Thursday, January 17, 2013

Twinnies 18 Month's Jab

Last Saturday we went to SDMC for twinnies appointment with Dr Ali Azman. As both of my girls reached 18 months old, they were both due for their 18 months' immunization.

Usually, twinnies will be awake between 9.00 am to 9.30 am but on that thay we sort of 'forcing' both of them to rise early; at 8.00 am. We wanted to reach Dr. Ali's clinic by 8.30 am (when it opens) so that we did not spent hours in the hospital waiting for our turn. Alhamdulillah, the twins did not make any scene, only a bit of crying upon waking up and alhamdulillah, we managed to secure 2nd place for the appointment :)

While waiting for their turn, conquering the play area :)

If previously Falisya weighed more than Faiqa, it was the other way around after 6 months duration. Faiqa Nayra now is 10.72 kg while Falisya Nayla is 0.5kg less, at 10.2kg. Both at the same height tho, standing at 81cm tall :)

At 18 months, both girls were given two sets of injections each:

- DTP / Polio vaccine
- Chickenpox vaccine (optional)

It means that this time, both butts will be injected..yikes! :P

We did not bring the stroller this time (lately we prefer to leave the stroller at home if we go for short outing, saja kasi the twins lepas bebas..hehe) so I carried Faiqa into Dr. Ali's room while hubby carried Falisya.

As usual, Faiqa was the first to get the shot and as expected, she had no facial expression at all during both jabs! selamba je muka dia sambil belek-belek the brooch on my scarf. It ended before we knew it...suka Dr. Ali! hihi :)

Cheerful while waiting at the corner of Dr. Ali's room for Falisya's turn to get her jabs.

Next, it was Falisya's turn. Since Faiqa was busy playing, I took the chance to 'peek' at Falisya while she got her jab. Unlike Faiqa, Falisya is shy to the stranger so she was a bit uncomfy when Dr. Ali started holding her, not that she was afraid of the jabs. She too, remained calm during both jabs, but a bit afraid of the Doctor :P

Falisya got her second jab..

I am pretty sure most of mommies out there keep a health record book of their own child where it contains information about the child, including the immunisation schedule. But for those who lost the book or simply want to check it online, you can always refer to this link:

It will show you the basic and recommended immunisation schedule in Malaysia :)



Thara said...

good girls, fafas! (haha bole shortcut kan ur girls name mcm tu :P) you dgn i sama, SDMC hardcore fan hahaha. Dr Ali ni mmg doctor the twinnies ke? Is he Faaz's paed too?

Twinnies are growing so well! Ini tak nangis ni misti sebab peha bambam mcm drumsticks ni! ;p

Nadine said...


Hahaha, dah mcm FAFAU plak :D

Oh yes we are, *high 5*. Hihihi. Yup Dr. Ali Azman are my children's paed. Faaz je masa newborn dgn Dr. Sofiah tp by 2nd appt we trus switch dgn Dr. Ali because of an incident. Dr. Ali direcommendkan oleh ramai org and true enuff he is good and very experience :)

Hehehe, I guess diaorg butt tebal kot, sbb diaorg kena cucuk kat punggung :P

Nadine said...

are plak, *is :P

Thara said...

Eh sama lah kita. Masa Aydein baru beranak dulu pon he was under Dr Sofiah. We changed her with Dr Angelina pulak lepastu and happy with Dr Angelina since. :)

Anyway, good to see your twinnies are thriving healthily! ;)

| SUE | said...

best sungguh tgk mommy dok dress up twinnies. gegurl sungguh!

my.mastura said...

81 cm plus bunga di kepala kot! hahahaha

good girls...

Nadine said...


Excited dpt geng kecik. before this Faaz geng daddy. hehee.. :D

Nadine said...


Hehehe. Twinnies I mmg tinggi. Ikut gene blah Daddy diaorg ;)