Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recipe: Daging Masak Merah (Thai Style)

Tried this recipe once last year, when my in-laws went off for Hajj and it taste the same like the ones cooked in the restaurant. Seriously! Give it a try and I bet you won't be dissapointed ;)

(**sorry though, I forgot from where I copied this recipe since it's been a while :(. I only remembered the recipe, by heart.**)

Daging Masak Merah -Thai Style 
(Stir Fried Beef Thai Style)


1/2kg of beef, thinly sliced (I used tenderloin beef ["daging batang pinang"])
(note: if you are using normal beef, boiled the meat till it is tender first)
2 cloves of garlic
1 clove of onion - thickly sliced
1 tbsp of chili paste ("cili giling")
1 tbsp of oyster sauce*
1/2 tbsp of fish sauce/ "nam pla"*
1 tbsp of tomato sauce*
salt and sugar
oil for cooking
coriander leaves for garnishing


Heat the cooking oil. Stir fried the sliced beef till it turns yellowish. Put aside.
Stir fried the garlic, pour in the chili paste. Stir till the chili is cooked (or 'garing'). Add in the sauces*. Stir well. Add in the half-cooked sliced beef again, the sliced onions, salt and sugar. Stir well and walla it's done!

Serve it into the serving plate and garnish it with the coriander leaves.

Happy trying, ladies :)


Wordless Wednesday: Abang & Adik - Posing


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

RTO CNY Dinner

Yesterday, I attended my department - Radio Tuning & Optimization (RTO) Chinese New Year Dinner after our first quarter meeting in 2013. The dinner was held in a seafood restaurant in Subang Jaya, (how convenient since it's just 7 minutes away from USJ!)

The view from the restaurant, facing the lake. Nice!

Actually, I never explore section 12 Subang Jaya, except for these three places; SDMC, Grand Dorsett Hotel & Holiday Villa Subang. I never knew the existence of The Lake View Club or Subang Ria Recreational Park. Siap ada tempat main paintball lagi. Ketinggalan sungguh lah T_T.

Since it's a post-CNY dinner (told by the Big Boss that yesterday was 1 day after the 15th day of Chinese calender - which means the CNY celebration has ended), we started off our dinner with the famous cuisine - the Yee Sang or the Prosperity Toss :)

The waitress preparing the Yee Sang. 
Spotted raw salmon, nyums!

Usually, besides the raw salmon, the main ingredients of Yee Sang includes daikon (white radish), carrots, red pepper (capsicum), turnips, red pickled ginger, sun-dried oranges, key lime leaves, Chinese parsley, chilli, jellyfish, chopped peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, Chinese shrimp crackers (or fried dried shrimp), five spice powder and other ingredients, laced with a sauce using plum sauce, rice vinegar, kumquat paste and sesame oil, for a total of 27 ingredients. 

As soon as the Yee Sang was ready, all of us at the table stand up and on cue, proceed to toss the shredded ingredients into the air with chopsticks while saying various "auspicious wishes" out loud. It is believed that the height of the toss reflects the height of the diner's growth in fortunes, thus diners are expected to toss it enthusiastically.

Part of my team doing the tossing while I capture the moment...hihi :)

As usual, during any formal dinner 8 main course set were served. Among them all, usually there will be this one menu that I look forward to...none other than the shark fin's soup. It's my favourite since the first time I get to taste it when I first started working. No wonder one of my bestie in Uni years been talking about it a lot and tak henti2 recommend..taulah awak tu ada Chinese blood :P Each time I had the soup, I will remember his words and of course his trademark smile :P hehe, saya ingat sampai skang lah awak :P

And my favourite Chinese dessert?? None other than the crunchy Red Bean Paste Pancake which was introduced to me by Mr. Schweetheart a.k.a my hubby and family. Favourite en. suami and MIL saya :). Lucky me, it was served during this dinner...and super lucky that it came at the very last part that everyone who attended the dinner didn't have a room for a dessert anymore! (the servings for each food was very huge!). So happily I told the waitress to pack the pancakes and brought back home. Mama and Fadzil were happy to eat them! hihi :)

My red bean paste pancake...nyums!

This year is the Year of Snake; to be specific, the Year of the black snake. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs. It is the enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animals Signs. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve. (source here)

I know it's kinda late but still I want to wish my Chinese friends and readers - Happy CNY, Gong Xi! Gong Xi! :D


Friday, February 22, 2013

Food For Soul : Perihal Sahabat @ Kawan

Nasihat Imam al-Ghazali mengenai perihal sahabat atau kawan: 

Pertama :
PILIH kawan yang berakal.
JANGAN pilih kawan yang bodoh kerana akan menjadi musuh dan menyakitkan hati.

Kedua :
PILIH kawan yang berakhlak.
JANGAN pilih kawan yang jahat kerana akan dirangsang nafsu jahatnya itu..

Ketiga :
PILIH kawan yang soleh.
JANGAN pilih kawan yang fasik kerana akan diajar kita kepada pekerjaan dosa dan maksiat.

Keempat :
PILIH kawan yang bersederhana.
JANGAN pilih kawan yang tamak kerana akan menjadi racun yang berbisa kepada sifat pemurah


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Words to Ponder: Rahim Hanya Ada Satu...

Note from Nadine:

Found this article in FB and decided to share it with my dear readers. Do share it with your hubby and friends in confinement especially...

Quoted from this article;

"Jangan hanya kerana sang ibu sudah boleh berjalan, boleh makan, boleh tersenyum, boleh ketawa, kalian menganggap dia kuat. Sedangkan kalian tidak dapat membayangkan bagaimana nyawa mereka dihujung jantung semasa meneran dan mengeluarkan bayi mereka di dewan bersalin. Sedangkan kalian tak tahu bagaimana perut mereka dilapah 7 lapisan, termasuk rahim dihiris, satu persatu demi menzahirkan seorang anak."

It's true. Some husband do think that halfway during confinement that the wife has recovered. Especially those husband who didn't get the chance to witness their wife delivered the baby via c-section.When they saw the wound has dried, they thought it's healed whilst the real fact is it will take a loooooong time for all the layers that have been cut to completely healed.

Mak told me from day one itself, even after 10, 15 years you can still feel it - the 'ngilu' part. Constantly, she advice me to take care of my womb, to avoid carrying heavy things especially; of which honestly hard to obey since there will be a situation from time to time that I can't avoid but to shut off 1 eye and just do it... *sigh*

And personally to me, it's sad to see some of my friends and relatives took confinement lightly. Some even proudly telling the whole world that she is able to drink coke for example, during the confinement period. Some, proudly said that they don't bother to bind their stomach as they can only take this drink or that pills and it can give wonders to their body. Yes, your body needs all the nutrients from those healthy supplement (me too, took supplements for my body during confinement), but binders not only help u a lot in terms of body shaping, it helps to strengthen your womb as well..


Tiada sesiapa memahami sakit senggugut, kecuali wanita.
Tiada siapa memahami sakit mengandung, kecuali wanita.
Tiada siapa memahami sakit bersalin, sama ada normal atau ceaser, kecuali wanita.
Even dalam proses pecah dara pun, tiada siapa yang tahu sakitnya pecah dara, kecuali wanita.

Bagitahu saya, adakah pengalaman2 yang mereka lalui ini terlalu enteng? Terlalu minimal? Terlalu sedikit?

Lalu berhakkah satu2 pihak mengatakan wanita berpantang ini hanya melalui salah satu proses yang BIASA? Tidak perlu dijaga? Tidak perlu dimanja? Tidak perlu berpantang?

"Sekiranya wanita mati dalam masa 40 hari selepas bersalin, dia akan dianggap sebagai mati syahid."
Sungguh tinggi darjat wanita.

Lalu mengapa ada wanita sendiri yang mengabaikan darjat yang disediakan untuknya?
Mengapa ada suami yang dengan senang-lenangnya melayan ibu di dalam pantang seperti hamba?

Jangan hanya kerana sang ibu sudah boleh berjalan, boleh makan, boleh tersenyum, boleh ketawa, kalian menganggap dia kuat. Sedangkan kalian tidak dapat membayangkan bagaimana nyawa mereka dihujung jantung semasa meneran dan mengeluarkan bayi mereka di dewan bersalin. Sedangkan kalian tak tahu bagaimana perut mereka dilapah 7 lapisan, termasuk rahim dihiris, satu persatu demi menzahirkan seorang anak.

Dan kepada wanita. Rahim anda hanya sebesar buah pear. Disitu anda melayan suami saban malam, mengeluarkan darah haid saban bulan, mengeluarkan bayi saban tahun.

Sebiji buah pear, mengeluarkan seorang manusia?

Lalu, jika dapat difikir menggunakan akal, jika dapat dihisab menggunakan fikiran, betapa tenatkah rahim anda sekarang? Atau akan datang?

Maka, sayangilah rahim anda. Janganlah ditenatkan lagi rahim yang sudah bekerja keras setiap detik untuk anda. Berpantanglah.

Dan untuk suami yang menganggap ini semua perkara enteng. Bukan sesuatu yang enteng melahirkan anak yang tak tahu mengenang pengorbanan rahim seorang wanita, iaitu rahim ibu2 kalian. Jika tiadapun perasaan malu, sekurang2nya adalah sedikit perasaan kesian. Jika anda masih layak bergelar suami.

Ada sebab mengapa syurga di bawah tapak si pemilik rahim.

P/S : AL-FATIHAH untuk ibu kita, walau dimana ibu berada

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Same age, Same Place, Different Date :)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Wedding of It's Kind

End of December last year, hubby and I were invited to a friend's wedding. Krishna was Fadzil's ex-colleague and I get to know him during Fadzil's office family day. 

The wedding was held at Flamingo Hotel by the Lake. At first, I was thinking of wearing one of my salwar kameez to the wedding but later changed my mind to a dress instead. It is all because I remembered that few weeks before the wedding, Krishna did texted Fadzil and asked him if he can recommend a good Malay wedding guess, the wedding theme will using if not modern Malay concept it must be English garden concept ke...nak nak plak buat kat Flamingo Hotel kan...

Zawara's Black Ayu Dress was the chosen one. 
I have another pair in Electric Blue

The wedding started at 7.30pm, and the location is in Ampang. We got ready after Asar and left the house as early as 6.00pm to avoid the traffic as well as to stop by for Maghrib prayer. Halfway through the journey, while we were trapped in the traffic jam, I played with my phone..taking vein photo of myself and candids of hubby. It was then that I realized that.....

my make up was "half" ready (look at my eyebrows :P) and my scarf wasn't properly pinned. All because I was rushing...rushing to get ready in the shortest time :P  (was spending a lot of time before that to put the twins to sleep). But I didn't worry too much because I still need to solat later. I can still re-touch the make up after that ;)

Alhamdulillah, although we arrived a bit later than 7.30pm it was still early as the crowd was still small in numbers. 

Me at the entrance to the ballroom.
Matching plak my scarf with the wordings...hik!

As we entered the ballroom, I was mesmerized by every corner. I simply love the deco! From the looks of it, my guess was quite correct; the concept has an English touch....sweet and lovely :)

The stage and the main table

Table deco

One of the gateway - "pintu gerbang"

At about 8.30pm, the host announced the arrival of the newlyweds. It started with the arrival of dancers wearing traditional Indian Sarees walking in while sprinkling flower petals along the hallway followed by the groom & bride, and Krishna's family members.

The newly weds in tux and evening dress :)

As soon as everyone settled, the ceremony started with an Indian traditional dance. After the opening speech by the host, and the welcoming speech by Krishna's brother (on behalf of the family) the event proceed with the dinner. For us the guests, it was a buffet style dinner style. 

Instead of the normal briyani as the menu, that night we have a feast of food, hotel style buffet. From the fresh buns, soup, and variety of salads as the appetizer to the fish, chicken and mutton dishes for the main course and few kuih and fruits for the dessert. Nyums!

Our appetizers...

My main dish...delish! :)

Bread pudding with custard sauce + black coffee for the dessert.

We were entertained by performances while we had our meals. Among the performances that caught our attention were; 

1) the traditional indian dance with a Malay song; Asmaradana - quite unique!

2) the unplanned 'Oppa Gangnam Style' performance by Krishna's friends - selected by the host. hehehe..

3) The 'stand-up' comedy by the family members - telling us  stories of Krisha from his childhood to his adulthood. It was hillarious!

candid of hubby laughing of one of the jokes..upsie! :D

We couldn't wait until the end of the event as it was getting late so during one of the performances' break we approached the newlyweds to congratulate them personally. We gave the camera to one of the guest for a snapshot of us with Krishna and Sheena, unfortunately the photo did not turn out the way we expected it :(

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful and unique wedding, different from the usual Indian wedding we have attended before. To Krishna & Sheena, we wished you both many, many years of love and happiness! :)


Friday, February 15, 2013

Food For Soul: 6 Ways to Earn Reward Even After Death

6 Ways to Earn Reward Even After Death

1) Participate in building a Masjid. Muslims Pray, you earn. 

2) Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Patients use, you earn. 

3) Give a copy of Qur'an to someone. People read, you earn. 

4) Place water cooler in a public place. People drink, you earn. 

5) Plant a tree. People & animals use for food or shade, you earn. 

6) Teach or Tell Some one good thing ( Verse of Quran, Hadith, Dua etc ) And the easiest of all is to share this message with people. 

Source: Dr Zakir Naik

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roadtrip: Seafood Hunting

This year, my mother's birthday fell on the long CNY holiday. As usual, I will treat my family for dinner or lunch on their birthday, aside from the gifts. Since this year Mak's birthday fell on Monday, in the middle of the 4 days off, I decided to bring my family for seafood hunting. Reason being? Mak loves seafood so much!

Worrying of the traffic out of KL especially towards the South, I decided to go somewhere near. It was either between Port Klang and Sepang Gold Coast (Pantai Bagan Lalang). Finally I chose the latter, simply because we used to stay there for weekend holidays when my father was still alive so it sort of bring back the old sweet memories :)

The search was then begun, to find the most recommended halal seafood place in Bagan Lalang. My reference? Of course by the power of google search. Hihi. The place recommended by most bloggers is none other than - Restoran Senandung Semalam. 


E 101 degree 41' 18.4"
N 02 degree 36' 21.7"

First thing first, I called them upfront to cofirm that they were opened that day itself and to pre-book the table siap2. I regretted the decision not to pre-order the food as well because...

when we reached at the destination 2.5 hours later (from Gombak), this was the scenario....

A looooooong queue waited for me just to choose the seafood and to order the food! *nangis* T_T. After a series of waiting, me and my mom finally get to choose our seafood while the rest of the family waiting at the table...

The price tag..hihi

It's like a wet market with fresh seafood...nyums! :)

The crowd was really, really big that night. Lucky we pre-book our table siap2, talked to an uncle while washing my hands; it took him and his family 2 hours just to get the table, 1 hour queuing for ordering and another hour for their food to arrive. Man, he's really have the patience...salute! When I asked him was it worth it, he said without hesitant - "definitely!" :)

Us, macam-macam ragam while waiting. haha!

Lucky us, the children did not make any scene during all the waiting. There was a stall in front of the restaurant that sells toys with lights and fans. Whenever they felt bored, me and Fadzil will take turns bringing them there and they'll be amazed with it...except for Faaz of course, dia pau Tok Mak dia toys kat situ baru duduk diam :P

The food later came and it look so scrumptious. Worth the wait cause so did the taste, fresh and delicious!! (especially the pencicah-kicap limau dia sedap sgt, sgt!) We ordered all these meals in two sets, together with two sets of kailan ikan masin & sup cendawan (for Faaz Naqi). For drinks, we ordered two jugs of watermelon juice and 2 milo ice. All in, with 6 white rice cost us RM250. Not bad huh? :)

Jenahak Bakar

Ketam masak Sweet & Sour

Pepahat Goreng Cili 
(my first time eating pepahat :)

Deep fried Calamari and Prawn

Dek kelaparan menanti, we finished off our meal till the last piece. Licin! Hihi...sedar tak sedar, it was almost midnight when we left the place...

Happy Birthday Mak, hope u enjoy our roadtrip for this seafood hunting. Wished you years of health, happiness, Iman and prosper.

We love u loads! :)


Friday, February 8, 2013

Curly, curly hairs...

When I got pregnant for the 2nd time, I never expected two things to happens:

1) to conceive a pair of TWIN (not even dreaming of it, ever!) 

2) to have children with super curly hair! 

God is Great, subhanallah... :)

He gave me these gifts to make me realized how special these are and let me know the things I never knew before such as...

We never knew that any of our (me and Fadzil) sides that have a history of having twins, until recently when my 2nd cousin from my mother's side had a pair of twins as well. Now we know that the twins - gene came from my side of the family. Perhaps, it was the ancestors who have it, then stopped for few generations until it was my destiny to continue it. Cool! :)

I also just came to know that my SIL, Reen have a super curly hair when she was a baby. The other day, Mama was packing all her things and accidentally came across Reen's baby photos. She had the same curly hair as my twins! hihi..For those who wonders, my SIL's hair started to get wavy as she grows up before she straightened her hair...

Talking about the curly hair, truthfully it was weird for me at first to see my daughters' hair started to curl as they were approaching a year old. I used to play with it, curled it with my fingers with amazement. (called me jakun but nobody in my family having this type of hair..kami gene rambut lurussss! :).

As the twinnies grows, it's hard for us to comb their hair, especially when the hair started to dry off. It will quickly curl back as I combed it Kalau lepas shampoo lagilah, kembang macam afro hair pun ada. hihi. But the good thing is,twinnies hair are soft and delicate..takla keras kematu. Now, I notice that their hair are becoming more prettier as it grows :)

But the thing is, I need  to add accessories to their hair to make it neat.  Hair clips, hairbands are the savior. Without those, memang they will curl and kembang like nobody business!

look at Faiqa hair...baru lepas shampoo ni, alfro habis! hihi :))

Neater look with the headbands :)

Recently, while combing their hair I realized that it's actually passed the shoulder's length. While they were busy seating and watching their favourite toon on the tv, I took the opportunity to tie up their hair, starting with Falisya's...

That's the straightest line I can make so far :P

Oh my, it ain't easy to draw the line and to tie up the ponytails symmetrically! The curly hairs keep on pushing me :P But worth the effort, cause I was happy to see how happy they were with the new look. Ok tipu sikit, I was happier than them to see how cute n neat they were in those ponytails :">

...and here's the look from in front. 
Look how happy she was? Falisya ni memang suka bab2 melawa! macam....*ehem* hihi..

But not Faiqa tho, she actually dislike anything to be put on her hair. And mommy is trying her best to teach her not to disturb them. Success rate terkini? 45%...hihihi. No worries, mommy will never give up :P

Both twins in ponytails...

For those who always sees them as 'the same', now u can see that Falisya has a circle face whilst Faiqa has the longer face (but chubbier cheek..eheh!). Tak sama kan??? ;)

Recently I found this article that talked about kids hairstyle for curly hairs. According to this article, kids curly hair hairstyle has become the "in" thing now, and many actor, actress and even political little children having curly hairs and they become the trendsetter. Cool! ;)

Hmmm, now let me search articles on how to take care curly hairs. Want my princesses to have healthy, shining hair even though it is not straight. Any tips you want to share with me???