the family from my late father's side...

The hantaran

The newlywed 'old-ly-wed' couple..hihi :)

Soon, the bride came out of her room gracefully and waiting at her dais. We knew instantly that the groom will be coming anytime soon. Since this was a Johorian wedding, the single ladies also positioned themselves near the dais for the "toll session". Hehe :D

Arny look radiant and lovely in her wedding gown 

the ladies getting ready for the "toll session"

so did us at the back! hihi :)

Here's come my cousin; Falahuddin :)

As soon as he passed the toll :P

Faaz  was looking at the 'merenjis' session

The 'merenjis' session 

As soon as the merenjis session finished, we made our way back to Kuala Lumpur. Can't afford to stay longer cause both me and Fadzil had to work the next day. We made a pit stop at Restoran Jejantas Air Keroh as the kids were hungry. Went to KFC to have some snack before continue our journey back to USJ :)

Two hyperactive and hungry girls..

Dapat makan je senyap dua-dua! :D

To Falah & Arny,

"Selamat Pengantin Baru". Barakallah, semoga ikatan yg dibina kekal hingga ke syurga. Welcome to the family, Arny! Kampung kita dekatlah, boleh la singah2 raya nanti ;)



ishamizu said...

Selamat pengantin baru jg buat sepupu Nadia..! Nadia n Fadzil pon nmpk mcm baru lepas kawin je hihi. Best nya makan nasi beriyani, berselera sungguh tengok Faaz makan tu. aunty izu pon fav tau nasi beriyani ni ;) twinnies..comelnya..! Kiut je minum susu dlm
Cot tu :)

faisyura said...

nadia, sukenyeee tgk anak2 nadia pandai makan... lagi2 makwe twins tu.. hehe dah besar... pandai mkn sendiri..

btw cantiknyeee pengantin.. kaler ijau tu cun sgt ;)

Thara said...

i love your peplum kurung babe! so femine & sweet! from OBB ke?

Nadine said...


Thanks dear, on behalf of my cuzzie :) Hihihi..over pengantin lama ni :P kita org Johor mesti suka briyani ni kn..nyums! :)

Hihi thanks izu. masa duk diam mmg cute, masa dua2 hyper rasa nak nanges pun ada :P

Nadine said...


Hihi kelakar tau tgk diaorg makan mashed potatoes tu. Faiqa surprisingly bolehla jugak makan guna spoon, bnyk yg masuk dari kluar tapi Falisya, after sometime dia give up guna spoon sbb tak dpt scoop the mashed potatoes. Last2 dia guna tangan je mcm makan nasi. hehehe...tu yg comot semacam :P

cun kan hijau tu? nadia pun suka tgk diaorg in that color. menyerlah! :)

Nadine said...


Thanks dear, sweet kan the colors. I like it so much. You'll be surprise when I told u that peplum top only cost me RM39!! :)

It's from diaorg slalu restock, so follow them on twitter to get updates! :)

Sharidawati Shahrudin said...

kamu yg sweet !!!! pandai bergaya ...

Nadine said...

hihi thanks sha :'>

Thara said...

Just went to OMG looks even yummier close-up! Habestu the skirt you tempah ke ape?

Nadine said...


Kan? Kan? Dahla murah, cantik plak tu. siap lining. I suka sgt! :) :)
Skirt tu I pakai kain baju kurung I yg dah ada. Kebetulan matching plak color dia. Hehe :D