Monday, February 4, 2013

Faaz Naqi 4th Birthday Dinner

"Empat Tahunlah!"

Remember the catchy phrase from one of the famous milk advert? :)

Oh well, diam tak diam our precious first born, Muhammad Faaz Naqi has turned 4 years old on January 9th this year. Alhamdulillah... :)

Faaz birthday fell on a weekday, on a Wednesday to be exact. Since it's a working day, plus both me and hubby are currently busy with our workload we did not have  a proper plan on how to celebrate his birthday, we decided to go with the flow, and make adjustment with the time that we had. Last resort, we can only push it to the weekend instead :)

As for Faaz, he only requested 3 things for his birthday:

1) A transformers cake, and it must be a chocolate flavoured cake (his favourite cake :)

2)  Balloons...he requested 'many'; which means it must be more than 3 :D

3) of course presents! hihi :)

I begun to look for a baker a month before Faaz's birthday. All because of the 'transformers' cake request. The baker I've been placing the orders for the children birthday cakes before couldn't do the edible image type of cake. Lucky my friend mommynadia recommend her friend, Analiza from heavenly-slice. Thanks Nadia, I totally love her work; neat, nice and importantly the cake is nyummeh! :)

Faaz's birthday cake :)

On his birthday itself, both me and Fadzil tried our best to leave early from work, wanted to bring Faaz out for a birthday dinner treat. But the traffic in KL was not co-operating well. Both of us were stucked in the jam for an hour! On the way to home I made a pit stop at the Balloon Buzz in Taipan to get Faaz's 2nd request. It was when the seller asked me what color do I want that I thought..."oh yea, takde theme color la pulak".

Since optimus prime is his most favourite character from the Transformers, I chose red and blue balloons (and that was our outfit theme colors that night..impromptu! haha). I rushed back home with the balloons at Maghrib time only to see....

the birthday boy fell asleep already!!

Oh nooooo! I was sure Faaz skipped his afternoon nap because he was excited that the day was his birthday. Knowing Faaz, if he skipped his nap, there is a slim chance that he will wake up again if he fell asleep at 7pm...erk!

I prayed hard that Faaz will awake when we were ready to go out, but in the meantime, I just get the twins and myself ready while waiting for my hubby to come back home...

twinies were so busy exploring the phone while waiting for everyone in the house to get ready

As expected, Faaz was in a bad mood when we woke him up. He even refused to wear the clothes I ironed for him. Instead, he chose it himself (lucky it was the colors that we agreed - a mix of blue & red). When asked what he wanted to eat for dinner, he simply answered: "I want soup".

For Faaz Naqi, a soup means a clear, empty soup. Not mushroom or chicken soup. We tried asking again for other option but it made Faaz annoyed. Hik! :P While in the car, I tried again. Lucky me, this time he requested something proper, "Faaz wants to eat pizza, Mommy".

So we went to Pizza Hut and have our dinner there. Faaz mood became much, much better as we arrived at Subang Parade. He can smile, alhamdulillah...

He refused us to comb his hair, hence the Mohawk effect :P

Took a photo with his Nani while waiting for the food to arrive

Mommy and the busy twins :)

All of us, minus daddy who took all the lovely photos. Thanks sayang! :)

After the dinner, the plan was to have a cake-cutting session at home. While walking at the mall towards the parking lot, Falisya suddenly came to Faaz and requested him to hold her hands while walking. Faaz was so happy that he can't stop smiling all the way! Such a proud big brother I assumed. It was cute to see them walking together, holding hands...awwwwwh! Faiqa who saw them later also joined to walk while holding hands with her abang. :)


As expected, as we arrived at home Faaz went straight to the kitchen and asked me to bring his birthday cake out of the fridge. He was so anxious to see how his Transformers cake looks like and of course was looking forward to taste it. 

While waiting for his eldest 2nd cousin to arrive..

Fadzil's eldest cousin and her daughter drop by our house that night and together we sang the 'Happy Birthday' song for Faaz and let him blow the candles. Since he did not have enough rest that night and it was getting late, Faaz mood became a bit off, especially with presence of his aunt Abry and Kakak Tasya. He refused to blow the candles at first, lucky the twins were the other way round...dah tengok adik2 dia excited nak tiup lilin barulah dia pun sama...Because of sibuk pujuk Faaz, we totally forgot to take a family photo with the birthday boy....what a waste! :P

After enjoying his chocolate cake, Faaz mood improved. So we asked him to open all his presents. Mestilah suka kan :P But not only Faaz, the twins too, were eager and excited to open each presents. Macam faham sangat je..hehehe :)


That's pretty much about Faaz Naqi 4th birthday. Very simple, but enough to make the birthday boy satisfied, and importantly let him know that his family loves him dearly :)



ishamizu said...

Happy birthday Faaz!! Best wishes from aunty Izu sekeluarga ok..mmuahh!

Nadia, ok jgk dia nk senyum tu..mst mommy pandai pujuk ni..hehe. As usual, your darling twinnies mmmg cuteness la.and sgt sweet time holding hands with Faaz tuu..:)

faisyura said...

happy birthday faaz! haha mencabar nye bile birthday boy moody eh.. lagi-lagi kalau tak cukup tido kan... sume tak kena.. untung faaz ade mommy yg pandai pujuk hihihi... good job nadia ;)

p/s; jatuh hati tgk gmbr diorg holding hands tu... heheh comel je faaz senyum2 bangga tu pegang adik2.. andddd tgk gmbr ni lagi la zaim nak adik twin girls hahha... fenin fenin.. hahah

dyana "his other half" said...

happy 4th birthday faaz :). cepat je masa berlalu. dah 4 years kan.

a simple celebration yet meaningful for the birthday boy. CD pun prefer birthday celebration macam ni rather than party. huhu.

Nadine said...


Thanks dear! Faaz send his hugs to u and salam to the Eins and Zaf! :)
Hehehe, berpeluh gakla mommy pujuk Izu, Faaz ni dah mkin besar agak boleh tahan jugak tantrum dia. Garang ok :))

Hihi thanks again dear. Tula suka tgk all of them mcm tu. Maybe sbb age gap x jauh, they are really close to each other... :)

Nadine said...


TQ. Ooooh yes!! Mencabar kesabaran la jugak dlm proses pujuk memujuk ni. Semua benda jadi haywire...nak buat cemana, layankan aje :D

hehehe, pandai abg Zaim demand. aunty Nad suka ok. Ape lagi mommy, usaha tangga kejayaan. hihihi..

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Thanks dear. Tulah..anak2 makin besar, ibu2 pun makin tua. ups! huhuu..

Celebrate simple2 mcm ni lebih privacy and lebih close kan? Nanti bila Faaz dah pandai berkawan, dah faham bebetul birthday party and dah pandai enjoy, barulah boleh buat birthday party..baru worth it, kan? :)