Friday, February 8, 2013

Curly, curly hairs...

When I got pregnant for the 2nd time, I never expected two things to happens:

1) to conceive a pair of TWIN (not even dreaming of it, ever!) 

2) to have children with super curly hair! 

God is Great, subhanallah... :)

He gave me these gifts to make me realized how special these are and let me know the things I never knew before such as...

We never knew that any of our (me and Fadzil) sides that have a history of having twins, until recently when my 2nd cousin from my mother's side had a pair of twins as well. Now we know that the twins - gene came from my side of the family. Perhaps, it was the ancestors who have it, then stopped for few generations until it was my destiny to continue it. Cool! :)

I also just came to know that my SIL, Reen have a super curly hair when she was a baby. The other day, Mama was packing all her things and accidentally came across Reen's baby photos. She had the same curly hair as my twins! hihi..For those who wonders, my SIL's hair started to get wavy as she grows up before she straightened her hair...

Talking about the curly hair, truthfully it was weird for me at first to see my daughters' hair started to curl as they were approaching a year old. I used to play with it, curled it with my fingers with amazement. (called me jakun but nobody in my family having this type of hair..kami gene rambut lurussss! :).

As the twinnies grows, it's hard for us to comb their hair, especially when the hair started to dry off. It will quickly curl back as I combed it Kalau lepas shampoo lagilah, kembang macam afro hair pun ada. hihi. But the good thing is,twinnies hair are soft and delicate..takla keras kematu. Now, I notice that their hair are becoming more prettier as it grows :)

But the thing is, I need  to add accessories to their hair to make it neat.  Hair clips, hairbands are the savior. Without those, memang they will curl and kembang like nobody business!

look at Faiqa hair...baru lepas shampoo ni, alfro habis! hihi :))

Neater look with the headbands :)

Recently, while combing their hair I realized that it's actually passed the shoulder's length. While they were busy seating and watching their favourite toon on the tv, I took the opportunity to tie up their hair, starting with Falisya's...

That's the straightest line I can make so far :P

Oh my, it ain't easy to draw the line and to tie up the ponytails symmetrically! The curly hairs keep on pushing me :P But worth the effort, cause I was happy to see how happy they were with the new look. Ok tipu sikit, I was happier than them to see how cute n neat they were in those ponytails :">

...and here's the look from in front. 
Look how happy she was? Falisya ni memang suka bab2 melawa! macam....*ehem* hihi..

But not Faiqa tho, she actually dislike anything to be put on her hair. And mommy is trying her best to teach her not to disturb them. Success rate terkini? 45%...hihihi. No worries, mommy will never give up :P

Both twins in ponytails...

For those who always sees them as 'the same', now u can see that Falisya has a circle face whilst Faiqa has the longer face (but chubbier cheek..eheh!). Tak sama kan??? ;)

Recently I found this article that talked about kids hairstyle for curly hairs. According to this article, kids curly hair hairstyle has become the "in" thing now, and many actor, actress and even political little children having curly hairs and they become the trendsetter. Cool! ;)

Hmmm, now let me search articles on how to take care curly hairs. Want my princesses to have healthy, shining hair even though it is not straight. Any tips you want to share with me???



ishamizu said...

Oo Falisya muka round, Faiqa muja pjg tp chubbier. Hrp2 smpi besar sama k sng aunty nak cam nti. Nway their nice curly hair suit them well n pretty. ;)

Thats good melekat jg hair accessories kt twinnies, my girls rambut pjg tp mmg ta, punye la ummi beli mcm2 jenis hair accessories huhu

faisyura said...

hehe talking about curly hair, zura mmg sgt suke kalau dpt girl rambut curly.. cantik kan.. ;) lg2 kalau rambut pjg... comellll sgt!

okla nadia, at least u can use hairband or clip for the girls.. zaim tu, sebulan sekali mesti kene potong rambut.. hahah kalau tak mmg afro... anak babah ;)

kdg2 tu kesian jgk, bile dia teringin nak rambut pacak mcm aariz.. cemane nk buat kan... aariz ikut mommy rambut lurusss..

Nadine said...


Hehehe, insyaAllah. slalu bentuk muka x berubah, cuma pipi la, either chubby atau cengkung, ye tak? :)
Faiqa ikut bentuk muka Nadia, Falisya's face more like Faaz's ;)

Hihi, ic. tapi best dah rambut lurus, tak perlu accessories, asalkan shoulder length ke atas sure org tau its a girl! :D

Nadine said...


Ha'ahkan, baru sedar anak zura pun curly hair. Boys rambut curly smart ok. Dia nak rambut pacak? alala sian. Dah besar lehla Zaim, buat relaxing/rebonding. Hehehe. Untung Zura, dpt rasa anak2 rambut lurus n curl! :)