Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flying Off Again!

Hubby's yearly business trip has came early this year. Instead of Summer like the usual (between June - July), this year he got to experience cool weather from the Winter season with temperature ranging from 2 degrees to -11 degrees (when it rains).

This time, both of us were more prepared because he was informed way earlier that he has to go in March (at least we know the month he will be travelling :P) and the duration will not be longer than the previous visits...alhamdulillah :) Because of that reason as well, when I got the opportunity to do a review at Genting Highlands two weeks prior, I gladly accepted it. At least we got to spend quality times with each other and the children before his departure :)

When the dates were finally confirmed a week before the trip, we started to prepare bits by bits...from groceries shopping for our family & for him to  winter gears hunting. 

Accompanying him to find waterproof shoes after work time..

We had a family dinner with his parents the night before he flew off and on the day he supposed to fly off to the Scandinavian land, we had a short lunch date. It was supposed to be just for both of us but the plan changed when this little man insisted and made a scene to follow us...

Tak boleh tengok Mommy & Daddy dating...meesti nak mencelah. 
Memang cheeky, nasib comel :P

But you know what, it was a waste because as soon as we arrived at our favourite restaurant, Faaz fell asleep :P So yeah, in a way it still a date between both of us... :D

Our favourite restaurant in Subang Jaya...
never failed to serve us scrumptious meals, drink and desserts :)

Him and Her <3 nbsp="">

Since we already had western food the night before and hubby will be missing "rice" for a certain duration, we decided to eat rice with our usual dishes...

Deep fried squid with salted egg,

Fried Broccoli and Beef

Steamed seabass with Thai Lime Sauce

Nyums!! :)

As usual, we would make some efforts in terms of clothing when we went out for dates. As parents, we don't usually got the chance too often for this, so we truly appreciate it :) This time we agreed to wear something in electric blue (blue is our favourite color, btw..). 

Me donning Padieka's fishtail peplum, Gap jeans, and Charles and Keith's heels. 
Accessories were from Forever 21 :)

Faaz finally woke up when we took a stroll inside Empire Gallery Shopping mall and because of lack of sleep I presume he became a bit moody. We wanted to check out a series of cars displayed at the concourse, he won't allow. We wanted to check out Coach's latest collection, dia bising.....and finally when hubby wanted to take a photo of me.....

That was how the photos look like. LOL! :))
anak oh anak :P

We went back home around 4.30pm, where hubby did his last 'kopek' of packing while I prepared some fried and dried food as his 'bekal'. At sharped 6pm, we left Putra Heights with my in-laws to KLIA..

Daddy and his little girl.. :)

Although Faaz has already understand, he showed no sign of sadness or being emotional at the airport compared to the last time. I guess he was so happy with the presence of his twin sisters. FYI, this was the first time for my twinnies to go to KLIA. During the last trip they were too young so tak dapat ikut hantar daddy..

As they arrived at the Departure hall...nicely holding hands with each other

After a while, starting to 'test' things around them...

Singing and dancing to their favourite nursery rhyme...

And when they saw walls, they leaned and posed... Abam Faaz yang ajar :D
 (lately they love to lean against the wall :P)

Finally, the moment came when we have to bid temporary goodbye to my husband...*sob*. This time, not only Faaz, but mommy was also cool enough to bid daddy off with the most sweeeeetest smile *ok exaggerated :P* I know time will fly fast...insyaAllah :) Surprisingly, the girls acted as if they understand that daddy is flying off to Norway...hugging and lentok manja habissss!. Mesti kat sana daddy kangen bangat sama kalian...eceh! :)

Our cinta hati hugging daddy tight-tight :)

And last but not was mommy's turn. Ehem! and another photo of us, insisted by Papa. Hihi...

Papa wanted to take a family photo as well, unfortunately the twins weren't co-operating well... :P

Tak leh duk diam! Hihihi :)

Alhamdulillah, my husband safely arrived the day after and currently busy attending meetings and discussions. He also will be travelling within Norway itself for work. We do keep in touch daily via Skype and Whatsapp, whenever we have free time although we are at different time zone (hence explain my sleepyness syndrom these few days :P).

He MMSed me this on his arrival day. His first meal in Oslo was instant porridge with my homemade ayam goreng kunyit, cooked with love!

Take care sayang, I pray for your safety always! Smoga dipermudahkan segala urusan dan cepat pulang ke Malaysia. Ameen!

Your gorgeous wife and your adorable children are waiting for u! :)



Mimy Hamid said...

fly lagi...owh sweet nya uolls family...i pun doakan baik baik untuk u sefamilia

Nadine said...


hihi thanks Mimy, ameen, ameen, ameen! :)

ishamizu said...

Aww so sweet..:)

That's a relief to see every of you dah get used to send Fadzil off. So far, ktrg tade experience mcm ni lagi, kalau ada nti one day mst ummi yg bjurai2 air mata mengalahkan kids ;p

Anyway, comel btolla aksi 3F tu..masing2 ada bakat modelling! :)

mommaholicSURI said...

Daddy mommy comel, anak2 pun comel sangat! Beautiful family!! :)
Mesti you guys are missing each other so much. But time flies very fast.. tot tet tot tet, eh tiba2 dah jemput daddy kat Airport :)

my.mastura said...

nk FM..hehehehe

dyana "his other half" said...

the 3Fs is super duper cute, cantik, handsome and semua2 la. hehe.

insya allah, CD doakan moga fadzil selamat pergi & balik. hoepully time pass by very fast for u guys :).

eh, that bubur instant with ayam goreng kunyit with love tu nampak sangat sedap. terliur pula. huhu.

Nadine said...


Thanks dear :">

Get used to pun iye jugak, lagi satu sbb dah diberitahu awal2 so the mind and physical dah fully prepared plus he's not going that long this time..

oh lagi satu, sbb kali ni tak preggy pun ye jugak. LOL! :))

Hahaha, bakat diaorg tu time dpn stranger akan confirm hilang. diaorg punye gaya tak boleh lawan anak2 izu, itu mmg naturally-born-models ;)

Nadine said...


Awwwwh, so kind of u to say that. Thank you my dear!

Oh yes we does,dahla tak dpt nak bervideo call this time. Chat and duk hantar2 gambar jew. Tula, like what u've said, time flies fast kan! :)

Nadine said...


Hahaha, aku baru je ckp dkt suami aku masa dia nak pegi haritu. dah takmo fridge magnets. 5 tahun pegi sana asik tu je, collection dah menimbun :P

Nadine said...


Ni lagi sorang yg sgt sweet. Thank you dearest Diyana :)

Ameen, ameen, ameen. Appreciate your du'a very much. I pray the healthy and safety of u, lil baby in your wound and your family. Ameen!

hahaha, really?? suh Fariq buat ayam goreng kunyit for you. As for the instant porridge, they said knorr is the best! available only at Jusco. Pegi cari k ;)

Anonymous said...

sweet nyerrr hehe geram kat si kembar!!! cute as always. luciky u stay dgn parent in law..taklah risau sgtkan if only u n kids je.

nnt cuti panjanglah kak. bring along the kids to norway. jln jln rehat rehat ;)

Nadine said...


Hehehe, thanks dear. Budak2 mmg comel, geram je kan :)

Oh yes, am so lucky. kalau takde diaorg mmg I balik my mom's place lah kalau Fadzil away..

hehehe, insyAllah kalau ada rezeki in future. :)