Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roadtrip: Seafood Hunting

This year, my mother's birthday fell on the long CNY holiday. As usual, I will treat my family for dinner or lunch on their birthday, aside from the gifts. Since this year Mak's birthday fell on Monday, in the middle of the 4 days off, I decided to bring my family for seafood hunting. Reason being? Mak loves seafood so much!

Worrying of the traffic out of KL especially towards the South, I decided to go somewhere near. It was either between Port Klang and Sepang Gold Coast (Pantai Bagan Lalang). Finally I chose the latter, simply because we used to stay there for weekend holidays when my father was still alive so it sort of bring back the old sweet memories :)

The search was then begun, to find the most recommended halal seafood place in Bagan Lalang. My reference? Of course by the power of google search. Hihi. The place recommended by most bloggers is none other than - Restoran Senandung Semalam. 


E 101 degree 41' 18.4"
N 02 degree 36' 21.7"

First thing first, I called them upfront to cofirm that they were opened that day itself and to pre-book the table siap2. I regretted the decision not to pre-order the food as well because...

when we reached at the destination 2.5 hours later (from Gombak), this was the scenario....

A looooooong queue waited for me just to choose the seafood and to order the food! *nangis* T_T. After a series of waiting, me and my mom finally get to choose our seafood while the rest of the family waiting at the table...

The price tag..hihi

It's like a wet market with fresh seafood...nyums! :)

The crowd was really, really big that night. Lucky we pre-book our table siap2, talked to an uncle while washing my hands; it took him and his family 2 hours just to get the table, 1 hour queuing for ordering and another hour for their food to arrive. Man, he's really have the patience...salute! When I asked him was it worth it, he said without hesitant - "definitely!" :)

Us, macam-macam ragam while waiting. haha!

Lucky us, the children did not make any scene during all the waiting. There was a stall in front of the restaurant that sells toys with lights and fans. Whenever they felt bored, me and Fadzil will take turns bringing them there and they'll be amazed with it...except for Faaz of course, dia pau Tok Mak dia toys kat situ baru duduk diam :P

The food later came and it look so scrumptious. Worth the wait cause so did the taste, fresh and delicious!! (especially the pencicah-kicap limau dia sedap sgt, sgt!) We ordered all these meals in two sets, together with two sets of kailan ikan masin & sup cendawan (for Faaz Naqi). For drinks, we ordered two jugs of watermelon juice and 2 milo ice. All in, with 6 white rice cost us RM250. Not bad huh? :)

Jenahak Bakar

Ketam masak Sweet & Sour

Pepahat Goreng Cili 
(my first time eating pepahat :)

Deep fried Calamari and Prawn

Dek kelaparan menanti, we finished off our meal till the last piece. Licin! Hihi...sedar tak sedar, it was almost midnight when we left the place...

Happy Birthday Mak, hope u enjoy our roadtrip for this seafood hunting. Wished you years of health, happiness, Iman and prosper.

We love u loads! :)



dyana "his other half" said...

eventhough i am not a seafood lover, but those menu definitely nampak sedap sangat!

kirim salam kat ur mak and wish her happy belated birthday k :). Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki and happy selalu. AMIN.

ishamizu said...

Whoa panjangnya Q..hehe teringat ada satu medan ikan bakar kt Crystal Bay, Melaka pon sll org ramai and Q tp mmg patut pon sbb the food sgt terbaekk..;D

Happy birthday to your mom, dear! She looked so happy..:)

my.mastura said...

sanggup ko bratur panjang kan? ishk..penuh kesabaran btol ko nih!

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Thanks dear. Will do, insyaAllah..ameen! :) Memang lazat sgt sampai licin kitaorg balun. kalau dkt memanglah datang selalu! :)

Nadine said...


Ye ke? Next time kalau pegi Melaka blehla kitaorg try :) Thanks Izu, on her behalf. Oh yes, she was, alhamdulillah :)

Nadine said...


Demi ibu terchenta...sanggup! :)

pssst: anak dara ko sebijik muka papa dia eh? :)

my.mastura said...

ntah le...ada yg kata muka aku..hhehe