Monday, January 7, 2013

The Hidden Gem

*Disclaimer: No, this is not The Hidden Gem aka the famous church T_T*


One of the weekend on last December, we were invited by Fadzil's aunt to visit her fish pond (more like a fish lake actually cause it's huuuge). What's interesting about this pond is that it is situated somewhere in Bukit Jelutong housing area. It's like a hidden gem...tersembunyi di celah2 housing area! :)

My 3Fs were ready to see a school of fish! :)

The actual plan was to go there after Asr prayer but it was delayed because of the rain. Lucky it was just a less than 10 minutes journey from Aunty Illah's place. One word came out of my mouth as we arrived at the destination..."subhanallah". It is a beautiful place, with beautiful scenery!

Upon arrival, hubby and aunty Illah checking out the fishes at the mini 'jetty'.
Jgn main2, siap ada boat skali :)

Some of the fishes. Jinak2!!

They even build a hut by the pond/mini lake. 
Spotted lil Faiqa with her nanny Fauziah :)

Part of mama's family that were present on that day 

Lil miss Nayra decided to give a shy pose before we proceed further to see the whole area :)

The happy, satisfied Faaz that he get to see the fishes swam in the pond :)

Aunty Ilah brought us to see the whole area. The further we went, the more i fell in love with this place. It's even more beautiful especially the shallow area where the water is clear and full of rocks. Cantik sgt! :) Let me give u a brief tour through these photos...

The girls both wanted to be carried by me to go into the shallow part but Faaz didn't approved. He's so afraid that mommy will fell into the pond :P

Thank you aunty Fauziah for 'rescuing'...hihi :)
Nice kan, this shallow area. Wait till you see where they were heading ;)

My foot in the crystal clear water. Sejuk! mcm air terjun :)

I brought Faiqa across..she was so shy towards the crowd but at the same time enjoyed the cool water. cute! :)

This was the destination across the shallow area. 
Nice kan, berdiri atas titi tu and ambil pre-wed photoshoot mmg menarik. Hubs, care to do post-5yrs-wed photoshoot?..hihihi :P

Twinnies busy playing with the water. 
Faaz Naqi? He was too scared to go across so he decided to stay at the other side with his daddy...

Daddy Faaz? From the moment we arrived, till the moment we wanted to go home he can't stop munching besides taking some photos. Addicted to peanuts it seemed :P

Uncle Johan and cousin Faiz busy with fishing...with their own way :D

We spent about an hour there and went back to Aunt Illah's house for Maghrib prayer. Best kan ada own fish pond, sambil ternak2 ikan boleh jadi tempat riadah and terapi minda. Wished we have our own place like this! :)

The families planned to have a picnic plak next time here. Maybe a jogging session followed by breakfast by the pond. Can't wait for it! ;)



ishamizu said...

Yup sgt cantik tempat tu..subhanallah! yes you all should make it as your private leasure..mcm next plan tu la jogging n picnic, mst best!! :)

Nadine said...


Tula best kan ada own property mcm ni. dpt dekatkn diri dgn nature. Sihat pun sihat sbb hirup udara segar :)

my.mastura said...

auntie tu bina ke fish lake tu? (aku x nk panggil pond sbb terlalu besar utk dipanggil pond..heheh)

mmg cantik..mcm best tgk yg shallow area tu..

Nadine said...


dia beli tanah dah ada kolam tu, tp mcm kolam tu terbiar. Pastu dia dgn partner dia upah orang utk bersihkan kwsn tu and bersihkan kolam tu dulu before diaorg masukkan ikan2 tu sume.

Haa, tempat shallow tu diaorg bina. ambil batu2 sungah susun dkt tali air situ, ada mcm filter pun ye, kasi air bersih masuk. Blkg tu ada empangan tak arah bukit cerakah.