Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Wedding of It's Kind

End of December last year, hubby and I were invited to a friend's wedding. Krishna was Fadzil's ex-colleague and I get to know him during Fadzil's office family day. 

The wedding was held at Flamingo Hotel by the Lake. At first, I was thinking of wearing one of my salwar kameez to the wedding but later changed my mind to a dress instead. It is all because I remembered that few weeks before the wedding, Krishna did texted Fadzil and asked him if he can recommend a good Malay wedding planner...my guess, the wedding theme will using if not modern Malay concept it must be English garden concept ke...nak nak plak buat kat Flamingo Hotel kan...

Zawara's Black Ayu Dress was the chosen one. 
I have another pair in Electric Blue

The wedding started at 7.30pm, and the location is in Ampang. We got ready after Asar and left the house as early as 6.00pm to avoid the traffic as well as to stop by for Maghrib prayer. Halfway through the journey, while we were trapped in the traffic jam, I played with my phone..taking vein photo of myself and candids of hubby. It was then that I realized that.....

my make up was "half" ready (look at my eyebrows :P) and my scarf wasn't properly pinned. All because I was rushing...rushing to get ready in the shortest time :P  (was spending a lot of time before that to put the twins to sleep). But I didn't worry too much because I still need to solat later. I can still re-touch the make up after that ;)

Alhamdulillah, although we arrived a bit later than 7.30pm it was still early as the crowd was still small in numbers. 

Me at the entrance to the ballroom.
Matching plak my scarf with the wordings...hik!

As we entered the ballroom, I was mesmerized by every corner. I simply love the deco! From the looks of it, my guess was quite correct; the concept has an English touch....sweet and lovely :)

The stage and the main table

Table deco

One of the gateway - "pintu gerbang"

At about 8.30pm, the host announced the arrival of the newlyweds. It started with the arrival of dancers wearing traditional Indian Sarees walking in while sprinkling flower petals along the hallway followed by the groom & bride, and Krishna's family members.

The newly weds in tux and evening dress :)

As soon as everyone settled, the ceremony started with an Indian traditional dance. After the opening speech by the host, and the welcoming speech by Krishna's brother (on behalf of the family) the event proceed with the dinner. For us the guests, it was a buffet style dinner style. 

Instead of the normal briyani as the menu, that night we have a feast of food, hotel style buffet. From the fresh buns, soup, and variety of salads as the appetizer to the fish, chicken and mutton dishes for the main course and few kuih and fruits for the dessert. Nyums!

Our appetizers...

My main dish...delish! :)

Bread pudding with custard sauce + black coffee for the dessert.

We were entertained by performances while we had our meals. Among the performances that caught our attention were; 

1) the traditional indian dance with a Malay song; Asmaradana - quite unique!

2) the unplanned 'Oppa Gangnam Style' performance by Krishna's friends - selected by the host. hehehe..

3) The 'stand-up' comedy by the family members - telling us  stories of Krisha from his childhood to his adulthood. It was hillarious!

candid of hubby laughing of one of the jokes..upsie! :D

We couldn't wait until the end of the event as it was getting late so during one of the performances' break we approached the newlyweds to congratulate them personally. We gave the camera to one of the guest for a snapshot of us with Krishna and Sheena, unfortunately the photo did not turn out the way we expected it :(

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful and unique wedding, different from the usual Indian wedding we have attended before. To Krishna & Sheena, we wished you both many, many years of love and happiness! :)



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